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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the Walderbach community
Map of Germany, position of the municipality Walderbach highlighted

Coordinates: 49 ° 11 '  N , 12 ° 23'  E

Basic data
State : Bavaria
Administrative region : Upper Palatinate
County : Cham
Management Community : Walderbach
Height : 369 m above sea level NHN
Area : 34.1 km 2
Residents: 2253 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 66 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 93194
Area code : 09464
License plate : CHA, KÖZ, ROD , WÜM
Community key : 09 3 72 170
Community structure: 25 districts
Address of the
municipal administration:
Franz-Xaver-Witt-Str. 2
93194 Walderbach
Website : www.walderbach.de
Mayor : Michael Schwarzfischer (Free Voters Bavaria)
Location of the municipality of Walderbach in the district of Cham
Lohberg (Bayern) Lam Arrach Hohenwarth (Landkreis Cham) Grafenwiesen Neukirchen beim Heiligen Blut Eschlkam Furth im Wald Gleißenberg Arnschwang Bad Kötzting Rimbach (Oberpfalz) Blaibach Waldmünchen Treffelstein Tiefenbach (Oberpfalz) Rötz Schönthal (Oberpfalz) Weiding (Landkreis Cham) Chamerau Miltach Willmering Stamsried Pösing Zandt Traitsching Chamerau Runding Cham (Oberpfalz) Pemfling Waffenbrunn Schorndorf (Oberpfalz) Michelsneukirchen Roding Walderbach Reichenbach (Landkreis Cham) Rettenbach (Oberpfalz) Falkenstein (Oberpfalz) Zell (Oberpfalz) Wald (Oberpfalz) Tschechien Landkreis Schwandorf Landkreis Regen Landkreis Straubing-Bogen Landkreis Regensburgmap
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Walderbach is a municipality in the Upper Palatinate district of Cham and the seat of the Walderbach administrative community .



Walderbach is located on the Regen River , 28 kilometers (as the crow flies) northeast of Regensburg and 14 kilometers southwest of the district town of Cham .

Community structure

The municipality of Walderbach has 25 districts:

There are the districts Dieberg, Haus, Katzenrohrbach, Kirchenrohrbach and Walderbach.


Until the church is planted

Walderbach belonged to the Amberg Rent Office and the Wetterfeld Regional Court of the Electorate of Bavaria . The Walderbach monastery was first mentioned in 1143 when the Augustinian canons' monastery was donated to the Cistercian order. It had an open court market here . The Cistercian monastery was dissolved in the course of secularization in 1803.

Today's community was created with the community edict of 1818 .


In 1945 or 1946, the previously independent municipality of Katzenrohrbach and parts of the dissolved municipality of Buchendorf were incorporated. As part of the municipal reform , the surrounding municipalities of Abtsried, Dieberg, Haus and Kirchenrohrbach were incorporated on July 1, 1971. With the neighboring community of Reichenbach , Walderbach forms an administrative community whose headquarters are in Walderbach. On March 1, 2005, a part of the community-free area Einsiedler and Walderbacher Forst (the district of Sollbach) was incorporated into the Schwandorf district . With the dissolution of this community-free area on November 1, 2013, an even larger piece was added to the community area. On January 1, 2017, part of the former community-free area of Eastern Neubäuer Forest was incorporated.

Population development

year 1961 1970 1987 1991 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015
Residents 1511 1557 1731 1883 2011 2058 2098 2094 2088

Between 1988 and 2018 the municipality grew from 1,751 to 2,223 by 472 inhabitants or by 27%.


Municipal council

The municipal council consists of 14 honorary council members and the first mayor. The municipal council election on March 15, 2020 led to the following result:

Political party Share of votes Seats
CSU 24.74% 3
Free voters / Free voters Walderbach 30.77% 4th
Free voters in the rain valley 25.40% 4th
Independent voters Walderbach 19.09% 3


Acting First Mayor is Michael Schwarzfischer (Free Voters Bavaria | Free Voters); he was elected on March 15, 2020 with 68.1% of the valid votes. His predecessor was Josef Höcherl (Free Voters in Regental) from May 2008 to April 2020.

The second mayor is Andreas Rogalski, the third mayor is Beate Fink.

coat of arms

Coat of arms Walderbach.png

Blazon: Split; in front in silver over a blue cross river a green, rooted conifer, behind in red, a silver sloping beam covered with three red roses. The coat of arms has been in use since 1951.

Culture and sights

Walderbach am Regen Monastery


There are a large number of architectural monuments in Walderbach.




According to official statistics, there were 258 employees at the place of work in the manufacturing sector and 168 in the retail, hospitality and transport sectors. There were a total of 948 employees at the place of residence subject to social security contributions. There was one company in the manufacturing sector and eleven companies in the main construction sector. In 2010 there were 49 farms with an agricultural area totaling 1144 hectares, of which 679 hectares were arable land and 465 hectares were permanent green space.


There is a kindergarten with 80 places and 70 children (as of 2020).

In the Franz-Xaver-Witt-Grund- und Mittelschule Walderbach a total of 186 students were taught by twelve full-time teachers in 2018/2019, 141 of them in the primary school by nine teachers.


  • Chamer Zeitung (circulation: 10,215 total) - regional edition of the Straubinger Tagblatt / Landshuter Zeitung
  • Bayerwald-Echo (circulation: 16,170 total) - regional edition of the Mittelbayerische Zeitung
  • Rain indicator
  • Bulletin of the community

Sons and daughters of the church


  • Heribert Batzl: Walderbach. From the history of a Cistercian monastery in Upper Palatinate . Walderbach 1988, series of publications Kreismuseum Walderbach - 5, ZDB -ID 2227946-5 .

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