Bundesstrasse 19

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Bundesstrasse 19 in Germany
Bundesstrasse 19
Course of the B 19
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Start of the street: Krauthausen
( 51 ° 0 ′  N , 10 ° 16 ′  E )
End of street: Oberstdorf
( 47 ° 23 ′  N , 10 ° 14 ′  E )
Overall length: 529 km

State :

Course of the road
Free State of Thuringia
Wartburg district
Junction (39)  Eisenach-West A4 E40 B7
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
parking spot parking spot
District-free city of Eisenach
Junction Eisenach-Weststadt B84
Junction Eisenach center
bridge (260 m)  Karolinental valley bridge
Junction Eisenach-Oststadt B84 B88
Expressway end End of the highway
Locality Eisenach (no longer available in future)
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist Wartburg
Wartburg district
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Expansion of the route:
Junction Wutha Farnroda
Bypass Mosbach bypass 
Bypass Bypass  Etterhaben
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist Rennsteig
Locality Wilhelmsthal (no longer applicable)
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist Wilhelmsthal Castle
Locality Etterzüge ( no longer available in future)
Bypass Forest fish bypass 
Bypass Gumpelstadt and Witzelroda bypass 
Motorway junction Barchfeld -North
Motorway junction Barchfeld-Ost / Bad Liebenstein
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist Altenstein Castle
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Note: Because the Werra crossing the B62has not yet been built, and the old line is dedicated by Barchfeld as B 19!
Schmalkalden-Meiningen district
Motorway junction Breitungen -North
parking spot Symbol: leftSymbol: left Parking lot keyhole
Motorway junction Breitungen-Süd / Fambach
bridge (635 m)  Schmalkaldetalbrücke over Schmalkalde
Motorway junction Niedermalkalden ( B62planned)
Motorway junction Surges - North
Motorway junction Schwallungen-Süd
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Planned extension of the route:
Motorway junction Wasungen-Nord
tunnel Tunnel under the Maienluft castle ruins
Motorway junction Wasungen-South
Locality Wasungen (not applicable in future)
Motorway junction Walldorf industrial park
Locality Walldorf
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Meiningen bypass (planned)
Motorway junction Meiningen-North
Motorway junction Meiningen-Helba
Locality Meiningen (to be discontinued in future)
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist Elisabethenburg Castle
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist The Meininger Theater
Motorway junction Kuehndorf
Motorway junction Meiningen / Rohr
Junction (21)  Meiningen-North A71
Autobahn beginning replaced by A71
Free State of Bavaria
Schweinfurt district
Junction (28)  Bad Kissingen / Oerlenbach A71 B286
Bypass Poppenhausen bypass  B286
flow Wern
crossing B286
flow Wern
Junction (30)  Schweinfurt- WestA71
Autobahn beginning replaced by A70 A71 E48
Junction (3)  Werneck A70 E48
Truck lock Symbol: Down Closed to truck traffic
Bypass Werneck bypass  B26
flow Wern
Locality Werneck OT Eßleben
Würzburg district
Locality Sacrificial tree
Locality Bergtheim
Locality Unterpleichfeld
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
Motorway junction Estenfeld OT Mühlhausen
Truck lock Symbol: Up Closed to truck traffic
node (101)  Würzburg / Estenfeld A7 E45
Junction Estenfeld industrial area
Independent city of Würzburg
Truck lock Symbol: Down Closed to truck traffic
Junction Estenfeld
Junction Lengfeld East (IKEA)
Expressway end End of the highway
Junction Wurzburg- Lengfeld
Locality beginning Entrance to  Würzburg
Junction Greinberg knot B8
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road (overpass Greinberg node)
Expressway end End of the highway
Street as the city ​​ring south
Junction Stettiner Strasse B13
flow Main ( Konrad-Adenauer-Bridge 420 m)
Junction Würzburg-Heidingsfeld
Village end End of Würzburg
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
Truck lock Symbol: Up Closed to truck traffic
Junction (70)  Würzburg-Heidingsfeld A3 E43
Expressway end End of the highway
Würzburg district
Locality Gable City
Locality Giebelstadt OT Herchsheim
Locality Giebelstadt OT Euerhausen
State of Baden-Württemberg
Main-Tauber district
Bypass Igersheim OT Simmringen bypass
Locality Igersheim OT Bernsfelden
Bypass Igersheim OT Harthausen bypass
Locality Igersheim
flow Deaf
Bypass Bad Mergentheim bypass  B290
Locality Bad Mergentheim OT Stuppach
Locality Bad Mergentheim OT Rengershausen
Hohenlohe district
Locality Dörzbach
flow Chasing
Locality Dörzbach OT Hohebach
Locality Ingelfingen OT Stachenhausen
Locality Künzelsau OT Nagelsberg
flow Stove
Locality Künzelsau
Junction Gaisbach North
Bypass Kupferzell bypass 
Junction (42)  Copper cell A6 E50
Schwäbisch Hall district
Locality Untermünkheim OT Zusatzshausen B14
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B14direction Schwäbisch Hall-Heimbach
Locality Untermünkheim
flow Stove
Locality beginning Beginning of  Schwäbisch Hall
Locality Gelbingen
flow Stove
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B14direction Untermünkheim
Locality Heimbach B14
Village end End of Schwäbisch Hall
Locality Rose garden OT Westheim
flow 2 × cookers
Locality Gaildorf OT Ottendorf
Locality Gaildorf B298
Locality Gaildorf OT Bröckingen
Locality Sulzbach-Laufen
Locality Abtsgmünd OT Untergröningen
Locality Huettlingen
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist Niederalfingen Castle
crossing B29
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B29direction Aalen
flow Stove
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist Limes thermal baths and Limes museum Aalen
Locality Bask
tunnel (870 m)  Rombach tunnel
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B29direction Hüttlingen
node Aalen-Süd triangle B29
Locality Oberkochen
Heidenheim district
Locality Koenigsbronn
Locality Heidenheim an der Brenz B466
Locality Herbrechtingen
flow Brenz
Junction (117)  Giengen / HerbrechtingenA7 E43 B492
Autobahn beginning replaced by A7 A8 E43 E52 E532
Free State of Bavaria
Independent city of Kempten (Allgäu)
Junction (133)  Kempten - LeubasA7 E532
Locality Kempten (Allgäu) B12
District of Oberallgäu
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
Junction Waltenhofen B12 A980
Junction Herzmanns
Junction Martinszell in the Allgäu
tunnel (90 m)  Martinszell / Hermannsdorf tunnel
Junction Heuberg
flow Iller
Junction Immenstadt / Stein B308
Junction Rauhenzell
flow Ostrach
Junction Sonthofen- NorthB308
Expressway end End of the highway
Motorway junction Sonthofen South
flow Iller
Locality Fishing in the Allgäu
flow Iller
Bypass Oberstdorf bypass 
EU border crossing Kleinwalsertal border crossing
Austria Continue  B201towards Mittelberg
  • Under construction
  • In planning
  • Traffic control system
  • The federal road 19 (abbreviation: B 19 ) leads, starting at Eisenach in the west of Thuringia , across southern Thuringia and Franconia to the southeast to Baden-Württemberg and over the Swabian Alb back to Bavaria , through the Bavarian Upper Swabia and the Allgäu , where it is in the Allgäu Alps ends on the Austrian border.


    Today's federal highway 19 was expanded between Meiningen and Würzburg to Chaussee Würzburg-Meiningen as early as 1780 . In dead straight sections that are still preserved today, it led through the hill country to the west past the former imperial city of Schweinfurt .

    Hall-Gaildorfer-Straße was built in 1815–1816.

    Previous routes and names

    Today's federal highway 19 crosses numerous formerly independent countries in which the street names were very different. In the Electorate of Hesse , which was owned by the Schmalkalden exclave , the street, which was classified as first-class main street in 1831, was called Meiningensche Straße . The Bavarian state roads were numbered according to their starting point: State road No. 141: Ulm – Kempten – Vils and State road No. 149: Würzburg – Werneck – Meiningen.

    Fernverkehrsstraße 19 (FVS 19), established in 1932 and renamed Reichsstraße 19 (R 19) in 1934, led, like today's federal highway, from Eisenach to the Kleiner Walsertal . The only deviation from today's route was that the Reichsstraße ran through Bad Kissingen until around 1937 . The detour via Bad Kissingen was assigned to Reichsstrasse 286 and 287 from 1937 .



    The B19 joins the BAB 71 at AS Meiningen-Nord

    Since the laying of the federal freeway 4 on January 9, 2010, federal highway 19 begins in Krauthausen near Eisenach , directly at the Eisenach-West junction of the A 4 and uses the former route of this freeway as a motor vehicle . The B 19 runs from Eisenach-Weststadt , together with the B 84 to the Eisenach-Oststadt junction . There the two federal roads leave the old A4 route, which continues as federal road 88 to Ilmenau .

    Now, as before, the B 19 crosses the downtown area of ​​Eisenach in a southerly direction and leads past the famous Wartburg into the Thuringian Forest Nature Park . After 22 kilometers it meets the upper reaches of the Werra . From here it is led to Meiningen (52 km), including the bypasses that have been created since the 1990s . The prepared route of the never completed Reichsautobahn route 85 is used between Barchfeld and Niederschmalkalden . In Meiningen, since the end of 2005, it has turned onto the former federal highway 280 to the Meiningen-Nord junction of the newly built federal motorway 71 .

    After the completion of the A 71, the section of the B 19 between Meiningen and Werneck was split into state, state and district roads and replaced by the A 71 and, furthermore, by the federal motorway 70 (see: Changes made ).

    Course of the 2007 stepped section

    After the fall of the Wall in 1991, the Henneberg bypass was built before the graduation . Even before the downgrading, the B 19 in Mellrichstadt was relocated internally in the 1990s. In particular, the through-roads from Mellrichstadt to Bad Neustadt an der Saale were very narrow, which is why several bypasses such as Oberstreu and Mittelstreu were built in the 1990s and 2000s . In Bad Neustadt an der Saale, the B 19 was expanded into a city bypass in the 1970s. Until the expansion near Münnerstadt , the B19 led over the so-called old "Schindbergstrasse". It was not until the 1970s that the city was expanded to the southeast.

    The area of ​​the former B 19 between the confluence of the B 287 near Nüdlingen and the “ Schwarze Pfütze ” inn near Rottershausen is still known today by the local population as the “Long Ship”, as the former B 19 runs as dead straight and expanded here for several kilometers this section of the route has repeatedly led to fatal road accidents caused by speeders in the past. A supply line operated by the US Army, which was stationed near Reiterswiesen near Bad Kissingen, also crossed there until the 1980s. At Rottershausen there was a former ammunition depot of the German Wehrmacht , which was still used by the US Army after 1945. The connecting road of the US Army led there and repeatedly caused accidents at the intersection with the B19. After the B19 was downgraded to a county road and the American armed forces had finally withdrawn for years, this section of the route is likely to have been defused for years.

    Until the 1960s - construction of a bypass - the B 19 ran through the towns of Poppenhausen (intersection with B 286) and Kronungen (district of Schweinfurt). Schweinfurt was connected to the B 19 near Niederwerrn by an old connection and later by a new four-lane construction of the B 303. The through-town of Geldersheim was very narrow and led directly past the church with two curves.

    Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg

    Only at the BAB 70 exit Werneck does the actual B 19 begin again today. In the local area of ​​Werneck, the B 19 was shared with the B 26 coming from Karlstadt towards Schweinfurt. Route B 19 - B 26 still represents the shortest connection from the southern edge of the Rhön (Bad Neustadt / Saale) to the Main (Karlstadt). Werneck has always been a traffic problem, which is why there has been a bypass for several years.

    On the historic bridge, the B 19 crosses the Jagst in Hohebach

    Coming from the Werneck exit of the A 70, it now runs between the federal autobahn 7 ( Flensburg to Allgäu ) and the Main through the Franconian heartland to Würzburg (158 km). See also Stadtring Süd (Würzburg) . After Würzburg it crosses the federal highway 3 ( Netherlands - Passau ) and meets the state border with Baden-Württemberg at kilometer 189 . In Bad Mergentheim the road crosses the Taubertal and leads as the “ Swabian Poet Street ” to Künzelsau in the Kocher valley . The ascent to the Hohenlohe level was extended in 2010 to the new western bypass of Gaisbach . The traffic was already transferred to the bypass on August 16, the official clearance act was rescheduled on September 6. From the federal autobahn 6 , the B 19 runs together with the federal highway 14 through the salt and coin town ( Heller ) Schwäbisch Hall (257 km) to separate again to the west. In order to relieve the city of through traffic on both federal highways, the “small western bypass” was built by 2012. This seven-kilometer bypass running northwest of the city over the Hohenlohe plain is not created by the federal government, but as K 2576 by the district.

    We continue along the Kocher to the Swabian Alb through Aalen (317 km) and Heidenheim (339 km). Bolheim is bypassed in the east, after four kilometers a traffic light regulates the traffic outside the town and the former street layout is replaced by a new section with a 205 m long tunnel that connects the Herbrechtingen , which has been split into two parts, with a small city park. After a further four kilometers, the federal highway 19 will now be replaced by the federal highway 7 for seventeen kilometers between the Giengen and Langenau exits . After a further fifteen kilometers, the road reaches Ulm at route kilometer 379. Now federal road 19 ends temporarily after it has crossed the Danube to Neu-Ulm . Here the federal highway 19 has also returned to Bavaria .

    Since the construction of the federal motorway 7, the old federal road 19 has been downgraded to the state road 2031 and as such runs along the river Iller to Memmingen (445 km) and on to Kempten (Allgäu) (480 km). Here the federal highway 7 turns to the east and the federal highway 19 is again as before the federal highway. From here it leads south into the Allgäu Alps. Via Immenstadt (501 km), Sonthofen (508 km) and past Oberstdorf (518 km), federal road 19 leads another six kilometers to the Austrian border at the Walserschanz. As the Austrian Kleinwalsertalstraße (B 201) it continues through the Kleinwalsertal , which is the German customs connection area , and ends there in Baad .

    Route length

    The total length of federal highway 19 is 524 kilometers, from which, however, the distance on which it is upgraded to a federal freeway (17 km) or downgraded to a state road (around 101 km) would have to be deducted.

    State of development

    Schmalkaldetal bridge of the B 19 near Niederschmalkalden

    In the city of Eisenach, a former section of the Autobahn 4 (former junction Eisenach-West to Eisenach-Ost) belongs to the B 19. Between Barchfeld and Meiningen, the route is currently being expanded with cross-country connections. For this purpose, the route of the formerly under construction Reichsautobahn - route 85 , which was planned to connect Eisenach with Bamberg , is used as far as possible . The bypasses of Barchfeld, Breitungen, Fambach , Niederschmalkalden with the viaduct over the Schmalkalde and Schwallungen , completed in 2013, have already been completed. From Wasungen to Walldorf (Meiningen) north of Meiningen, the B 19 has already been expanded to four lanes. The eastern bypass of Wasungen is being planned. For this purpose, the Maienluft castle ruins are to be tunneled under.

    In the Würzburg area, the B 19 between the A 7 and A 3 motorways is almost completely expanded to four lanes. It was planned to expand this section of the route as the A 713 city ​​motorway , but these plans were discarded. Due to the lack of a western bypass for Würzburg ( A 81 - Würzburg-West motorway triangle and A 70 - Schweinfurt / Werneck motorway junction ), this section of the route is often used as a shortcut to the Biebelried motorway junction . In the meantime, through traffic for trucks on the B 19 between the two motorways is prohibited. Between the Würzburg-Estenfeld motorway junction and the B 19 exit Lengfeld, the main road is a motor vehicle with no speed restrictions on both sides . In the further course to the city limits of Würzburg it is closed to cyclists and mopeds. The federal road between Waltenhofen and Sonthofen has also been expanded to four lanes. This section was planned earlier than the A 985 .

    Changes made

    In the course of the opening of the A 71 , the following changes were made in 2007:

    • Meiningen – Thuringia state border: Gradation to state road L 3019
    • State border Bavaria – Münnerstadt: Gradation to the state road St 2445
    • Münnerstadt – junction with Bundesstraße 287 : becomes B 287
    • The confluence of the federal road 287 - the confluence of the federal road 286 : gradation to the state road St 2445
    • The confluence of the federal road 286 - Poppenhausen: becomes the B 286
    • Poppenhausen - Euerbach: Gradation to the district road
    • Euerbach - Autobahn connection Werneck: gradation to the state road

    In 2009, the new construction of the federal highway 19 as a four-lane motorway between Waltenhofen and Immenstadt was completed. The course of the road from Thanners to Immenstadt was relocated to the eastern side of the Illers with a 254 m long bridge. The former federal highway 19 in the Immenstadt municipality west of the Iller was downgraded to a district road (OA 5) . A section of the route between Immenstadt and Sonthofen had been expanded to four lanes since 1968.

    When the A 4 was relocated to the north in the Eisenach area at the beginning of 2010, the B 19 was extended by a section of the previous A 4.

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