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Bundesstrasse 471 in Germany
Bundesstrasse 471
Course of the B 471
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Overall length: 78.6 km

State :

Development condition: see state of expansion
Course of the road
Junction (30)  Inning am Ammersee A96 E54
Locality Grafrath
flow Amperes
Bypass Schöngeising bypass 
Motorway junction Fürstenfeldbruck-Süd
Bypass Fürstenfeldbruck bypass 
bridge Munich – Buchlohe railway line
Motorway junction Fürstenfeldbruck-Mitte
Motorway junction Fürstenfeldbruck-Nord B2
Motorway junction Fürstenfeldbruck-
Motorway junction Olching / Maisach
bridge Munich – Augsburg railway line
Junction Geiselbullach (Olching)
Junction (78)  Dachau / Fürstenfeldbruck A8 E52
Motorway junction Dachau-West
Bypass Dachau bypass 
flow Amperes
Motorway junction Dachau-Groebenried
bridge Munich - Nuremberg railway line
Motorway junction Dachau south B304
Motorway junction Dachau Southeast
Motorway junction Dachau East
Junction (2)  Oberschleissheim A92 E53
Locality Oberschleissheim
Railroad Crossing Munich – Regensburg railway line
crossing B13
Locality Garching-Hochbrück
bridge U6
Junction (71)  Garching-South A9 E45
Bypass Garching bypass 
crossing B11
flow Isar
Locality Ismaning North
Bypass Ismaning bypass 
Motorway junction B388
Motorway junction Ismaning-South
flow Middle Isar Canal
Motorway junction District road M 3
Junction (14)  Aschheim / Ismaning A99 E45 E52
Locality Aschheim
Locality Feldkirchen
bridge Munich – Mühldorf railway line
bridge A94
bridge Munich – Rosenheim railway line
Locality hair B304
Locality Cleaning well
Junction (19)  Hohenbrunn A99 E45 E52
Locality Hohenbrunn
bridge S-Bahn: S7 to Kreuzstrasse
bridge A99 E45 E52
Junction (94)  Taufkirchen -EastA8

The federal highway 471 (abbreviation: B 471 ) is a German federal highway in the administrative region of Upper Bavaria in Bavaria . It leads around Munich , starting in Inning am Ammersee via Fürstenfeldbruck , Dachau , Oberschleißheim , Garching , Feldkirchen , Putzbrunn and Hohenbrunn to Taufkirchen . Before the construction of the A 99 , it was the most important connection for bypassing Munich city center and was considered one of the most dangerous roads in the Munich area, especially in the western and northern sections.


Emmeringer See , near the Olching / Maisach junction

The B 471 starts at the A 96 ( Lindau - Munich ) junction Inning am Ammersee (30) in the Starnberg district and continues northwards. Now reaching B471 to Fürstenfeldbruck district . The first parish is Grafrath . Passing Schöngeising , the B 471 reaches the city bypass at the Fürstenfeldbruck -Süd junction . From here, the B 471 has been expanded without a plan . After the Fürstenfeldbruck-Mitte junction, the line reaches the B 2 at the Fürstenfeldbruck-Nord junction . After the Fürstenfeldbruck-Von-Gravenreuth-Straße junction, the Fürstenfeldbruck bypass ends and the Esting bypass follows . The Munich – Augsburg line is now being crossed. In a long arc, it now goes around Neu-Esting to the Geiselbullach junction. From here the main road runs in four lanes without a median. Shortly afterwards the B 471 reaches the district of Dachau . The Dachau / Fürstenfeldbruck (78) connection to the A 8 (Munich– Stuttgart ) follows . The area of ​​the motorway exit is not developed according to plan.

From the motorway junction, the B 471 continues in two lanes in a northeastern direction to the Dachau- West junction , where it reaches the city bypass. The B 471 now joins the Tangente Dachau vs. at the Dachau-Ost junction. Oberschleißheim, which she follows in an easterly direction. Directly after the Dachau-Ost junction is the border with the Munich district . The plan-free expansion of the route ends here.

New Schleissheim Palace south of the B 471

In the further course of the B 471 follows the connection to the A 92 AS Oberschleißheim (2) and the Oberschleißheim through-town . Here the road crosses the Munich – Regensburg railway line as planned . The Schleißheim Palace is located south of the main road . After Oberschleißheim and the intersection with the B 13 (Munich - Ingolstadt ) the federal road reaches Garching-Hochbrück ; the subway station of the same name on Munich subway line 6 is above ground south of the street. Now follows the A 9 (Munich - Nuremberg - Berlin ) with the junction Garching-Süd (71) and the intersection with the B 11 (Munich - Landshut ) south of Garching .

After crossing the Isar , the Ismaning bypass follows with the unplanned connection to the B 388 (towards Erding ). The B 471 continues in a south-easterly direction to the Aschheim / Ismaning junction (14) of the A 99 (Munich outer ring road).

The B 471 now runs south through the towns of Aschheim and Feldkirchen; directly at the exit of Feldenkirchen crosses the B 471 , the A 94 (Munich Passau ) without junction. In the further course the route reaches Haar and crosses the B 304 (Munich– Wasserburg am Inn ) there. In a south-westerly direction, the B 471 continues on its way to Putzbrunn . After crossing the town, it comes back to the A 99 (Munich outer ring road) AS Hohenbrunn (19). The course of the route leads the B 471 to Hohenbrunn . From here the route continues west. It crosses the A 99 without a junction and ends at the A 8 (Munich – Salzburg ) AS Taufkirchen -Ost (94).

State of development

Total tracks
A96 (AS Inning am Ammersee) - Fürstenfeldbruck-Süd 2 - -
Fürstenfeldbruck-Süd - Geiselbullach (Olching) 2 - +
Geiselbullach (Olching) - A8(AS Dachau / Fürstenfeldbruck) 4th + +
Area A8 (AS Dachau / Fürstenfeldbruck) 3 or 4 - -
A8 (AS Dachau / Fürstenfeldbruck) - Dachau-Ost 2 to 3 - +
Dachau-Ost - east of Garching-Hochbrück 2 - -
east of Garching-Hochbrück - B11Garching 4th - -
B11 Garching - Ismaning-Nord 2 - -
Ismaning-Nord - Ismaning-Süd 2 - +
Ismaning-Süd - west of Hohenbrunn 2 - -
west of Hohenbrunn - A8(AS Taufkirchen-Ost) 4th + -


Previous routes and names

The federal highway 471 was dedicated in the 1960s. This was done in two stages. The first section was the western one from the then B 12 at Inning am Ammersee (today A 96 ) via today's route (without bypasses) to the Garching-Süd AS of the former A 3 (today A 9 ). In a second step, the eastern section of the B 471 was dedicated. In the 1960s, the B 471 was the only way for long-distance traffic not to have to cross downtown Munich.


An expansion followed in the 1970s, especially the western and northern routes. The bypasses of Fürstenfeldbruck , Olching and Dachau were built.

In 1996, as part of the completion of the A 96, the Inning am Ammersee junction was rebuilt. With the opening of the Eschenrieder Spange in 1998, the connection to the A 8 (AS Dachau / Fürstenfeldbruck) was also rebuilt. The south adjoining section of the route was expanded to single-lane four-lane in the early 2000s.

Aschheim relief road

On July 16, 2010, the municipal relief road Aschheim was opened to traffic. The necessary junction at the Aschheim / Ismaning exit (A 99) was built in 2009. The through traffic is directed west of the A 99 to the Kirchheim junction (A 99) on the relief road. The center of Aschheim can still be reached via the B 471. This as well as the western motorway connection to the A 99 are connected here via a roundabout, which is passed over by the relief road. An extension of the relief road further south to the B 304 near Haar is being planned; This section of the route is intended to improve the eastern connection of the Munich exhibition center via a spur road .

Furthermore, the junction of the A 99 Aschheim / Ismaning has been relocated north to the M 3 district road , where it has been expanded as a full clover leaf . The intersection of M 3 and B 471 has been expanded into a roundabout as part of this measure and is connected to the roundabout of the relief road via a bridge.

Further expansion

The 2003 Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan provides for the further four-lane expansion of the B 471 from Neu-Esting to the Fürstenfeldbruck-Süd junction (additional requirements).


There are many tourist attractions on federal road 471 or nearby:

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