Bundesstrasse 2a

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Bundesstrasse 2a in Germany
Bundesstrasse 2a
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Overall length: 0 km
  of which in planning: approx. 11 km

State :

Status: part of B2
End of B2 at Schwabach.jpg
End of the B 2 at
the Schwabach-Roth interchange
Course of the road
node Nuremberg harbor cross A73
Junction N-Eibach
Junction N-port south
Junction Nuremberg-Reichelsdorf
Junction Schwabach-Wolkersdorf
Junction Schwabach-Limbach / N-Katzwang
node (57)  Schwabach- Roth A6 E50

The federal highway 2a (abbreviation: B 2a ) is a planned federal highway in Germany.


Since the mid-1980s, the expansion of federal highway 2 beyond the unfinished Schwabach - Roth motorway junction of the A 6 has been planned. This is highly controversial among the population, as the planned route through the Rednitz lowlands would destroy unique valley and natural landscapes in the opinion of the BUND .

With the implementation of the expansion plan, the city of Schwabach would be bypassed, which would result in a significant reduction in traffic in the city center. The route would then lead as B 2a over the clover-leaf interchange to Limbach, Nürnberg- Katzwang and N- Reichelsdorf on the Frankenschnellweg already provided for this connection , from there via the interchange N-Hafen to the A73 .

This route was initially planned as the A 77 , but its implementation was postponed in favor of the expansion or new construction of the federal road from Roth to Schwabach. To distinguish it from the old section (see below), this planned route also bears the designation B 2a (new) . In July 2004 the German Bundestag and the Bundesrat passed the new federal transport infrastructure plan without B 2a. Subsequently, in September 2004, the Bavarian State Government reported the Rednitz Valley from the Federal Motorway 6 along the entire route of the B 2a and on to Stein as a Natura 2000 (FFH) area via the Federal Government to the EU in Brussels. With regard to the 6-lane expansion of the A 6, the bridge over the B 2 was rebuilt further east as a junction. Thus the new building of the B 2a is no longer preserved.


Until 1995, B 2a was the name for a section between the Schwabach-Süd motorway junction and Roth of today's B 2 , which was initially opened under this name. This section was rededicated in 1995 and has since been the actual B 2. The original route from Schwabach via Rednitzhembach and Pfaffenhofen to Roth (urban area) is now graduated to State Road 2409. The name B 2a is still common among the population today.

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