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Wilhelm Volkert (born February 26, 1928 in Munich ; † August 1, 2020 ) was a German historian and archivist .

The son of a senior civil servant spent the first years of his life in Munich. In 1932 the family went to Middle Franconia , where his father was transferred. In 1942 the family returned to Munich. At the age of sixteen he was a flak helper towards the end of the Second World War and was taken prisoner by the Americans , which he spent in one of the Rhine meadow camps . After returning from captivity, he first made up his Abitur and in 1947 began studying history, German and geography at the University of Munich .

Volkert received his doctorate in 1952 at the Philosophical Faculty with a thesis on the Bavarian Duke Stephan II and then joined the Bavarian state archives service. In 1957 he went to Amberg for three years . In the archive service he rose to the position of archive director. In 1962 he became a member of the Swabian Research Association . In 1978 he became professor for Bavarian regional history at the University of Regensburg and taught there until his retirement in 1994. He became a member of the commission for Bavarian regional history . His academic students included Dirk Götschmann , Johannes Laschinger and Wolfgang Schmidt .

His main research interests were the history of the Middle Ages, the regional history of southern Germany and especially Bavaria in the Middle Ages and modern times. Volkert gained greater prominence through the publication of the leading articles by Ludwig Thoma in the Miesbacher Anzeiger .



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