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The Historical Atlas of Bavaria (HAB) is a historical-topographical description of the country made up of individual volumes that documents ownership , rule and administration of all organizational levels in today's Bavaria from early history to the present. The volumes of the HAB mainly contain text contributions , statistics and maps . Not all atlas volumes have been published yet.


The basis for the research project was laid in 1906 with the establishment of the 'Association for the Publication of the Historical Atlas of Bavaria'. The Commission for Bavarian State History (KBL) supported the association financially since 1927 and took over the publication in 1948, after the association was dissolved. In 1950 the first volumes of the HAB appeared, which were published in cooperation with the Bavarian Archives Administration and the Bavarian State Surveying Office.

The HAB contains, among other things, information on the political and ecclesiastical rulership and administrative organization (e.g. land rulership, local rule, state sovereignty), court membership and organization as well as political communities. The maps usually included (mostly on a scale of 1: 100,000) provide information about historical territories and modern municipal and administrative structures.

Structure and processing status

The HAB is divided into the four parts of Old Bavaria , Franconia , Swabia and Church Organization. The first three parts are also divided into the two series rural districts / regional courts (series I) and comprehensive investigations (series II). The atlas volumes of the part of Old Bavaria are based on the district courts that were valid until 1800, those of the parts of Franconia and Swabia are based on the districts that existed until the Bavarian regional reform of 1972.

As far as row I is concerned, the greater part of Bavaria is currently (May 2015) already covered. The areas still outstanding in the context of series I are already being processed (further information in the table). In the part of Old Bavaria 7 (of 71) are still missing, in the part of Franconia 15 (of 54) and in the part of Swabia 4 volumes (of 22) of series I.

Volume 1 of Series II seems to be reserved for territorial overview maps from around 1800.

The completion of the entire work is planned for 2030. Out of print volumes (December 2018: 62) have been digitized by the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek and can be viewed online, but the maps are often not usable. The digital copies can be downloaded as complete volumes from the online presence of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. The search must be based on the author's name. The volumes of the HAB are generally available in the larger academic libraries or in the regional libraries .

As part of a cooperation between the Commission for Bavarian State History and the Upper Austrian State Archives , four more volumes are being worked on. In it, the history of the seven former Bavarian regional courts in what is now the Innviertel will be processed. The new volumes will appear in Series I as a new part of the Innviertel .

The HAB currently (May 2015) comprises 125 volumes (double volumes counted as two volumes).

Overview of the atlas volumes

The basis for the information is the directory on the KBL website. Other sources are noted in the corresponding information.

part line Volume number Editor Band title Altlandkreis, regional court or similar (for row I) Year of publication Remarks; Digitized
Old Bavaria I. - / - Hiereth The Bavarian judicial and administrative organization from the 13th to the 19th century. Introduction to understanding the maps and texts - / - 1950 [1]
Old Bavaria I. 1 Hiereth The Moosburg Regional Court District Court Moosburg 1950 [2]
Old Bavaria I. 2 Diepolder The district court of Aichach Aichach district court 1950 [3]
Old Bavaria I. 3 Albrecht / Klebel The Starnberg District Court Starnberg district 1951 [4]
Old Bavaria I. 4th Albrecht The District Court of Weilheim District Court Weilheim 1952 [5]
Old Bavaria I. 5 Piendl The district court of Kötzting District of Kötzting 1953 [6]
Old Bavaria I. 6th Albrecht The monastery courts Benediktbeuern and Ettal Benediktbeuern Abbey , Ettal Abbey 1953 [7]
Old Bavaria I. 7th Albrecht The prince provost of Berchtesgaden Berchtesgaden District Court 1954 [8th]
Old Bavaria I. 8th Piendl The Cham district court Cham district 1955 [9]
Old Bavaria I. 9 Albrecht Werdenfels county (Hochstift Freising) Werdenfels county , Hochstift Freising 1955 [10]
Old Bavaria I. 10 Piendl Duchy of Sulzbach: District judge Sulzbach District Court Sulzbach 1957 [11]
Old Bavaria I. 11/12 Fried The regional courts of Dachau and Kranzberg District Court Dachau , District Court Kranzberg 1958 [12]
Old Bavaria I. 13 Holzfurtner / Sandberger The Wolfratshausen district court Wolfratshausen District Court 1993
Old Bavaria I. 14th Volckamer The district court of Pfaffenhofen and the nursing court of Wolnzach Pfaffenhofen Regional Court , Wolnzach 1963 [13]
Old Bavaria I. 15th Burkard The district courts Wasserburg and Kling Wasserburg , Kling district court 1965 [14]
Old Bavaria I. 16 Heinloth Neumarkt District court Neumarkt in the Upper Palatinate 1967 [15]
Old Bavaria I. 17th Andrelang Aibling District Court and Hohenwaldeck Imperial County Aibling , Hohenwaldeck 1967 [16]
Old Bavaria I. 18th Penzkofer The district court Viechtach and the nursing court Linden Viechtach district , Linden 1968 [17]
Old Bavaria I. 19th Blickle, R. District Court Griesbach District of Griesbach im Rottal , imperial county of Ortenburg 1970 [18]
Old Bavaria I. 20th Hofbauer The county of Neuburg am Inn County of Neuburg 1969 [19]
Old Bavaria I. 21st Storm Tirschenreuth District Court Tirschenreuth 1970 [20]
Old Bavaria I. 22/23 Fried / Hiereth Landsberg regional court and Rauhenlechsberg nursing court / regional court, high court and district of Schongau Landsberg , Rauhenlechsberg , Schongau 1971 [21]
Old Bavaria I. 24 Leingärtner Amberg I: Amberg District Judge On the mountain 1971 [22]
Old Bavaria I. 25th Not yet published
Old Bavaria I. 26th Dülmen Traunstein Traunstein 1970 [23]
Old Bavaria I. 27 rose Deggendorf Deggendorf 1971 [24]
Old Bavaria I. 28 Lubos The Eggenfelden district court Eggenfelden 1971 With an attachment from Mayr to the Arnstorf market. [25]
Old Bavaria I. 29 Jungmann-Stadler Vilshofen district: The historic area of ​​the Vilshofen and Osterhofen district courts Vilshofen , Osterhofen 1972 [26]
Old Bavaria I. 30th Helwig, Otto The Landau ad Isar district court Landau on the Isar 1972
Old Bavaria I. 31 Louis Parish churches: The nursing courts Reichenberg and Julbach and the rule Ering-Frauenstein Parish churches , Reichenberg, Julbach, Ering-Frauenstein 1973 [27]
Old Bavaria I. 32 Freundorfer Straubing: Regional Court, Rentkastenamt and city Straubing 1974 [28]
Old Bavaria I. 33 Stahleder / Steigelmann Hochstift Freising (Freising, Ismaning, Burgrain) Freising , Ismaning , Burgrain 1974 [29]
Old Bavaria I. 34 Burkhardt Regen: Zwiesel and Regen regional courts, Weißenstein nursing court Regen , Zwiesel , Weißenstein 1975 [30]
Old Bavaria I. 35 Vitus Passau: The Hochstift Passau 1978 [31]
Old Bavaria I. 36 Steel leather Mühldorf am Inn: District courts Neumarkt, Kraiburg, Mörmoosen and the city of Mühldorf Mühldorf am Inn , Neumarkt , Kraiburg , Mörmoosen 1976 [32]
Old Bavaria I. 37 black Vilsbiburg: The origin and development of the forms of rule in the Lower Bavarian region between the Isar and Rott Vilsbiburg 1976 [33]
Old Bavaria I. 38 Diepolder / Dülmen / Sandberger Rosenheim: The district courts of Rosenheim and Auerburg and the Lords Hohenaschau and Wildenwart Rosenheim , Auerburg , Hohenaschau , Wildenwart 1978 [34]
Old Bavaria I. 39 Bernd Vohenstrauß: Tännesberg-Treswitz maintenance office, Vohenstrauss office, Pleystein maintenance office, Leuchtenberg county, Waldthurn dominion Vohenstrauss , Tännesberg-Treswitz, Pleystein , Leuchtenberg , Waldthurn 1977 [35]
Old Bavaria I. 40 Storm Kemnath Kemnath 1975 (reprinted 1992) [36]
Old Bavaria I. 41 Schmid Regensburg I: The Stadtamhof district court, the imperial lords of Donaustauf and Wörth Regensburg , Stadtamhof , Donaustauf , Wörth 1976 [37]
Old Bavaria I. 42 Hamann Schrobenhausen Schrobenhausen 1977
Old Bavaria I. 43 cups Landshut. The city of Landshut and the district court of Rottenburg Landshut , Rottenburg 1978
Old Bavaria I. 44 Schmitz-Pesch Roding: The Wetterfeld and Bruck care offices Roding , Wetterfeld, Bruck 1986 [38]
Old Bavaria I. 45 Jungmann-Stadler Grafenau: The dishes Bärnstein, Dießenstein and Hals Grafenau , Bärnstein , Dießenstein , Hals 1992
Old Bavaria I. 46 Freilinger Ingolstadt and the courts Gerolfing, Kösching, Stammham-Etting, Vohburg, Mainburg and Neustadt ad Donau Ingolstadt , Gerolfing , Kösching , Stammham - Etting , Vohburg , Mainburg , Neustadt an der Donau 1977 [39]
Old Bavaria I. 47 Storm Neustadt an der Waldnaab - Weiden: Community Office Parkstein, County Störnstein, Maintenance Office Floß (Flossenbürg) Neustadt an der Waldnaab , Weiden , Parkstein , Störnstein , Floß ( Flossenbürg ) 1978 [40]
Old Bavaria I. 48 Mayr Ebersberg: Court of Swabia Ebersberg , Swabia 1989
Old Bavaria I. 49 Not yet published
Old Bavaria I. 50 Müller-Luckner Nabburg Nabburg 1981
Old Bavaria I. 51 Jehle Parsberg: Nursing offices Hemau, Laaber, Beratzhausen (Ehrenfels), Lupburg, Velburg, Mannritterlehengut Parsberg , Hemau, Laaber, Beratzhausen (Ehrenfels), Lupburg, Velburg 1981 [41]
Old Bavaria I. 52 Nutzinger Neunburg vorm Wald Neunburg vorm Wald 1982
Old Bavaria I. 53 Pölsterl Mallersdorf: The Kirchberg regional court, the Eggmühl and Abbach nursing courts Mallersdorf , Kirchberg, Eggmühl, Abbach 1979
Old Bavaria I. 54 Holzfurtner / Sandberger The Tegernsee Monastery Court Tegernsee 1985
Old Bavaria I. 55 Reindel-Schedl Laufen an der Salzach: The old Salzburg nursing dishes Laufen, Staufeneck, Teisendorf, Tittmoning and Waging Running on the Salzach , Staufeneck , Teisendorf , Tittmoning , Waging 1989 [42]
Old Bavaria I. 56 Like it Waldmünchen Waldmünchen 1991
Old Bavaria I. 57 Gruber-Groh Reichenhall Reichenhall 1995
Old Bavaria I. 58 Herleth-Krentz / Mayr The district court of Erding Erding 1997
Old Bavaria I. 59 Janker County Hague Hague 1996
Old Bavaria I. 60 Schmid Regensburg: imperial city - prince-bishop - imperial pen - ducal court regensburg 1995
Old Bavaria I. 61 Like it Oberviechtach Oberviechtach 1996 [43]
Old Bavaria I. 62 Piendl / Holzfurtner Mitterfels Mitterfels 2002
Old Bavaria I. 63 Schwaab Altötting. The district court of Neuötting, the city court of Burghausen and the courts of Wald and Leonberg-Marktl Altötting , Neuötting , Burghausen , Wald , Leonberg-Marktl 2005
Old Bavaria I. 64 Like it Kelheim: Nursing court and caste vogue court Kelheim 2010
Old Bavaria I. 65 Stadlbauer The old district of Dingolfing Dingolfing 2015
Old Bavaria I. 66 Schmid Regensburg II: Haidau district court regensburg 2014
Old Bavaria I. 67 Like it Abensberg Kelheim 2015
Old Bavaria I. Ackermann Eschenbach-Auerbach Auerbach , Eschenbach Not released yet. In processing.
Old Bavaria I. Vilseck , Hirschau , Freudenberg, Rieden Not yet published
Old Bavaria I. Schwandorf , Burglengenfeld Not yet published
Old Bavaria I. Riedenburg Not yet published
Old Bavaria I. Haiden Not yet published
Old Bavaria I. Munich Not yet published
Old Bavaria I. Toelz Not yet published
Old Bavaria II 1 Not yet published. Territorial overview map of Old Bavaria around 1800?
Old Bavaria II 2 Storm Districtus Egranus - / - 1981
Old Bavaria II 3 Ambronn Landsassen and Landsassengüter of the Principality of the Upper Palatinate in the 16th century - / - 1982
Old Bavaria II 4th Holzfurtner The county of the Andechser . Comitatus and county in Bavaria 1000–1180 - / - 1994
Old Bavaria II 5 Loibl The domain of the Counts of Vornbach and their successors - / - 1997
Francs I. 1 Hofmann Höchstadt - Herzogenaurach District of Höchstadt an der Aisch 1951 [44]
Francs I. 2 Hofmann Neustadt - Windsheim District Neustadt an der Aisch , Windsheim 1953 [45]
Francs I. 3 Guttenberg / Hofmann Stadtsteinach Stadtsteinach district 1953 [46]
Francs I. 4th Hofmann Nuremberg - Fürth District of Nuremberg , District of Fürth 1954 [47]
Francs I. 5 Bog Forchheim Forchheim district 1955 [48]
Francs I. 6th Hirschmann Eichstätt: Beilngries - Eichstätt - Greding Eichstätt , district Beilngries , Greding 1959 [49]
Francs I. 7th White Lichtenfels - Staffelstein County Lichtenfels , County Staffelstein 1959 [50]
Francs I. 8th Hofmann Gunzenhausen - Weissenburg County Gunzenhausen , district of Weissenburg in Bayern 1960 [51]
Francs I. 9 Riedenauer Karlstadt District of Karlstadt 1963 [52]
Francs I. 10 Störmer Marktheidenfeld Marktheidenfeld district 1962 [53]
Francs I. 11 Judge Gemünden District of Gemünden am Main 1963 [54]
Francs I. 12 Christian Aschaffenburg. Main features of the administration of the Mainz Oberstift and the Dalberg State Aschaffenburg district 1963 [55]
Francs I. 13 Kößler Hofheim Hofheim district in Lower Franconia 1964 [56]
Francs I. 14th Schwemmer / Voit Lauf - Hersbruck District of Lauf an der Pegnitz , District of Hersbruck 1967 [57]
Francs I. 15th Maierhöfer Boars District of Ebern 1964 [58]
Francs I. 16 Weber Kitzingen Kitzingen district 1967 [59]
Francs I. 17th Resident Obernburg District of Obernburg am Main 1968 [60]
Francs I. 18th subjects Alzenau Alzenau district 1968 [61]
Francs I. 19th Schweinfurt Not released yet. In processing.
Francs I. 20th Scheinfeld - Uffenheim Not released yet. In processing.
Francs I. 21st White City and district of Bamberg SK Bamberg LK Bamberg 1974
Francs I. 22nd Ebermannstadt Not released yet. In processing.
Francs I. 23 Wich Brückenau, Hammelburg Brückenau , Hammelburg 1973
Francs I. 24 Wießner Hilpoltstein Hilpoltstein 1978 [62]
Francs I. 25th Störmer / Vocke Miltenberg. The Amorbach and Miltenberg offices of the Mainzer Oberstift as models of spiritual territoriality and intensification of power Miltenberg district 1979
Francs I. 26th Gerolzhofen district Not released yet. In processing.
Francs I. 27 wagner Neustadt an der Saale Bad Neustadt an der Saale district 1982 [63]
Francs I. 28 Eigler Schwabach Schwabach district 1990
Francs I. 29 wagner Mellrichstadt Mellrichstadt district 1992
Francs I. 30th Winkler Bayreuth Bayreuth district 1999
Francs I. 31 Wunsiedel Not released yet. In processing.
Francs I. 32 Demattio Kronach District of Kronach 1998
Francs I. 33 Tittmann Hassfurt District of Hassfurt 2003
Francs I. 34 Christian Lohr am Main. The former county Lohr am Main district 2003
Francs I. 35 Jehle Ansbach. The margravial chief offices of Ansbach, Colmberg-Leutershausen, Windsbach, the Nuremberg Nursing Office Lichtenau and the Deutschordensamt (Wolframs-) Eschenbach Ansbach district 2009
Francs I. 36 wagner Kissingen. City and old district District of Kissingen 2009
Francs I. Horling District of Ochsenfurt Not released yet. In processing.
Francs I. 38 Barth Kulmbach. City and old district District of Kulmbach 2013
Francs I. 39 Haberlah-Pohl Münchberg. The Altlandkreis Münchberg district 2012
Francs I. 40 Teresa Neumeyer Dinkelsbühl. The former county District of Dinkelsbühl 2018
Francs I. Grains Naila Not released yet. In processing.
Francs I. Jehle Wet cheeks Not released yet. In processing.
Francs I. wagner Koenigshofen Not released yet. In processing.
Francs I. Jacob gain Not released yet. In processing.
Francs I. Slide Pegnitz Not released yet. In processing.
Francs I. Riemer Würzburg country Not released yet. In processing.
Francs I. Naser Rothenburg Not released yet. In processing.
Francs I. Feast court Not released yet. In processing.
Francs I. NN Rehau , Selb Not released yet.
Francs I. NN Coburg , Neustadt Not released yet.
Francs II 1 Hofmann Middle and Upper Franconia at the end of the Old Empire (1792) - / - 1954 Territorial overview map of Middle and Upper Franconia 1792.
Francs II 1a Hofmann Lower Franconia and Aschaffenburg with the Henneberg and Hohenlohe Lands at the end of the Old Kingdom (1792) - / - 1956 Territorial overview map of Lower Franconia 1792.
Francs II 2 Hofmann Franconia since the end of the Old Empire (1790–1945) - / - 1956
Francs II 3 Castell-Castell / Hofmann The county of Castell at the end of the Old Kingdom (1792) - / - 1955 [64]
Swabia I. 1 Hiereth The Friedberg and Mering district courts Friedberg , Mering 1952 [65]
Swabia I. 2 Hufnagl / Hiereth The Rain District Court Rain 1966 [66]
Swabia I. 3 Fehn Wertingen Wertingen 1967 [67]
Swabia I. 4th Blickle, P. Memmingen Memmingen 1967 [68]
Swabia I. 5 Ott Lindau Lindau 1968 [69]
Swabia I. 6th Blickle, P. Kempten Kempten 1968 [70]
Swabia I. 7th bird Mindelheim Mindelheim 1970 [71]
Swabia I. 8th Kudorfer Nordlingen Nordlingen 1974 [72]
Swabia I. 9 Rump Feet Feet 1977 [73]
Swabia I. 10 Schröder City of Augsburg augsburg 1975 [74]
Swabia I. 11 Jahn Augsburg Land augsburg 1984 [75]
Swabia I. 12 Rooster Krumbach Krumbach 1982
Swabia I. 13 Desolation Gunzburg Gunzburg 1983 [76]
Swabia I. 14th Eisinger-Schmidt Marktoberdorf Marktoberdorf 1985
Swabia I. 15th Farmer Schwabmünchen Schwabmünchen 1994
Swabia I. 16 Nadler Neuburg on the Danube. The district court of Neuburg and the nursing courts of Burgheim and Reichertshofen Neuburg on the Danube , Burgheim , Reichertshofen 2004
Swabia I. 17th Pfister Donauwörth. The former county Donauwörth 2009
Swabia I. 18th Hadry New Ulm. The Altlandkreis. New Ulm 2012
Swabia I. 19th rich Rulership formation and rulers in the area of ​​the Altlandkreis Illertissen Illertissen Not yet in print. Dissertation completed at the end of 2000. 2005 published electronically
Swabia I. Mayer Sonthofen Not released yet. In processing.
Swabia I. Hindelang Dillingen
Swabia I. Stiff Kaufbeuren Not released yet. In processing.
Swabia II 1 - / - Not released yet. "Complete map of Swabia at the end of the Old Kingdom" by P. Fried (deceased 2013)
Swabia II 2 Liebhart The imperial abbey of Sankt Ulrich and Afra in Augsburg. Studies of Possession and Domination (1006–1803) - / - 1982
Swabia II 3 Kudorfer The county of Oettingen. Territorial existence and internal structure (around 1140 to 1806) - / - 1985 [77]
Swabia II Kata (City of Kempten) - / - Not released yet. In processing.
Innviertel I. 1 Schwentner The district court of Schärding Schärding 2014
Innviertel I. Brandner (Braunau District Court) Not released yet. In processing.
Innviertel I. 2 Schwentner / Allmannsberger The Ried district court Ried im Innkreis 2017
Innviertel I. Schwentner (District courts Friedburg, Mattighofen and Uttendorf) Not released yet. In processing.
Church organization - / - 1 Simon The Protestant Church - / - 1960 [78] [79]


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