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Coat of arms of the municipality Aufseß
Map of Germany, position of the municipality Aufseß highlighted

Coordinates: 49 ° 53 '  N , 11 ° 14'  E

Basic data
State : Bavaria
Administrative region : Upper Franconia
County : Bayreuth
Management Community : Hollfeld
Height : 414 m above sea level NHN
Area : 29.41 km 2
Residents: 1291 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 44 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 91347
Primaries : 09198, 09274, 09204
License plate : BT, EBS , ESB , KEM , MÜB , PEG
Community key : 09 4 72 115
Community structure: 10 parish parts
Address of the
municipal administration:
Schulstrasse 145
91347 Aufseß
Website :
First Mayor : Alexander Schrüfer (Sachsendorf-Neuhaus shared flat)
Location of the community Aufseß in the district of Bayreuth
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Aufseß is a municipality in the Upper Franconian district of Bayreuth and a member of the Hollfeld administrative community .


Geographical location

Aufseß is located in the middle of Franconian Switzerland on the Burgenstrasse and the Franconian Beer Route . The river of the same name flows through the town.

Neighboring communities

Neighboring communities are (starting from the north clockwise): Hollfeld , Plankenfels , Waischenfeld , Wiesenttal , Heiligenstadt in Upper Franconia and Königsfeld .

Community structure

There are 10 officially named parts of the municipality (the type of place is given in brackets ):


Noble family von Aufseß


The noble family von Aufseß was first mentioned in 1114. The two castles Unteraufseß and Oberaufseß are still residences of the noble family of the Barons von Aufseß. The best-known member of the noble family was Hans von und zu Aufseß , the founder of the Germanic National Museum in Nuremberg . The rule of the barons of Aufseß, who also belonged to the Franconian knight circle, was mediatized in 1806 and came to Bavaria with the Rhine Confederation Act . In the course of the administrative reforms in Bavaria, today's municipality was created with the municipal edict of 1818 .

"At the tower of Aufseß ..." keep of Unteraufseß Castle

The poet Joseph Victor von Scheffel mentioned the village Aufseß in the song cycle Exodus cantorum , in which he greeted the "rose on blue shields":

"Then greet us at the Aufseß tower
The rose of blue shields,
A scribe knight
Hold them in grave gentleness.
In the chapel he has
The crypt and coffin have already been ordered,
But he is still fresh and virtuous,
If he pleases Hirz. "

Jewish community in Aufseß

The Aufseß river at Aufseß

A Jewish community existed in Aufseß , the history of which probably goes back to the 14th century. After the destruction of the entire place in the Thirty Years' War and the plague ended the history of the first Jewish settlement, Jews again settled in Aufseß under the protection of Carl Heinrich von Aufseß in the early 18th century. In 1722 a synagogue and the still existing Jewish cemetery were built there. In 1840 the Jewish share of the population reached its peak at 17.5% (105 out of a total of 600 inhabitants), only to then decline again due to emigration. At the beginning of the National Socialist era in 1933, there were eleven Jewish people living in Aufseß, three of whom were able to emigrate to the United States and one of whom died in the village. The last Jews left the place after the November pogroms in 1938 . SA men from Heiligenstadt and SS men from Bayreuth had ravaged the apartments of five Jews in November 1938, who were then arrested and mistreated. Four high officials from Aufseß were also involved in the violence. At least 16 Jews born or temporarily resident in Aufseß fell victim to the Holocaust .

Feuerbach's fall from Sachsendorf

Sachsendorf became known worldwide through the famous lawyer Paul Johann Anselm von Feuerbach (1775–1835) in his filing of strange crimes . 1808/09 was the prominent Johannes Jagenholz, called " Satrap ", the local Baron Heusslein von Eußenheim 's judicial officer . At his wedding with Elisabetha Dorothea geb. Chamber from Kissingen was the bailiff Karl-Eugen Schell from Kainach best man and later twice godfather. The Jagenholz were friends with the royal Bavarian judicial officer Wolfgang Konrad Glaser in Kasendorf and his wife. Ms. Glaser was murdered with arsenic on August 26, 1808 by her housekeeper Anna Margaretha Zwanziger . Sachsendorf and his prominent Jagendorf family of lawyers have become known through the publication of the poison murder by Feuerbach as well as numerous reprints and stories.


On April 1, 1971, the former community of Sachsendorf was incorporated into Neuhaus. On May 1, 1978 Neuhaus and the main part of the dissolved community of Hochstahl came to Aufseß.

Population development

In the period from 1988 to 2018, the population fell from 1313 to 1287 by 26 or 2%. A peak was reached on December 31, 2003 with 1,397 inhabitants.


The 2020 local elections resulted in the following distribution of seats in the local council :

Intermunicipal cooperation

The municipality Aufseß has been a member of the association for regional development “Around the Neubürg - Fränkische Schweiz e. V. "



Easter bridge over the Aufseß below Schloss Unteraufseß

As a variant of the tradition, especially in Franconian Switzerland, of decorating fountains at Easter, the bridge over the Aufseß leading to Schloss Unteraufseß is decorated as an Easter bridge from Palm Sunday to the Sunday after Easter .

The community had the highest density of breweries in 2001 and received an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for it . There are four breweries in the municipality: Reichold Brewery, Hochstahl - Rothenbach Brewery, Aufseß - Stadter Brewery, Sachsendorf - Kathi-Bräu, Heckenhof. These so-called “world record breweries” are connected to an approximately 13-kilometer brewery hiking trail that leads past all four breweries.

Sons and daughters of the church

Significant people


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