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Johann Kaspar Bundschuh , also Johann Caspar Bundschuh or Caspar Bundschuh (born August 10, 1753 in Schweinfurt , † June 1, 1814 there ) was a German teacher , pastor and school inspector . He wrote numerous publications, in particular on the Franconian region . His geographical, statistical-topographical lexicon of Franconia describes the situation in Franconia at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries.


He began his professional career as a theologian and teacher at the Latin school in Schweinfurt. In 1787 he became professor of Hebrew language at the local grammar school. In 1788 he baptized the later poet Friedrich Rückert . In 1797 he became archdeacon and later director of the higher educational establishment in Schweinfurt. Friedrich Rückert attended this school and received an outstanding diploma from Bundschuh. When Bundschuh died in 1814, he was senior pastor and royal Bavarian district school inspector.

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Editor (journals)

Journal by and for Franks 1790 Titel.jpg
  • Journal by and for Franconia. Schweinfurt 1790–1793 Digitalisat UB Uni Bielefeld .
  • The Franconian Mercury, or conversations of non-profit content for the Franconian districts. , Schweinfurt 1794-1800.
  • New Franconian Merkur or conversations of non-profit content for the Franconian districts and their neighbors. Bayreuth 1800.


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