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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the district of Bayreuth Map of Germany, position of the district of Bayreuth highlighted

Coordinates: 49 ° 53 '  N , 11 ° 34'  E

Basic data
State : Bavaria
Administrative region : Upper Franconia
Administrative headquarters : Bayreuth
Area : 1,273.74 km 2
Residents: 103,664 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 81 inhabitants per km 2
License plate : BT, EBS , ESB , KEM , MÜB , PEG
Circle key : 09 4 72
Circle structure: 33 municipalities
Address of the
district administration:
Markgrafenallee 5
95448 Bayreuth
Website :
District Administrator : Florian Wiedemann (Free Voters)
Location of the district of Bayreuth in Bavaria
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The district of Bayreuth is located in the southeast of the Bavarian administrative district of Upper Franconia . The independent city of Bayreuth is completely surrounded by the district.

The district was formed in 1972 from the districts of Bayreuth, Pegnitz and areas of four dissolved small districts.

The district is a member of the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region .



The district includes Franconian Switzerland in the south and west with numerous caves , including the Teufelshöhle and the Sophienhöhle . In the middle lies the Upper Main hill country , which takes its name from the Red Main . It rises south of Bayreuth and flows in a north-westerly direction to unite with the White Main west of Kulmbach . In the east, the district has a share of the Fichtelgebirge , at the highest point of which, the Schneeberg , the district area reaches up to about 960 meters above sea level.

Neighboring areas

The district borders (clockwise, starting in the northwest) on the districts of Lichtenfels , Kulmbach , Hof , Wunsiedel in the Fichtelgebirge , Tirschenreuth , Neustadt an der Waldnaab , Amberg-Sulzbach , Nürnberger Land , Forchheim and Bamberg .


Regional courts

The majority of today's district area was part of the Margraviate Bayreuth until 1806 . This belonged temporarily to France until 1810 and was sold to the Kingdom of Bavaria in 1810 .

As early as 1804 , a district court was established in Pottenstein , which had belonged to the Bamberg monastery until 1802 . In 1812 the district court districts of Bayreuth , Pegnitz and Weidenberg followed . The seat of the Pegnitz district court was in Schnabelwaid until 1842 . Bayreuth had already become a city in the immediate vicinity of a district in 1812 . The district court districts and Bayreuth initially belonged to the Obermainkreis , from 1838 to Upper Franconia .

District Offices

The district office of Bayreuth was formed in 1862 through the merger of the regional courts of the older order of Bayreuth and Weidenberg. Likewise, the district courts of the older order Pegnitz and Pottenstein were combined to form the Pegnitz district office .

On October 1, 1929, the communities of Bärnreuth, Berneck , Bischofsgrün , Brandholz, Escherlich , Gefrees , Goldkronach , Goldmühl , Leisau, Lützenreuth , Metzlersreuth , Nemmersdorf, Neudorf, Rimlas and Wülfersreuth of the disbanded Berneck district office were incorporated into the Bayreuth district office. Gefrees, Lützenreuth and Metzlersreuth moved from these communities to the Münchberg district office on July 1, 1931 .


On January 1, 1939, as everywhere in the German Reich, the designation district was introduced. So the district offices became the districts of Bayreuth and Pegnitz.

On April 1, 1939, the city of Bayreuth received the municipalities of Sankt Johannis , Colmdorf and Meyernberg of the district. On January 1, 1972, the district ceded the municipalities of Oberkonnersreuth and Laineck to the city of Bayreuth.

Bayreuth district

During the regional reform in Bavaria on July 1, 1972, the district of Bayreuth (with the exception of the municipalities of Laineck and Oberkonnersreuth , which came to the city of Bayreuth), most of the district of Pegnitz and parts of the district of Münchberg (area of ​​today's city of Gefrees in the northeast ), Ebermannstadt (communities Aufseß and Plankenfels in the west), Kulmbach (Bad Berneck area in the north), Eschenbach in the Upper Palatinate (district Penzenreuth of the city of Pegnitz in the south) and Kemnath ( Mehlmeisel , Wirbenz, Haidenaab, Guttenthau and Plössen, districts of the community Speicherersdorf and the location Speichersdorf itself in the east) formed the new district of Bayreuth. Bayreuth itself remained independent and the seat of the enlarged district.

On July 1, 1976, the district ceded the communities of Aichig, Oberpreuschwitz , Seulbitz and Thiergarten , and on May 1, 1978 Wolfsbach to the city of Bayreuth.

Population development

Population development in the Bayreuth district since 1840

From 1988 to 2008 the district of Bayreuth grew by approx. 9,400 inhabitants or by almost ten percent. However, from 2004 onwards, after a peak of over 109,000 inhabitants, the trend declined. In the period from 1988 to 2018, the district grew from 97,519 to 103,656 by 6,137 inhabitants or 6.3%. A peak was reached on December 31, 2003 with 109,404 inhabitants.

The following figures refer to the territorial status on May 25, 1987.

Population development
year 1840 1900 1939 1950 1961 1970 1987 1991 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015
Residents 70,548 68.035 71,380 101.092 92,733 97.104 96,772 102,976 107,499 109,124 108,724 106.102 104.306

Economy and Transport

In the Future Atlas 2016 , the district of Bayreuth was ranked 276 out of 402 districts, municipal associations and independent cities in Germany, making it one of the regions with a “balanced risk-opportunity mix” for the future.



The district capital of Upper Franconia received the first rail connection in 1853 by the Neuenmarkt-Bayreuth Railway to the Ludwig-Süd-Nord-Bahn , opened in 1848 , which only touched the district area at the former Falls station.

Exactly ten years later, on December 1, 1863, the Bayerische Ostbahnen AG reached Bayreuth from Weiden. In 1877 the route of the Bavarian State Railways from Nuremberg via Schnabelwaid to Bayreuth was added, from which the main line to Marktredwitz has branched off in Schnabelwaid since 1878 , which in turn crosses the Ostbahn in Kirchenlaibach .

The local railways built around the turn of the century were also operated by the Bavarian State Railways.

The routes were created in the Fichtelgebirge:

From Bayreuth to Franconian Switzerland the routes:

Originally, lines of 214 km in length were used for passenger transport. All local railway lines have now been closed, but since January 2007 trains have been running again on the Bayreuth Hbf – Weidenberg section of the line to Warmensteinach. This leaves only 149 km for passenger transport.

The following routes have been closed:

  • 1973 Falls – Gefrees (five kilometers) and Thurnau – Altenplos – Bayreuth-Altstadt (21 km)
  • 1974 Bad Berneck – Bischofsgrün (10 km) and Bayreuth Hbf – Mistelgau – Hollfeld (33 km)
  • 1976 Neusorg – Brand – Unterlind – Fichtelberg (14 km)
  • 1993 Lanzendorf – Bad Berneck (4 km)
  • 2006 (Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg–) Schlömen – Lanzendorf (4 km)


The district runs through the federal highway 9 in north-south direction with the triangle Bayreuth / Kulmbach ( federal highway 70 ) on the district border and the exits 40b Bindlacher Berg , 43 Trockau , 44 Pegnitz, 45 Weidensee and 46 Plech; in between are exits 41 and 42 in the area of ​​the independent city of Bayreuth.


District administrators

District council

The district council consists of 60 members:

District election 2014 2008 2002
CSU 20th 22nd 25th
SPD 12 12 14th
Greens and Independent 5 4th 3
Free community of voters in the Bayreuth district 11 11 9
Boy list 5 5 4th
Electoral community of Bayreuth 6th 5 4th
FDP 1 1 -
Party free - - 1

coat of arms

Coat of arms of the district of Bayreuth
Blazon : "In the head of the shield there are awakening of white and blue, which points to Bavaria, underneath in silver a gold-armored red eagle with golden clover sticks on the wings."
Justification of the coat of arms: This is the Brandenburg eagle, a reference to the former Hohenzollern Margraviate of Brandenburg-Bayreuth.


(Population figures on December 31, 2019)



Unregulated areas

Other communities

Administrative communities

  • Betzenstein
    (town of Betzenstein and Markt Plech)
  • Creußen
    (City of Creußen, Markt Schnabelwaid, municipalities of Haag and Prebitz)
  • Hollfeld
    (City of Hollfeld, communities Aufseß and Plankenfels)
  • Mistelbach
    (communities Gesees, Hummeltal and Mistelbach)
  • Mistelgau
    (communities Glashütten and Mistelgau)
  • Weidenberg
    (Markt Weidenberg, communities Emtmannsberg, Kirchenpingarten and Seybothenreuth)
Landkreis Nürnberger Land Bayreuth Bayreuth Landkreis Hof Landkreis Wunsiedel im Fichtelgebirge Landkreis Kulmbach Landkreis Lichtenfels Landkreis Bamberg Landkreis Forchheim Landkreis Tirschenreuth Landkreis Neustadt an der Waldnaab Landkreis Amberg-Sulzbach Prüll Warmensteinacher Forst-Nord Waidacher Forst Waidacher Forst Veldensteiner Forst Neubauer Forst-Nord Waischenfeld Bayreuth Heinersreuther Forst Glashüttener Forst Forst Neustädtlein am Forst Gemeindefreies Gebiet Fichtelberg Emtmannsberg Haag Seybothenreuth Creußen Warmensteinach Weidenberg Schnabelwaid Prebitz Plech Mistelgau Mistelbach (Oberfranken) Hummeltal Heinersreuth Goldkronach Glashütten (Oberfranken) Gesees Gefrees Eckersdorf Bischofsgrün Bischofsgrün Bindlach Betzenstein Bad Berneck im Fichtelgebirge Speichersdorf Kirchenpingarten Waischenfeld Plankenfels Pegnitz (Stadt) Mehlmeisel Hollfeld Fichtelberg (Oberfranken) Aufseß Ahorntal Bischofsgrüner Forst Pottenstein (Oberfranken)Municipalities in BT.svg
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Municipalities of the district before the territorial reform 1971/78

Before the regional reform, the Bayreuth district had 83 municipalities (see list below; municipalities that still exist today are highlighted in bold ):

Former parish today's parish today's district
Aichig Bayreuth Independent city of Bayreuth
Altdrossenfeld Neudrossenfeld District of Kulmbach
Altenplos Heinersreuth Bayreuth district
Bärnreuth Bad Berneck in the Fichtel Mountains Bayreuth district
Benk Bindlach Bayreuth district
Berneck i. Fichtel Mountains Bad Berneck in the Fichtel Mountains Bayreuth district
Bindlach Bindlach Bayreuth district
Birk Emtmannsberg Bayreuth district
Bischofsgrün Bischofsgrün Bayreuth district
Firewood Goldkronach Bayreuth district
Busbach Eckersdorf Bayreuth district
Colmdorf 1 Bayreuth Independent city of Bayreuth
Cottenbach Heinersreuth Bayreuth district
Creez Hummeltal Bayreuth district
Crottendorf Bindlach Bayreuth district
Döhlau Willow Hill Bayreuth district
Donndorf Eckersdorf Bayreuth district
Dressendorf Goldkronach Bayreuth district
Eckersdorf Eckersdorf Bayreuth district
Emtmannsberg Emtmannsberg Bayreuth district
Ash trees Eckersdorf Bayreuth district
Escherish Bad Berneck in the Fichtel Mountains Bayreuth district
Euben Bindlach Bayreuth district
Fichtelberg Fichtelberg Bayreuth district
Fischbach Willow Hill Bayreuth district
Forkendorf Gesees Bayreuth district
Frankenhaag Mistelgau Bayreuth district
Gesees Gesees Bayreuth district
Glassworks Glassworks Bayreuth district
Goldkronach Goldkronach Bayreuth district
Gold mill Bad Berneck in the Fichtel Mountains Bayreuth district
Gorschnitz Willow Hill Bayreuth district
Hague Hague Bayreuth district
Hauendorf Emtmannsberg Bayreuth district
Heinersreuth Heinersreuth Bayreuth district
Hinterkleebach Hummeltal Bayreuth district
Kirchenlaibach Speicherersdorf Bayreuth district
Church ping garden Church ping garden Bayreuth district
Laineck Bayreuth Independent city of Bayreuth
Lankendorf Willow Hill Bayreuth district
Fiefdom Willow Hill Bayreuth district
Leisau Goldkronach Bayreuth district
Lessau Willow Hill Bayreuth district
Lienlas Church ping garden Bayreuth district
Mengersdorf Mistelgau Bayreuth district
Mengersreuth Willow Hill Bayreuth district
Meyernberg 1 Bayreuth Independent city of Bayreuth
Mistelbach Mistelbach Bayreuth district
Mistelgau Mistelgau Bayreuth district
Nairitz Speicherersdorf Bayreuth district
Nemmersdorf Goldkronach Bayreuth district
Neudorf Bad Berneck in the Fichtel Mountains Bayreuth district
Neunkirchen am Main Willow Hill Bayreuth district
Oberkonnersreuth Bayreuth Independent city of Bayreuth
Obernschreez 1 Hague Bayreuth district
Obernsee Mistelgau Bayreuth district
Oberpreuschwitz Bayreuth Independent city of Bayreuth
Oberwaiz Eckersdorf Bayreuth district
Oberwarmensteinach Warmensteinach Bayreuth district
Pettendorf Hummeltal Bayreuth district
Pittersdorf Hummeltal Bayreuth district
Plop Mistelgau Bayreuth district
Ramsenthal Bindlach Bayreuth district
Rice glass Church ping garden Bayreuth district
Rimlas Bad Berneck in the Fichtel Mountains Bayreuth district
St. Johannis 1 Bayreuth Independent city of Bayreuth
Schamelsberg Emtmannsberg Bayreuth district
Schreez 2 Hague Bayreuth district
Seitenbach Mistelgau Bayreuth district
Seulbitz Bayreuth Independent city of Bayreuth
Seybothenreuth Seybothenreuth Bayreuth district
Sophienthal Willow Hill Bayreuth district
Thiergarten Bayreuth Independent city of Bayreuth
Tressau Church ping garden Bayreuth district
Truppach Mistelgau Bayreuth district
Sub-threshold 1 Hague Bayreuth district
Untereinach Willow Hill Bayreuth district
Unterwaiz Heinersreuth Bayreuth district
Warmensteinach Warmensteinach Bayreuth district
Willow Hill Willow Hill Bayreuth district
Windischenlaibach Speicherersdorf Bayreuth district
Wolfsbach Bayreuth Independent city of Bayreuth
Wülfersreuth Bischofsgrün Bayreuth district

1 to March 31, 1939
2 from April 1, 1939


The district of Bayreuth includes u. a. the following sights:

Aufsess1.jpg Aufseß Castle Aufseß community
Eckersdorf-Schloss Fantaisie.JPG Fantaisie Castle Eckersdorf municipality
Freienfels near Hollfeld.JPG Freienfels Castle City of Hollfeld
Marienplatz Hollfeld 01.JPG Old town of Hollfeld City of Hollfeld
Wiesentfels Castle.jpg Wiesentfels Castle City of Hollfeld
Pegnitz.jpg Pegnitz City of Pegnitz
Pottenstein-Burg1-Asio.JPG Burg Pottenstein City of Pottenstein
Devil's Cave Pottenstein, Sinterfahnen.jpg Devil's Cave near Pottenstein City of Pottenstein
Tuechersfeld-Felsen1-Asio.JPG Franconian Switzerland Museum in Tüchersfeld City of Pottenstein
Waischenfeld-Burg1-Asio.JPG Waischenfeld Castle Waischenfeld community

Protected areas

In the district of Bayreuth there are 14 nature reserves , 12 landscape protection areas , 15 protected landscape components , 249 natural monuments , 25 FFH areas and 198 geotopes designated by the Bavarian State Office for the Environment (as of September 2016).

See also:

License Plate

On July 1, 1956, the district was assigned the distinguishing mark BT when the vehicle registration number that is still valid today was introduced . It is still issued today. Since July 10, 2013, the license plate liberalization means that the earlier distinctive signs EBS (Ebermannstadt), ESB (Eschenbach in der Oberpfalz), KEM (Kemnath), MÜB (Münchberg) and PEG (Pegnitz) are available again.


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Web links

Commons : Landkreis Bayreuth  - Collection of images, videos and audio files

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