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Bundesstrasse 252 in Germany
Bundesstrasse 252
Course of the B 252
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Overall length: approx. 160 km

State :

Course of the road
Bypass Blomberg bypass  B1
Bypass Schieder-Schwalenberg - Wöbbel bypass 
Bypass Steinheim bypass  B239
Bypass Nieheim bypass 
Bypass Nieheim- Holzhausen bypass
Bypass Brakel bypass  B64
Locality Brakel Rheder
Locality Brakel- Siddessen
Bypass Willebadessen - Niesen bypass 
bridge (168 m)  Niesen Viaduct
Bypass Willebadessen- Peckelsheim bypass
bridge (111 m)  Taufnethe Viaduct
Bypass Warburg - Hohenwepel bypass  B241
Bypass Warburg bypass B7
Junction (65)  Warburg A44
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty replaced by A44
Junction (64)  Diemelstadt A44
Bypass Diemelstadt bypass 
Bypass Schmillinghausen bypass 
Bypass Bad Arolsen bypass  B450
Locality Twist
Locality Berndorf
Bypass Korbach bypass  B251
Locality Vöhl - Dorfitter
Bypass Vöhl - Dorfitter bypass 
Locality Vöhl - Thalitter
Locality Vöhl - Herzhausen
flow Eder
Locality Vöhl - Kirchlotheim
Locality Vöhl - Schmittlotheim
Bypass Frankenberg (Eder) bypass  B253
Locality Bottendorf
Locality Burgwald -Ernsthausen
New building by the end of 2021
Bypass Münchhausen bypass B236
Bypass Münchhausen-Simtshausen bypass
Bypass Todenhausen bypass
Bypass Bypass weather (Hessen)
Bypass Niederwetter bypass
Bypass Lahntal-Göttingen bypass
Junction Lahntal-Göttingen B62
Locality Münchhausen (not applicable)B236
Locality Münchhausen-Simtshausen (not applicable)
Locality Todenhausen (not applicable)
Locality Wetter (Hessen) (not applicable)
Locality Low weather (not applicable)
Locality Lahntal - Göttingen (not applicable)B62

The federal highway 252 (abbreviation: B 252 ) has a length of about 160 km and leads from Blomberg via Diemelstadt , Korbach , Frankenberg (Eder) and Wetter to Lahntal-Göttingen near Marburg , where it joins the B 62 . Between Blomberg and Warburg , the B 252 is part of Ostwestfalenstrasse . The federal highway is particularly interesting as an abbreviation for truck drivers who want to drive from the East Westphalian-Lippe region in the direction of Frankfurt. The route is much shorter than the connection via Kassel , which leads to Frankfurt via the A 44 , A 7 and A 5 . For this reason, a night driving ban for transit trucks over 12 tons was set up until 2006 to protect the residents, which was in effect from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. From 2006, there was a general ban on through traffic from 12 tons on the Lahntal-Diemelstadt section , as the truck toll was often bypassed on this route. Signs about the prohibition are already shortly before the Diemelstadt exit in the north and in front of the Gambacher Kreuz near Gießen and Marburg and at every confluence with the B 252 between Diemelstadt and Lahntal-Göttingen. Since March 15, 2010, there is a night driving ban for trucks over 3.5 tons on this section.

Bypass roads

Bypass roads in NRW

B 252 bypass roads in NRW exist in:

The Brakeler districts Rheder and Siddessen do not have a bypass . They were included in the further requirements of the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2003 with a high ecological risk. North Rhine-Westphalia did not register it for inclusion in the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030, as, in addition to the high risks, a low cost-benefit ratio was expected.

Bypass roads in Hessen

B 252 bypass roads in Hessen exist in:

The places Twiste, Berndorf, Dorfitter , Herzhausen (Vöhl) , Kirchlotheim , Bottendorf, Ernsthausen, Münchhausen, Simtshausen, Wetter, Niederwetter and Lahntal-Göttingen do not (yet) have a bypass road. The plans were disclosed in early 2011.

In some places there is no possibility of a bypass road due to mountains or rivers.

The Berndorf bypass is included in the 2016 amendment to the Federal Highway Code as a further requirement with planning rights ; the Twiste bypass was granted the status of urgent need . The construction of the bypass around Dorfitter in the large municipality of Vöhl began in August 2017, is to be completed at the end of 2022 Template: future / in 2 yearsand is therefore in the status of ongoing and fixed in the trunk road expansion law .

The Frankenberg-Marburg section contains a lot of protest signs from the residents in the respective places, due to the noise from the trucks. They are protesting for a bypass. Places with protest signs on the roadsides are among others

Earthworks 2017 in the Marburg-Biedenkopf district

At the beginning of 2013, after decades of planning , the Federal Ministry of Transport made the first funds available for the construction of a bypass for the towns from Münchhausen to Göttingen. In the long term, all through-roads between Marburg and Frankenberg are to be bypassed, thereby relieving the burden on the population, but also ensuring better connections to central and southern Hesse . The project is being carried out by Hessen Mobil , has been under construction since July 9, 2013 and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2024. The first construction phase between Wetter and Lahntal was opened to traffic on December 21, 2019, the second construction phase began on October 6, 2016 and is to be completed in its northern part near Münchhausen at the end of 2023 and in the south near Göttingen at the end of 2024 252 will then no longer meet the B 62 in Göttingen, but north of Goßfelden.

In May 2018, Hessen Mobil announced that the completion of the project previously planned for 2021 would be postponed by two years to the end of 2023. The reasons given include extensive revisions to the drainage planning and delays due to erosion phenomena. The further postponement to 2024 was established in 2019 with the complex detailed planning in the southern section.

The northern continuation of the new route in the municipality of Burgwald is to bypass Ernsthausen and is classified as an urgent need in the trunk road expansion law, which was amended in 2016, the Bottendorf bypass with planning rights in further need.

Changed history / replacements

The course of the B 252 was changed after the Willebadessen-Peckelsheim bypass was completed. The B 252 now follows the course of the so-called Ostwestfalenstraße to the Warburg junction of the A 44 . The B 252 will be replaced by the A 44 Kassel-Dortmund between Warburg and Diemelstadt . From Diemelstadt-Rhoden on, it is back to normal. The old route from Peckelsheim via Löwen , Ikenhausen (all 3 Willebadessen districts), Warburg- Bonenburg and past Warburg- Scherfede (bypass road) to AS Diemelstadt of the A 44 has been downgraded to L 837.

Current state of development

The route from Blomberg to the Warburg junction of the A 44 is continuously developed with at least one wide shoulder. In the area of ​​the Nieheim-Holzhausen bypass, the road has been expanded to 3 lanes since December 2009. From the junction with the B 7 near Warburg to the motorway , the route has also been expanded to 3 lanes since November 2008. In the long term, the B 252 is to be rebuilt from Steinheim to the Autobahn to consist of 3 lanes.

Speed ​​measurements

According to a Spiegel article, there are 14 surveillance devices in Wetter (Hessen) over a distance of 23 km. A 30-time change of the permissible maximum speed including changing validity times easily leads to speed violations by mistake. The fines amount to around EUR 1.2 million annually.

Individual evidence

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