Bundesstrasse 4f

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Bundesstrasse 4f in Germany
Bundesstrasse 4f
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Overall length: 3.5 km
  of which in planning: 3.5 km

State :

The federal highway 4f is a planned connection road from a new junction on the federal highway 3 to the Nuremberg airport .


The planning envisages that the route begins on Flughafenstrasse and swings to the northeast. This is followed by crossing under the airport premises through a tunnel that will have a total length of 1180 meters. About 400 m north of the airport, the B 4f rises from the lower elevation and runs in a straight line slightly above ground level before it joins the A 3.


With a passenger volume of 3.97 million passengers in 2006, Nuremberg Airport is currently tenth in the ranking of German international airports. In the opinion of the state of Bavaria and the city of Nuremberg, however, the airport has insufficient road traffic, the access roads sometimes lead through residential areas and did not have sufficient capacity. As part of a regional planning procedure , the variants “Tunnel East direct” “Tunnel East indirect” were positively assessed in terms of regional planning. The applicant - the Nuremberg Road Construction Office - now had to decide for which of the two variants a plan approval procedure should be initiated, which opted for the variant "Tunnel East indirect".

A citizens' initiative , the “Alliance No to the Northern Airport Connection”, is directed against the construction . This citizens' initiative questions the need for this road and argues with the effects on the environment.

Due to the necessary renovation measures at the airfield, which is contaminated with PFC , a continuation of the project is in question. The city of Nuremberg no longer supports the project.

Lapse of time

  • Initiation of the planning approval procedure : September 2007
  • Second public discussion: June 2010
  • Downgrading the urgency to "Other important projects" with the aim of starting the project after 2015
  • Planning approval with conditions: February 2012
  • Actual start of construction: not yet done
  • possible completion: not foreseeable

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