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Bezirk Imst Innsbruck Bezirk Innsbruck-Land Bezirk Kitzbühel Bezirk Kufstein Bezirk Landeck Bezirk Lienz Bezirk Reutte Bezirk SchwazLocation of the Reutte district in the state of Tyrol (clickable map)
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Basic data
state Tyrol
NUTS III region AT-331
Administrative headquarters Reutte
surface 1236 km²
Residents 32,838 (January 1, 2020)
Population density 27 inhabitants / km²
License Plate RE
District Commission
District chief Mag. Katharina Rumpf
bezirke / reutte
Bach Berwang Biberwier Bichlbach Breitenwang Ehenbichl Ehrwald Elbigenalp Elmen Forchach Grän Gramais Häselgehr Heiterwang Hinterhornbach Höfen Holzgau Jungholz Kaisers Lechaschau Lermoos Musau Namlos Nesselwängle Pfafflar Pflach Pinswang Reutte Schattwald Stanzach Steeg Vorderhornbach Tannheim Vils Wängle Weißenbach am Lech Zöblen TirolLocation of the municipality of the Reutte district in the Reutte district (clickable map)
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The Reutte district is a political district of the Austrian state of Tyrol , it is congruent with the Ausserfern region .

It borders:


The district covers 1,235.67 km², these extend over the Lech Valley , the Tannheim Valley and the so-called intermediate gates between Reutte and the Fernpass . In terms of mountains, the district has a share of the Lechtal Alps , Wetterstein Mountains , Allgäu Alps (including Tannheimer Mountains ) and the Ammergau Alps .

Important lakes are the Plansee , Heiterwanger See , Haldensee , Urisee and Vilsalpsee .


About the origin of the word "Ausserfern"

Presumably the name derives from "Besides the Fern" ( Fernpass ). Outside and inside are frequent descriptive additions to a valley in Tyrolean and differentiate between the valley entrance and the rear valley areas, or between the valley section from the main town of the valley downstream and the areas uphill, or simply the directions in and out of the valley. “Ausserfern” may refer to the valley up to the historic ascent to the Fernpass.

Regional history

The area was settled by Alamannen along the Via Claudia Augusta from the 10th century and came to the County of Tyrol at the end of the 13th century by Duke Meinhard as part of the territorialization of the Holy Roman Empire , although there are close economic and cultural ties to the Allgäu region stayed. For a long time, the Ausserfern was ecclesiastically subordinate to the diocese of Augsburg , which had already been given important sovereign rights here by King Heinrich IV with the wild ban in 1059 . The cheaper transport connections to the Allgäu and Upper Bavaria also contributed to this orientation , while there was only one winter-safe connection to the Inn Valley , namely the Fernpass.

Population development

Economy and Infrastructure


The tourism is an important source of income, because of the rather barren and high-lying ground is hard to manage, but there is a certain amount of dairy farming . In addition, industry and commerce play a role , especially in the central Lech Valley and the Reutten Basin .

The district forms a closed labor market and has a comparatively low proportion of outbound and inbound commuters from other regions.

In the field of services, tourism dominates, especially in the Zugspitze, Tannheimer Tal, Plansee, Lechtal and side valleys areas. Larger industrial centers are Reutte, Elbigenalp, Höfen and Vils, important production companies can be found in the metal and construction industries.

The Tiroler Zugspitz Arena, with the Ehrwalder Alm ski areas in Ehrwald and Grubigstein in Lermoos, as well as the Bichlbach / Berwang ski area, provides the basis for tourism in the Ausserfern region. With over 800,000 overnight stays in the 2017/18 winter season, it is one of the top 20 winter tourism regions in Tyrol. There is also significant tourism in the Tannheimer Tal. The Tiroler Lech Nature Park with the Lech as one of the last natural rivers in Europe, combined with the multitude of sporting opportunities, is also of touristic importance.


The main connection to the rest of Tyrol is the Fernpass . The B179 Fernpassstraße leads through the Ausserfern from the Fernpass to the German border at Vils. The B179 is an important transit and holiday route. Miles of traffic jams are not uncommon, especially on holiday weekends. The tendency to expand this traffic problem beyond the holiday weekends can be clearly seen in recent years. Via the Lechtalstraße B198 you can get from Reutte through the Lech Valley to Vorarlberg.

On the Ausserfernbahn , the area can be reached by rail from Garmisch-Partenkirchen or Kempten (Allgäu) .


Linguistic peculiarity

In linguistic terms, there is a mixed form of Swabian or Alemannic and Bavarian , whereby the spoken dialect often differs from valley to valley and from place to place. The areas populated from Upper Bavaria and the Inn Valley , such as the Ehrwalder Basin and the side valleys of the Lech Valley , are linguistically similar to the dialects of the Upper Inn Valley , while a Swabian-Alemannic dialect dominates in the area around Reutte , in Vils and in the Tannheim Valley and in the upper Lechtal Most Alemannic dialects are spoken around Steeg , which was settled from Vorarlberg over the Arlberg Pass .


Due to the geographical conditions, winter sports in the Ausserfern region have always played a major role. The district is home to some ski racers such as Nicole Hosp , Harti Weirather , Josef Pechtl , Walter Schuster and Josef Rieder .

In the district capital Reutte, SV Reutte is the largest sports club in the district with its 17 branches. The club is best known for its football department, which at times played in the fourth-class Tyrolean league, as well as the successful athletics department.

Administrative organization and spatial planning

Municipalities in the Reutte district

Community structure

The Reutte district is divided into 37 communities , including the town of Vils and the market town of Reutte . The population figures are from January 1st, 2020.

NUTS classification: AT331

In the official statistics of the EU led NUTS headings from is Außerfern one of the five groups of districts (level NUTS: AT -2) in Tyrol, carries the code AT331and includes the political district of Reutte.

Regional planning

Today the term is used in particular as the regional development Ausserfern - the region is part of the European regions Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino , EUREGIO Via Salina and Zugspitze-Wetterstein-Karwendel .

List of municipalities in the district

Regions are Tyrolean planning associations (as of March 2017)
local community location Ew km² Ew / km² Judicial district region Type

AUT Bach COA.jpg

Bach in the RE.png district 623 56.86 11 Reutte Upper Lechtal local community


Coat of arms at berwang.png

Berwang in the RE.png district 586 42.69 14th Reutte Intermediate gates local community


Coat of arms at biberwier.png

Biberwier in the RE.png district 622 29.39 21st Reutte Intermediate gates local community

Zugspitze view of Ehrwald.jpg

Coat of arms at bichlbach.png

Bichlbach in the RE.png district 788 30.62 26th Reutte Intermediate gates local community

Bichlbach vanuit het oosten.JPG

Coat of arms at broadwang.png

Breitenwang in the RE.png district 1,456 18.94 77 Reutte Reutte and the surrounding area local community


Coat of arms at ehenbichl.png

Ehenbichl in the RE.png district 821 7.31 112 Reutte Reutte and the surrounding area local community

Rieden - village square with chapel.JPG

Coat of arms Ehrwald.svg

Ehrwald in the RE.png district 2,610 49.32 53 Reutte Intermediate gates local community

Zugspitze view of Ehrwald.jpg

Coat of arms at elbigenalp.png

Elbigenalp in the RE.png district 887 33.08 27 Reutte Upper Lechtal local community

Elbigenalp parish church.jpg

Coat of arms at elmen.png

Elmen in the RE.png district 383 29.6 13 Reutte Upper Lechtal local community


Coat of arms at forchach.png

Forchach in the RE.png district 263 14.24 18th Reutte Upper Lechtal local community


AUT Graen COA.svg

Grän in the RE.png district 592 20.9 28 Reutte Tannheim Valley local community


Coat of arms at gramais.png

Gramais in the RE.png district 41 32.43 1.3 Reutte Upper Lechtal local community

Gramais Church.JPG

Coat of arms at haeselgehr.png

Häselgehr in the RE.png district 676 50.52 13 Reutte Upper Lechtal local community


Coat of arms at heiterwang.png

Heiterwang in the RE.png district 533 35.7 15th Reutte Intermediate gates local community

Heiterwang vanuit het zuidoosten.JPG

Coat of arms at hinterhornbach.png

Hinterhornbach in the RE.png district 91 50.55 1.8 Reutte Upper Lechtal local community

- Hinterhornbach.jpg

AUT Höfen COA.svg

Höfen in the RE.png district 1,210 8.37 145 Reutte Reutte and the surrounding area local community

Höfen, Catholic branch church Maria Hilf Dm64097 plaatsen foto5 2014-07-25 12.54.jpg

Coat of arms at holzgau.png

Holzgau in the RE.png district 401 35.98 11 Reutte Upper Lechtal local community


Young wood
AUT Jungholz COA.svg

Jungholz in the RE.png district 308 7.05 44 Reutte Tannheim Valley local community

Blick AufJungholz.jpg

Coat of arms at kaisers.png

Kaisers in the RE.png district 75 74.43 1 Reutte Upper Lechtal local community


Coat of arms at lechaschau.png

Lechaschau in the RE.png district 2,094 6.11 343 Reutte Reutte and the surrounding area local community

Lechaschau - panoramio (1) .jpg

Coat of arms at lermoos.png

Lermoos in the RE.png district 1,143 56.41 20th Reutte Intermediate gates local community

Lermoos in the snow.jpg

Coat of arms at musau.png

Musau in the RE.png district 390 20.66 19th Reutte Reutte and the surrounding area local community


Coat of arms at namlos.svg

Namlos in the RE.png district 73 28.75 2.5 Reutte Upper Lechtal local community

Namlos from southwest.jpg

AUT Nesselwaengle COA.svg

Nesselwängle in the RE.png district 462 23 20th Reutte Tannheim Valley local community

Nesselwängle - Tannheimer Berggruppe Gimpel left, Kellespitz 2238 m with Nesselwängle.jpg

Coat of arms at pfafflar.png

Pfafflar in the RE.png district 105 33.59 3.1 Reutte Upper Lechtal local community


Coat of arms atpflach.png

Pflach in the RE.png district 1,446 13.77 105 Reutte Reutte and the surrounding area local community

Chapel - panoramio (61) .jpg

Coat of arms at pinswang.png

Pinswang in the RE.png district 405 9.37 43 Reutte Reutte and the surrounding area local community


AUT Reutte COA.svg

Reutte in the RE.png district 6,918 100.78 69 Reutte Reutte and the surrounding area market

The Lech near Reutte in Tirol.JPG

AUT Schattwald COA.svg

Schattwald in the RE.png district 450 16.15 28 Reutte Tannheim Valley local community

- Schattwald in the Tannheimer Tal.jpg

Coat of arms at stanzach.png

Stanzach in the RE.png district 462 31.73 15th Reutte Upper Lechtal local community


Coat of arms at steeg.png

Steeg in the RE.png district 662 67.95 9.7 Reutte Upper Lechtal local community


AUT Tannheim Tirol COA.svg

Tannheim in the RE.png district 1.105 51.28 22nd Reutte Tannheim Valley local community


AUT Vils COA.png

Vils in the RE.png district 1,492 30.77 48 Reutte Reutte and the surrounding area urban

Vils Tirol Stadtplatz.jpg

Coat of arms at vorderhornbach.png

Vorderhornbach in the RE.png district 250 17.23 15th Reutte Upper Lechtal local community

- Vorderhornbach.jpg

AUT Wängle COA.gif

Wängle in the RE.png district 930 9.33 100 Reutte Reutte and the surrounding area local community

Lake Constance area 2012 ii 159.jpg

Weißenbach am Lech
AUT Weissenbach am Lech COA.svg

Weißenbach am Lech in the RE.png district 1,252 82.01 15th Reutte Reutte and the surrounding area local community

Parish Church of St. Sebastian, Weißenbach am Lech.jpg

AUT Zoeblen COA.svg

Zöblen in the RE.png district 233 8.78 27 Reutte Tannheim Valley local community



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History, culture
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