Bundesstrasse 16

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Bundesstrasse 16 in Germany
Bundesstrasse 16
Course of the B 16
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Start of the street: Roding
( 49 ° 12 ′  N , 12 ° 29 ′  E )
End of street: Schwangau
( 47 ° 34 ′  N , 10 ° 43 ′  E )
Overall length: 340 km

State :


Development condition: see below
Course of the road
Free State of Bavaria
Cham district
Locality Roding - Altenkreith B85
Locality Roding -Wet
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
Schwandorf district
Motorway junction Walderbach
Motorway junction Nittenau- North
flow rain
Motorway junction Nittenau-South
Regensburg district
Motorway junction Bernhardswald -Hauzendorf
tunnel (210 m)  Bernhardswald tunnel
Motorway junction Bernhardswald
Motorway junction Wenzenbach
Motorway junction Gonnersdorf
Independent city of Regensburg
Motorway junction Haslbach industrial area
Motorway junction Regensburg -SallermühleB15
flow rain
Roundabout (38)  Regensburg-North A93
Expressway end Autobahn beginning replaced by A93
Regensburg district
Junction (45)  Regensburg-South A93
Motorway junction Großberg -North
Motorway junction Grossberg-South
parking spot Icon: Left RightIcon: Left Right parking spot
Motorway junction Graßlfing
District of Kelheim
Bypass Bad Abbach bypass 
Bypass Bypass  Saal an der Donau
Motorway junction Abensberg -East
flow Evenings
Motorway junction Abensberg-South B301
Bypass Neustadt - Mühlhausen bypass  B299
Bypass Münchsmünster bypass  B16a B300
Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm district
flow Ilm
Bypass Vohburg- Rockolding bypass 
Bypass Ernsgaden bypass 
Bypass Manching bypass 
Junction (63)  Manching A9 E45
flow Couple (Danube)Template: AB / Maintenance / Parameter 5
Motorway junction Manching- Oberstimm B13
District-free city of Ingolstadt
Bypass Center bypass 
Bypass Zuchering bypass 
Bypass Hagau bypass 
District of Neuburg-Schrobenhausen
Bypass Weichering bypass 
flow Friedberger Oh
Motorway junction Neuburg- Zell
Bypass Neuburg an der Donau bypass 
Motorway junction Neuburg- Oberhausen
Bypass Burgheim- Straß bypass
Motorway junction Burgheim
Donau-Ries district
Bypass Rain bypass 
flow Lech
Bypass Genderkingen bypass 
Motorway junction B2
Motorway junction Donauwörth- Nordheim
flow Schmutter
flow Together
flow Danube
Bypass Donauwörth bypass 
Locality Tapfheim
District of Dillingen on the Danube
Locality Schwenningen
Locality Höchstädt on the Danube
Bypass Dillingen bypass  on the Danube
Bypass Lauingen bypass 
Bypass Gundelfingen bypass  on the Danube
Motorway junction B492
flow Brenz
District of Günzburg
flow Danube
Locality Gunzburg B10
Junction (67)  Gunzburg A8 E52
Locality Kötz
Locality Ichenhausen - Hochwang
Locality Ichenhausen
Locality Neuburg ad Kammel - Wattenweiler
Locality Krumbach (Swabia) B300
Locality Niederraunau
Locality Aletshausen
District of Unterallgäu
Locality Breitenbrunn - Loppenhausen
Locality Pfaffenhausen
flow Mindel
Locality Hausen
Bypass Mindelheim bypass 
Junction (19)  Mindelheim A96 E54
Locality Dirlewang - Helchenried
District of Ostallgäu
Locality Baisweil - Lauchdorf
Locality Ingenried
Independent city of Kaufbeuren
Locality Kaufbeuren
District of Ostallgäu
Bypass Biessenhofen bypass 
flow Wertach
Motorway junction Marktoberdorf -NorthB12
Locality Marktoberdorf B472
Locality Marktoberdorf -Rieder
Bypass Stötten bypass  a. Auerberg
Locality Stötten a. Auerberg - Steinbach
Bypass Roßhaupten bypass 
Bypass Bypass  vineyards a. Forggensee
Locality Feet B310
flow Lech
crossing Schwangau B17

The federal highway 16 (abbreviation B 16 ) is a German federal highway in Bavaria . It leads from the Bavarian Forest in Eastern Bavaria to Füssen on the southwestern edge of the state.

Previous streets and names

It used to be Reichsstrasse 16. This had almost the same route as Bundesstraße 16.


Beginning as a junction from the B 85 at the Altenkreith district of Rodingen (near Cham ), the road runs in a south-westerly direction via the major cities of Regensburg and Ingolstadt along the Danube to Günzburg . From Roding to Regensburg it has been developed without intersections and was sometimes referred to as the B 16n there . From Günzburg via Krumbach , Mindelheim and Kaufbeuren to Füssen, it continues south. It joins the B 17 just south-east of Füssen . In the early 1950s, the B 16 only ran between Regensburg and Günzburg. At Bad Abbach , at a narrow point on the banks of the Danube, you pass the lion monument , erected in the 18th century in memory of the difficult expansion of the previous street there.

Bundesstrasse 16 near Günzburg. The Danube Bridge can be seen in the background.
Bundesstrasse 16 near Günzburg. Turn left to Bundesstraße 10 in the direction of Augsburg.

Cities on the B 16

B 16 (new)

The Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development is trying to develop the B 16 between Regensburg and Günzburg as a trunk road with no through-town traffic. Numerous bypasses were built for this purpose, so that as of 2015 only the Höchstädt - Donauwörth section with through town roads still exists. Currently in planning:

  • Höchstädt bypass : On December 21, 2009 the decision of the Federal Ministry of Transport about the future route was announced. Accordingly, the north / water protection area is to be implemented. The preliminary draft plan was presented on February 28, 2011. The bypass has a planned length of 7.0 km and is to be built in three lanes with changing overtaking opportunities. The start of the plan approval procedure is planned for the beginning of 2016.
  • Tapfheim and Schwenningen bypass : preparatory planning
  • Expansion between Gundelfingen and Günzburg : A three-lane expansion of the B16 is not expected before 2017.
  • Expansion in Upper Bavaria in the districts of Neuburg-Schrobenhausen and Pfaffenhofen adIlm: In the current Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030, a four-lane expansion of the B16 between the district town of Neuburg on the Danube and the A9 near Manching is urgently required. The Manching motorway junction is to be converted into a powerful four-leaf clover. The accident-prone confluence of the St2335 into the B 16 east of Manching is to be rebuilt with a bridge structure free of height. In the further course between Manching and the administrative district border near Münchsmünster, further three-lane expansions at Birkenheide and Münchsmünster are planned to close gaps.

State of development

The development of the B 16 is structured as follows:

section Stripes Dividing strip comment
B85Roding - CHA 23 Walderbach 2 No  
CHA 23 Walderbach -A93Regensburg-Nord 2 or 2 + 1 No crossing free
A93 Regensburg-Süd - Bad Abbach 2 No crossing free
Bad Abbach - Hall on the Danube 2 No  
Hall on the Danube - St 2232 Ernsgaden 2 or 2 + 1 No crossing free
St 2232 Ernsgaden -A9Manching 2 or 2 + 1 No some junctions free of intersections
A9Manching - St 2035 Neuburg / Danube 2 or 2 + 1 No some junctions free of intersections (4-lane expansion planned)
St 2035 Neuburg / Donau -B17Schwangau 2 No some junctions free of intersections

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