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Bundesstrasse 402 in Germany
Bundesstrasse 402
 European Road 233 number DE.svg
Course of the B 402
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Overall length: 55 km

State :

Development condition: 2–4 lanes
Course of the road
Locality Fürstenau B214
Locality Bippen- Vechtel
Locality Handrup
Locality Race
Locality Haselünne B213 E233
Junction Haselünne -Nord
Junction Haselünne -Northeast
Junction Haselünne -Northwest
Junction Haselünne -West
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
Junction Meppen B70
Junction Meppen surcharges
node (21)  Meppen A31
Junction Twist - Schöninghsdorf
EU border crossing Schöninghsdorf border crossing
Netherlands Further on A37 E233

The federal highway 402 (abbreviation: B 402 ) is an approximately 55 kilometer long federal highway in Lower Saxony . The section from the B 213 near Haselünne to the German-Dutch border in Twist is part of the European route 233 .

The B 402 leads from Fürstenau ( B 214 ) to the northwest via Wettrup and Handrup ( joint municipality of Lengerich ), crosses the B 213 in Haselünne and then runs west. In Meppen , as a northern bypass, it leads extensively around the city center and crosses the B 70 . In the further course it meets the A 31 and then reaches the Netherlands . There it merges into the Dutch A 37 motorway, southeast of Emmen .

The 7.5 km long section from the German-Dutch border to the A 31 was expanded to four lanes and opened to traffic on August 11, 2007.


In the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2003, the project is to expand the B 402, B 213 and B 72 on the route west of Meppen (A 31) to west of Cloppenburg ( B 68 ) from two to four lanes with a total length of 61.0 kilometers and 218 , 3 million euros total costs included in further requirements.

The districts of Emsland and Cloppenburg have already started planning. The project is divided into eight planning sections, three of which concern the B 402. The first planning section is 11.0 kilometers long and is located between the Meppen junction (A 31) and the junction with the B 70 . As part of the preliminary investigation, the addition of a southern carriageway and the expansion of three junctions (A 31, Neuversener Straße and B 70) were worked out as a preferred solution, which was agreed with the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development in March 2012 and then presented to the public . The second planning phase covers a length of around 11.5 kilometers and begins east of the B 70 junction and ends in the Haselünne-West junction. In the area of ​​the Dürenkämpe and Schleper settlements and northwest of Haselünne, deviations from the existing route are necessary. As part of route investigations, preferred variants were also worked out here, agreed with the Federal Ministry and presented to the public in February and September 2012. Overall, a junction is planned for the section (AS Meppen-Bokeloh ). The third planning section with around 14.5 kilometers is located between Haselünne-West (Gut Sautmannshausen) and the Emsland / Cloppenburg district border east of Herzlake . The planned route will meet the existing road north of Haselünne again and will continue on it until shortly before the Haselünne - Lähden road . A northern bypass is then planned for Haselünne parents. To the east of parents, the route will reach the old B 213. A total of two junctions are planned to the northwest and northeast of Haselünne. In January 2012 the results of the preliminary investigation were presented to the public.

There is resistance to the entire project. The association " Verkehrswende Cloppenburg-Emsland" is committed to the planned project. In particular, the opponents argue that the route has already been expanded to meet demand and that there is no discernible economic benefit for the region. In addition, the route cuts through unique landscapes, endangered animal and plant species worthy of protection and agriculture. Additional pollution and noise emissions can also be expected.

Waters crossed


Before the construction of the north bypass in Meppen, the B 402 ran north from Meppen on the route of the B 70 to Haren -Emmeln and from there further west to the Dutch border at Haren-Rütenbrock. Today the section between Emmeln and the Netherlands is the B 408 .

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