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Dirk Götschmann (* 1948 in Heidelberg ) is a German historian who mainly deals with the history of Bavaria .

From 2000 to October 2013 Götschmann was Professor of Modern and Contemporary History, taking into account Bavarian regional history, at the Julius Maximilians University of Würzburg . He has published numerous publications, primarily on Bavarian administrative and economic history and the history of parliamentarism in Bavaria.

Götschmann initially completed technical training; On the second educational path he made up his Abitur in 1973 and then studied history and English to become a teacher at the University of Regensburg . He passed the state examination and the legal clerkship and then went from 1982 as an assistant to the chair for Bavarian regional history at the University of Regensburg. In 1984 he received his doctorate with a dissertation on the Upper Palatinate coal and steel industry in the 16th and 17th centuries, which was awarded the Professor Josef Engert Prize (1984) of the city of Regensburg.

Götschmann then continued to work on topics relating to Bavarian economic, technical, social and administrative history. In 1990 he presented his habilitation thesis on the "Bavarian Ministry of the Interior 1825-1964", which was published in 1993 as a book in the series of publications of the Historical Commission at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences .

In 1991 Götschmann received the license to teach the subject of modern and contemporary history . In 2000 he was appointed to the University of Würzburg. In 2010 he published an extensive economic history of Bavaria in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Publications (selection)

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  • Bavarian parliamentarism in the pre-March period. The Assembly of Estates of the Kingdom of Bavaria 1819–1848 , Düsseldorf: Droste, 2002, ISBN 3-7700-5248-X (= Handbook of the History of German Parliamentarism ).
  • The Kuchenreuter and their guild members. The gunmaking trade in Upper Palatinate from its beginnings to around 1850 , Regensburg: Mittelbayerische Druck- und Verlags-Gesellschaft, 1995, 2nd edition, ISBN 3-927529-70-2 .
  • The Bavarian Ministry of the Interior 1825-1864. Organization and function, civil service and political influence of a central authority in the constitutional monarchy , Göttingen: Vandenhoeck and Ruprecht, 1993, also: University of Regensburg, habilitation thesis 1990, ISBN 3-525-36040-1 (= series of publications of the historical commission at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences , Vol. 48).
  • Würzburg 1814–1869. In: Ulrich Wagner (Hrsg.): History of the city of Würzburg. 4 volumes; Volume III / 1–2: From the transition to Bavaria to the 21st century. Stuttgart: Theiss, 2007, ISBN 978-3-8062-1478-9 , pp. 25–57 and 1249–1253.

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