Bundesstrasse 41

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Bundesstrasse 41 in Germany
Bundesstrasse 41
Course of the B 41
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Start of the street: Saarbrücken
( 49 ° 12 ′  N , 6 ° 57 ′  E )
End of street: Bad Kreuznach
( 49 ° 59 ′  N , 8 ° 2 ′  E )
Overall length: approx. 130 km

State :

Development condition: see below
Bundesstrasse 41 near Bad Kreuznach
Course of the road
France Continue on the  N 3 towards Forbach
Regional association Saarbrücken
EU border crossing Saarbrücken
Goldene Bremm / Stiring-Wendel border crossing
Locality beginning Beginning of  Saarbrücken
Junction (2)  Saarbrücken- Goldene Bremm A6 E50
Locality Old Saarbrücken
Junction (17)  Saarbrücken /
Wilhelm Heinrich BridgeA620 E29 B51
flow Saar (Wilhelm Heinrich Bridge)
Locality Painting place
Locality Rodenhof
Village end End of Saarbrücken
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
Junction Symbol: Up Freight depot B41
bridge (400 m)  Johannis Bridge
Junction (8th)  Saarbrücken-Rodenhof
Junction (7)  Symbol: DownSaarbrücken- Ludwigsberg
Expressway end Autobahn beginning replaced by A8 A623
Neunkirchen district
Junction (23)  Spiesen A8
Autobahn end Start of expressway Motorway
parking spot Symbol: leftSymbol: left parking spot
Bypass Neunkirchen bypass 
Junction Friedrichsthal / wayside shrine
parking spot Symbol: rightSymbol: right parking spot
Expressway end End of the highway
Motorway junction Wiebelskirchen / Schiffweiler
parking spot Symbol: rightSymbol: right parking spot
Bypass Ottweiler bypass B420
Locality Ottweiler B420
District of St. Wendel
Motorway junction St. Wendel OT Niederlinxweiler
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
flow 3 × blew
Motorway junction St. Wendel OT Oberlinxweiler
flow Blew
Motorway junction St. Wendel City
Motorway junction St. Wendel OT Winterbach B269
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B269direction Birkenfeld
Motorway junction St. Wendel OT Alsfassen
flow Blew
Motorway junction Namborn OT Hofeld-Mauschbach
Expressway end End of the highway
Locality Namborn OT Pinsweiler
Locality Namborn OT Hirstein
Bypass Nohfelden OT Wolfersweiler bypass
Locality Nohfelden OT Wolfersweiler
Bypass Nohfelden bypass
flow Near
Locality Nohfelden
State of Rhineland-Palatinate
Birkenfeld district
bridge under A62
Roundabout New bridge
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Alternative routing
flow Near
Junction (4)  Birch field A62
Locality Gimbweiler
Bypass Hoppstädten-Weiersbach bypass 
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B269direction St. Wendel
Bypass Birkenfeld bypass  B269
Locality Niederbrombach
Locality Oberbrombach
Locality Rötsweiler-Nockenthal
Bypass Idar-Oberstein
OT Enzweiler bypass
flow 2 × near
flow Close development
Locality Idar-Oberstein B422 B270
flow Near
Bad Kreuznach district
Locality Kirn
tunnel (185 m)  Hellberg tunnel
parking spot Icon: Left RightIcon: Left Right parking spot
flow Near
Locality Hochstetten-Dhaun
flow Simmerbach
Bypass Simmertal bypass  B421
Locality Martinstein
Locality Monzingen
Bypass Bad Sobernheim bypass 
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
Junction Bad Sobernheim-North
Junction Symbol: UpBad Sobernheim-East / Steinhardt- West
Junction Symbol: Down Steinhardt-Ost
Expressway end End of the highway
Bypass Waldböckelheim bypass 
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
Junction Weinsheim -West
Junction Symbol: Down Weinsheim-Ost
Junction Rudesheim
flow Graefenbach (Viaduct 440 m)
Junction Symbol: Down Bad Kreuznach- West
Junction Bad Kreuznach OT Winzenheim
Junction Bad Kreuznach-Nord B48
flow Near
Junction Bad Kreuznach center
Junction Bad Kreuznach-Ost B428
Mainz-Bingen district
Junction Gensingen B50
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Alternative routing
flow Near
Junction (51)  Bad Kreuznach A61 E31
  • Under construction
  • In planning
  • Traffic control system
  • The federal highway 41 (abbreviation: B 41 ) is a federal highway in Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate with a total length of about 140 kilometers. It connects Saarbrücken with the federal motorway 61 near Bad Kreuznach .

    The federal road 41 can be seen as an extension of the French Route nationale 3 . At the Goldene Bremm border crossing , it changes from Rue du Roussillon (Gem. Stiring-Wendel ) to Saarbrücken city area and becomes Metzer Straße (road to Metz) there. The memorial for those persecuted by the National Socialists is located directly on the border .

    State of development

    The B 41 has two lanes, partly three in Saarland and three or four lanes between the A 62 and A 61 .

    Sections developed as a motorway-like road

    • Between the St. Wendel - Niederlinxweiler and Pinsweiler junction . The original plan was to continue this expansion with a bypass of Pinsweiler, Hirstein, Wolfersweiler and Nohfelden to the A 62 ( Birkenfeld junction ). Some of the further construction has already begun, as can be seen from a functionless bridge west of Wolfersweiler . After parts of the Rosenwald in the Hoppstädten-Weiersbach district were declared a nature reserve, construction work could no longer be continued. The Wolfersweiler and Ottweiler bypasses and the section between Wolfersweiler and the A 62 are in the federal traffic route plan , classified as an urgent requirement. In Ottweiler, however, resistance has formed against the planned project, which intends to let the route continue to run through the city and founded a citizens' initiative that advocates a new, more western bypass of the city. Between Birkenfeld and the St. Wendel-Winterbach junction, it runs together with federal highway 269 .
    • At 700 m between Bad Sobernheim Ost and Steinhardt, it has four lanes with a seven percent gradient.
    • The 20 km long section between Waldböckelheim and the A 61 .
    • In the area of ​​the nearby Waldböckelheim route, the State Office for Mobility (LBM) Rhineland-Palatinate carried out a traffic study on the plan-free expansion of the accident-prone exit Waldböckelheim-West and merging of the exit Mitte and West. Later on, the B 41 will eventually be expanded to four lanes on this nearby route. In the village, however, resistance to the planned project has arisen and a citizens' initiative has been founded to promote a new, more northerly four-lane route further away from the village, which is already in the further requirements of the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan. The first construction phase has now been completed and connects Waldböckelheim in the north to the B 41 via roundabouts. The renovation in the west of Waldböckelheim is currently still in the planning stage.
    • In addition, a traffic survey for the two-lane construction of the bypasses Hochstetten and Martinstein was carried out by the Landesbetrieb Mobility Rlp. Both projects are urgently required by the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan.
    • In addition to the four-lane expansion of the Neunkirchen bypass, the two-lane new construction of the Niederbrombach, Oberbrombach and Rötsweiler bypasses are also needed in the federal transport route plan.

    Replaced by highways

    • between Saarbrücken-Ludwigspark and AD Friedrichsthal ( A 623 ) and on to junction Neunkirchen-Spiesen ( A 8 )

    Truck toll

    On August 1, 2012, the truck toll was introduced on the section between Bad Kreuznach and the A 61.

    Nahe development

    The four-lane Nahehochstrasse, also known as the Nahe overbuilding, B41 in Idar-Oberstein

    One of the most striking (and best-known) sections of the road is the Nahe overbuilding (Nahe high road) in Idar-Oberstein , which began in 1980 and opened on September 24, 1986.

    Fire in the Blücher seam

    After the near-day coal seams of the Blücher seam were cut during the construction of the B 41 as a bypass road west of Neunkirchen, the coal-bearing layer ignited due to the ingress of oxygen. The fire started in the 1990s to the west of the intersection of the B 41 and L 124 (Westspange). It has been deleted since the end of October 2012.

    Renovation and gradation to the country road

    The former eastern part of the B 41 in Rheinhessen from Bad Kreuznach to Ingelheim am Rhein , which has had no direct connection to the new section of the B 41 leading around Gensingen to the A 61, was redeveloped from October to December 2014 State road graded. The background to the gradation is a longstanding demand by the federal government because of the parallel A 60.

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