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Franz Johann Joseph von Reilly : The duchy of the Upper Palatinate southern care courts
Franz Johann Joseph von Reilly: The Duchy of Upper Palatinate Northern nursing courts

The Amberg Rent Office, with its seat in Amberg, existed from 1628 to 1802 and, along with Munich , Landshut , Straubing and Burghausen, was one of the five administrative districts of the Duchy and later of the Electorate of Bavaria that had won the Upper Palatinate . Between 1802 and 1919 the rent office was a pure financial authority and thus a forerunner of today's tax office .

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The Amberg Rent Office, whose area corresponded to that of the Duchy of Upper Palatinate (also the Principality of the Upper Palatinate), was divided into two main parts. To the southern main part belonged the care courts Amberg, Bruck, Freudenberg, Haimburg, Hirschau, Nabburg, Neunburg vor dem Wald, Pfaffenhofen, Murach, Retz, Rieden, Treswitz-Tännesberg, Waldmünchen and Wetterfeld; to the northern part the nursing courts Auerbach, Bernau, Eschenbach, Grafenwöhr, Hartenstein, Hollenberg and Kirchentumbach, the caste office Kemnath , the district court Waldeck and the rulership of Rothenberg. In addition, smaller parts were located within the area of ​​the imperial city of Nuremberg.


The rent offices emerged as administrative authorities from the earlier caste offices that served the administration of the sovereign chamber property. The Vitztumsämter were also converted into rent offices in 1507 as part of a major administrative reform after the Landshut War of Succession (1504/05), which in Bavaria were responsible for legal, administrative and military tasks in addition to financial management. The rent offices were the "intermediate authorities" between the regional courts of the lower level and the central authorities in the capital.

In the Thirty Years' War , with the defeat of Frederick V, the electoral Palatinate rule over the Upper Palatinate ended when the area was occupied by Bavarian troops in 1621 and Duke Maximilian I of Bavaria was appointed imperial commissioner. From 1628 the "Principality of the Upper Palatinate" officially became part of the Bavarian State Association. The Amberg Rent Office was created as the Duchy of Bavaria's fifth rent office for the Upper Palatinate.

Minister Montgelas had the rent offices in Bavaria, as part of his extensive administrative reforms, converted back into pure financial authorities in 1802, each of which was headed by a rent official (later: rent official). After the First World War , the tax offices in the Kingdom of Bavaria became the tax offices as Reich authorities in the course of the introduction of the Reich Finance Administration in 1919 .


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