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Clearance of a drainage ditch in Mecklenburg in 1951
Porta Rosa, ancient Greek street from the 4th to 3rd centuries BC The street is paved with limestone blocks. There are drainage channels on both sides for the drainage of rainwater.

Drainage is a term used in water management , equally in the area of national culture .

In addition to natural drainage, drainage means the targeted removal of water through artificial and natural facilities. It will be between open (. Eg drainage channel , moat , drainage capability and receiving water) and closed drainage (z. B. water pipe , Downpipe ) distinguished. In the case of closed drainage, there is pressureless and pressurized drainage.

The term drying is used to delimit the extraction of water by means of evaporation (e.g. from mud, clothing, masonry) .

The term is mainly used in the following contexts:


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