Bundesstrasse 505

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Bundesstrasse 505 in Germany
Bundesstrasse 505
Course of the B 505
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Overall length: 22.6 km

State :

Course of the road
Junction (79)  Pommersfelden (km 0.0) A3
Junction Pommersfelden (km 1.8)
Junction Zentbechhofen / Herrnsdorf (km 8.0)
Junction Sassanfahrt -Erlach / Hirschaid (km 14.1)
Junction Pettstadt (km 20.4 km)
flow Regnitz
bridge via the Strullendorf – Schlüsselfeld railway line
flow Main-Danube Canal
bridge via the Nuremberg – Bamberg railway line
Junction Strullendorf (km 22.2) B22(formerly B4)
Junction (24)  Bamberg- South (km 22.6)A73
  • Under construction
  • In planning
  • The federal highway 505 (abbreviation: B 505 ) is a German federal highway in Bavaria northwest of Nuremberg . It runs from the Pommersfelden junction of the A 3 (officially from Höchstadt an der Aisch ) to Bamberg . It used to lead to Bayreuth , but was replaced by the 73 and 70 motorways .

    History and planning

    Bundesstraße 505 was built in the mid-1960s to provide a fast connection from the then new Nuremberg-Frankfurt am Main motorway (now the A3 ) to the northeast (Bamberg and Bayreuth). Until the four-lane expansion to the A 70 in the 1990s , the federal highway 505 continued to Bayreuth / Kulmbach to the A 9 . The remaining part of the federal highway 505 was to be expanded to the federal highway 731, which never happened. In the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2003, however, the four-lane expansion of the B 505 is still included, classified as an additional requirement .

    Expansion by 2020

    The line will be expanded to three lanes according to the 2 + 1 system by 2020, as it is an important diversion route between the A 73 (Nuremberg-Suhl) and the A 3 (Würzburg-Nuremberg). It is planned to integrate the route into the route control and thus actively direct the traffic if it is on the A3 between the Pommersfelden junction and the Fürth / Erlangen junction or on the A 73 between the Bamberg-Süd junction and the Fürth / AK Erlangen comes to traffic delays. Safe overtaking opportunities are being built along the entire route. The first section between Hirschaid and Pettstadt was a three-kilometer stretch that was approved since June 24, 2010. The second section north of the Pommersfelden junction (connection to the B 505) was released on December 7, 2012. In February 2015, the Bamberg State Building Authority announced the construction of another three-lane section including the Zentbechhofen / Herrnsdorf junction. This measure is planned for 2017/2018. A total of five expansion phases are planned. The two remaining are as follows: One south of the Hirschaid junction and one between the Pettstadt and Bamberg junctions.

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