Federal road 43a

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Bundesstrasse 43a in Germany
Federal road 43a
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Overall length: 7.5 km

State :

Development condition: motorway-like
Course of the road
The start of the expressway Beginning of the motor road
node (38/43)  Hanau Cross A66 A45
Junction Hanau-Wolfgang B43
Junction Hanau Central Station
Junction Hanau harbor / Großauheim
bridge Hellental Bridge
Junction Hanau-Steinheim / Klein-Auheim
Junction Hanau-Klein-Auheim / Wildlife Park Symbol: Down
node B45 Symbol: Down
Expressway end End of the highway

The federal highway 43a (abbreviation: B 43a ) is a motorway-like connection road between the Hanauer Kreuz ( A 45 Dortmund / A 66 Fulda ) and the junction with the B 45 near the Hanau junction of the A 3 ( Cologne - Frankfurt am Main - Würzburg) ).


The B 43a became known nationwide when the gap in the road in the Hanau-Wolfgang area was completed, but the noise protection measures were not completed. Actually, the road should not have been opened to traffic yet, but the residents concerned and the authorities found a compromise, so that the traffic could close the connection before the noise barrier was completed - albeit with restrictions (only one lane per direction and limitation of the Speed ​​to a maximum of 50 km / h) - could use.

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