Bundesstrasse 224

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Bundesstrasse 224 in Germany
Bundesstrasse 224
Course of the B 224
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Start of the street: 51 ° 46 '  N , 6 ° 51'  E
End of street: 51 ° 10 '  N , 7 ° 5'  E
Overall length: 75 km

State :

Gustav-Heinemann-Brücke Werden Luftaufnahme 2014.jpg
Gustav Heinemann Bridge in Essen-Werden
Course of the road
Borken district
Locality Raesfeld B70
Locality Raesfeld alder
Wesel district
crossing Freudenbergstrasse, Weseler Strasse B58
Recklinghausen district
Locality Dorsten-Holsterhausen
Locality Dorsten B225
Locality Dorsten-Altendorf / Ulfkotte
Autobahn beginning replaced by A52
Start of expressway Motorway
Start of expressway End of the highway
crossing Gladbeck-Goethestrasse
crossing Gladbeck-Schützenstrasse
Junction (5)  Essen / Gladbeck A2
District-free city of Bottrop
crossing Bottrop-Boy , Horster Str.
crossing Bottrop-Welheim , Prosperstrasse
District-free city of Essen
bridge Emscher
Start of expressway Motorway
Junction Symbol: Down Essen city harbor
bridge Rhine-Herne Canal
node (13)  Essen-Nord A42
Start of expressway End of the highway
Locality beginning Start of town  Essen
Locality Eating old people
crossing Essen-Grillostrasse
crossing Essen-Bottroper Str./ University
crossing Essen-Altendorfer Str. B231
Junction (23)  Food center A40
crossing Essen-Bismarckstrasse / Museum Folkwang
crossing Essen-Norbertstrasse / Messe
Junction (28)  Essen-Rüttenscheid A52
Locality Essen Bredeney
bridge Gustav Heinemann Bridge
flow Dysentery
Locality Eat-becoming
Locality Essen-Heidhausen
Village end End of town  Essen
Mettmann district
Locality Velbert -Birth
Junction (incl.)  Velbert-North A44 A535
Autobahn beginning replaced by A535 A46
node (31)  Sonnborn Cross A535 A46 B228
Independent city of Wuppertal
Locality Wuppertal-Vohwinkel
Independent city of Solingen
Locality Graefrath
Locality Solingen B229

The Federal Highway 224 (abbreviation: B 224 ) is a trunk road in North Rhine-Westphalia . It is heavily used on the section near Gladbeck because, together with the A 52, it creates a corner connection with the A 2 in the direction of Oberhausen / Düsseldorf and the A 43 in the direction of Münster / Bremen (A 1), because the route over the Recklinghausen junction is about 7 kilometers longer.


The B 224 runs from Raesfeld in the southern Münsterland through the center of the Ruhr area via Gelsenkirchen-Buer and Essen in the Bergisches Land to Solingen .

From the Gelsenkirchen-Hassel junction, the B 224 continues on the A 52 , which ends shortly before Gladbeck and continues as the B 224. The Essen-Nord motorway junction is also part of the planned A 52.

Between the motorway intersections Velbert-Nord ( A 44 ) and Sonnborner Kreuz ( A 46 ), the B 224 was expanded like a motorway and has been part of the A 535 since September 1, 2007 .


In 1815 the Essen-Solinger Provinzialstraße was laid from Dornap to Vohwinkel . The section from Vohwinkel to Solingen was completed in 1841.

When the numbering of German trunk roads was introduced in 1932, the road from Straelen on the border with the Netherlands via Duisburg , Essen and Solingen to Lennep was designated as trunk road 60 , which in 1934 became a state road . When the Reichsstraße network was expanded in the mid-1930s, the section from Essen to Solingen became part of the new Reichsstraße 224, and from 1949 Bundesstraße 224.

State of development

section Stripes Dividing strip comment
B70Raesfeld - L 509 Dorsten-Hervest 2 No  
L 509 Dorsten-Hervest -B225Dorsten-Feldmark 4th Yes Only one right-turn lane is marked at the intersections with Bundesstraße 225
B225Dorsten-Feldmark - A52Gelsenkirchen-Hassel 2 No At the Gelsenkirchen-Hassel junction, both directional lanes cross each other once at the same height and without any height
A52Gelsenkirchen-Hassel - A52Gelsenkirchen / Gladbeck city limits 4th Yes upgraded to the A 52 motorway
A52City limit Gelsenkirchen / Gladbeck - A2Essen / Gladbeck 4th only protective wall motorway-like
A2Essen / Gladbeck - Essen NorthA42 4th Yes motorway-like
A42 Essen-Nord - Johanniskirchstrasse Essen 4th Yes motorway-like; Environmental zone Essen
Johanniskirchstrasse Essen - Daniel-Eckhardt-Strasse / Teilungsweg Essen 4th No Environmental zone Essen
Daniel-Eckhardt-Straße / Teilungsweg Essen - Schonnefeldstraße Essen 4th No Environmental zone Essen; Truck driving ban from Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. in north-south direction
Schonnefeldstrasse Essen - K 16 Essen 4th Yes Environmental zone Essen; Truck driving ban from Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. in north-south direction
K 16 food -B231food 4th Yes Environmental zone Essen; Only one lane to turn right is marked at the Gladbecker Strasse / Grillostrasse intersection
B231Food - A40food 4th No Environmental zone Essen
A40Essen - L 415 Essen 4th Yes Environmental zone Essen
L 415 Essen - Krawehlstrasse Essen 4th No Environmental zone Essen
Krawehlstrasse Essen - Eating 4th Yes Environmental zone Essen
Essen-Werden - city limits Essen / Velbert 2 No Environmental zone Essen
City limits Essen / Velbert - A44Velbert 2 No  
A44Velbert-Nord - A535Wuppertal-Dornap 4th Yes upgraded to the A 535 motorway
A535 Wuppertal-Dornap - Wernerstraße Solingen 2 No At the Wuppertal-Dornap junction, both directional lanes cross each other once at the same height and free of height
Wernerstraße Solingen - B229Solingen 4th Yes  

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