Bundesstrasse 236

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Bundesstrasse 236 in Germany
Bundesstrasse 236
Course of the B 236
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Overall length: 210 km

State :

Schmallenberg Tunnel.jpg
Tunnel in Schmallenberg
Course of the road
North Rhine-Westphalia
Locality Olfen B235
flow Dortmund-Ems Canal
Locality Selm
Locality Luenen B61 B54
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
node (13)  Dortmund -NortheastA2
Junction Dortmund-Derne
Junction Dortmund-Scharnhorst
Junction Dortmund Wambel
tunnel (1,420 m)  Wambel tunnel
Junction Dortmund grains
node Dortmund-East B1
Junction Down-l.pngUp-l.pngDortmund-Stoking
flow Emscher / Phoenix Lake
Junction Dortmund-Berghofen
tunnel (1,310 m)  Berghofen tunnel
Expressway end End of the highway
Junction (85)  Swords A1
Locality Swords
flow Dysentery
Locality Iserlohn - Letmathe
Junction (45)  Iserlohn-Letmathe A46
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Replaced by A46
Junction (46)  Iserlohn- Oestrich A46
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
Junction Iserlohn-Oestrich (south)
Expressway end End of the highway
Locality Iserlohn Greens
Locality Nachrodt-Wiblingwerde
Locality Altena
Locality Werdohl B229
Locality Plettenberg
Locality Finnentrop
Locality Lennestadt B55 B517
Locality Schmallenberg -GleidorfB511
tunnel (235 m)  Schmallenberg
Locality Winterberg B480
tunnel (168 m)  Herrloh
tunnel (230 m)  Waltenberg
Locality Hallenberg
Locality Bromskirchen
Locality Allendorf (Eder) B253
Locality Battenberg (Eder) B253
Locality Munchausen B252

The federal highway 236 (abbreviation: B 236 ) is an approximately 210 km long federal highway that runs mainly through North Rhine-Westphalia , but also partly in Hesse . It begins in the Westphalian district of Coesfeld near Olfen and runs through the eastern Ruhr area as well as the western and southern Sauerland , mainly in the Lennetal , and ends in the Ederbergland in the northern Hessian district of Marburg-Biedenkopf in Münchhausen .


The B 236, which is mainly laid out in a north-west-south-east direction, begins east of Olfen on the B 235 , crosses under the Dortmund-Ems Canal and runs southwest through Selm and Lünen . Between Luenen and the city boundary Dortmund / Schwerte is the B 236 B 236n as highway-like expanded, with the Wambeler tunnel (length: 1.420 m) and the tunnel Berghofen (1.310 m), the largest single structures. In this area, the B 236 represents the Autobahn 441 planned in the 1980s . At Schwerte, the Ruhr valley is crossed before the road crosses a ridge. Here the Unna district is left and the Märkische Kreis begins. The B 236 between Schwerte-Ergste and Iserlohn-Letmathe has been closed to motorcyclists on Saturdays and Sundays, public holidays, and from Monday to Friday from 5pm to 10pm.

At Iserlohn - Letmathe , the B 236 descends into the Lenne valley. As a bypass of Letmathe and Iserlohn- Oestrich there is a swivel over the A 46 and a high bridge over Oestrich. The path leads through the Lennetal through Nachrodt-Wiblingwerde and Altena to Werdohl , where the B 229 runs a short distance on the same route. After Plettenberg , the Olpe district begins with the towns of Finnentrop and Lennestadt .

From Schmallenberg the B 236 reaches the Hochsauerlandkreis . In 1997 the Schmallenberg tunnel (235 m) was put into operation. Since then, the B 236 no longer runs through the historic town center of Schmallenberg. The Lennetal is left behind Schmallenberg.

In winter mountain located since 1995 as part of a bypass past leading to the city Herrlohtunnel (168 m) mounted on a common portion of B 236 and B 480 is located, and extending under the center Walt mountain tunnel (230 m).

The last place in North Rhine-Westphalia is Hallenberg . On the Hessian side it goes through the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg with the villages of Bromskirchen , Allendorf and Battenberg . The B 236 runs along Wollmar and ends in Münchhausen on the B 252 .

State of development

At the Dortmund-Nordost motorway junction, the B 236 leads over the A 2 .

Most of the B 236 has one lane for each direction of travel. The motorway-like section between Lünen-Süd / B 54 and Dortmund-Aplerbecker Mark (southernmost section is no longer motorway-like) has two lanes in each direction.

In addition, there are some two-part sections:

  • Lünen-Kurt-Schumacher-Ring (both directions)
  • Bridge Datteln-Hamm Canal near Lünen to the connection to the motor vehicle road (towards the southwest)
  • A1 Schwerte to Schwerte-Freischütz (direction north)
  • Iserlohn-Grüne to A46IS-Oestrich (direction north)


The Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030 contains the following plans for the B 236:

  • The section in Lünen between the Datteln-Hamm Canal or the railway bridge and the start of the motor road is to be completely expanded to 2 + 2 lanes (urgent need).
  • The section between the Dortmund city limits (Aplerbecker Mark) and Schwerte ( A1) is also to be completely extended to 2 + 2 lanes and is already firmly planned.

In addition, the Lenne bridge in Nachrodt is to be replaced by a new building and the main road is to be swiveled a few hundred meters to the north.

Web links

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Individual evidence

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