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Helmuth Stahleder (* 1940 in Landshut ) is a German historian , archivist and non-fiction author .


Helmuth Stahleder studied history and German in Munich . For many years he was deputy director of the Munich City Archives until 2005 , while Richard Bauer was its director.

For more than 15 years, Stahleder evaluated thousands of documents relating to the political, economic and social life of Munich for his Chronicle of the City of Munich , including documents, bills from the city treasury, minutes of the city council's meetings and diary entries from citizens. Thanks to this representation, which is closely based on the sources, and which was most recently practiced for the history of Munich by Joseph Heinrich Wolf in his documentary chronicle of Munich published in 1852/54 , Stahleder was able to identify numerous errors and inaccuracies in urban historiography in the late 19th and 20th centuries uncover and correct.

Stahleder worked for decades for the Historic Association of Upper Bavaria and was editor of the Upper Bavarian Archives from 1982 to 2010 .

Works (selection)

  • Older house book of the city of Munich. House ownership and tax payments of the citizens of Munich 1368–1571 . 2 volumes. Schmidt, Neustadt an der Aisch 2006, ISBN 3-87707-678-5 .
  • Chronicle of the City of Munich . Edited for the Munich City Archives by Richard Bauer. 3 volumes. Dölling and Galitz, Ebenhausen / Hamburg 2005 (Volume 1 was published in 1995 by Hugendubel Verlag, Munich).
  • House and street names in Munich's old town . 2nd, revised and expanded edition. Schmidt, Neustadt an der Aisch 2009, ISBN 978-3-87707-763-4 (1st edition Hugendubel, Munich 1992).
  • From Allach to Zamilapark. Names and basic historical data on the history of Munich and its incorporated suburbs . Published by the Munich City Archives. Buchendorfer, Munich 2001, ISBN 3-934036-46-5 .

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