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Peat barge on the south-north canal around 1900

The south-north canal (abbreviation: SNK) is a canal in the Lower Saxony counties of Grafschaft Bentheim and Emsland .


The canal is part of the Left Ems canal network , which was built between 1871 and 1904. In addition to transporting goods for ships with a load capacity of 200 tons, the canal also served to drain the moors . Today the canal is no longer navigable and is only used for drainage.


The canal had seven locks with a size of 33 × 6.5 m, the barges could hold up to 27 × 5.5 m. The profile in the southern part to Georgsdorf was 8.5 m at the bottom and 16 m at the surface with a depth of 1.8 m. In the northern part up to the Haren-Rütenbrock Canal the floor was only 6.5 m wide and the mirror 16 m wide. The ships were propelled by sails or towing , later also by steam power.


The south-north canal is part of the left- hemisphere canals . The Left Ems canals begin with the Ems-Vechte Canal , which is fed by the Ems , runs from Lingen to Nordhorn and has a descent structure to the local river Vechte as its end point . The descent structure or the multi-chamber lock ( Nordhorn coupling lock ) serves today as a relief structure; it was not used for shipping at the time. The connecting canal , which is separated from the Vechte by a lock, branches off from the Ems-Vechte Canal in the Nordhorn urban area . After crossing the Vechte, the Nordhorn-Almelo Canal then leads to the Dutch border. The Frensdorfer Haar lock is the border marker for the Nordhorn-Almelo Canal .

The south-north canal branches off from the Ems-Vechte canal in the North Horn district of Deegfeld. It runs according to its flow gradient starting in Nordhorn (southernmost point) and ends for irrigation or as the confluence of the Haren-Rütenbrock Canal in Rütenbrock . The length of the south-north canal is 45.6 km; it has seven locks. At the level of the municipality of Georgsdorf , the Piccardie-Coevorden Canal branches off towards the west or the Netherlands. In the Schöninghsdorf part of the municipality - Twist municipality - the Schöninghsdorf-Hoogeveen Canal branches off from the South-North Canal, which is dammed on the German-Dutch border. It runs parallel to the Ems along its entire length; its northern part lies parallel to the Dutch Compascuum Canal .


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