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In Germany, a regional library is the name given to those libraries that are responsible for collecting, storing and making available regional literature and listing it in a bibliography (regional or regional bibliography ). The tasks of a regional library are roughly comparable to those of a national library on a smaller scale. Many regional libraries also have a regional depository right .

The regional libraries include all state libraries (also known as the State Library ) and some city ​​libraries with regionally-related collecting activities. Some of the regional libraries can also be assigned to a different type of library , which can often be read from their names (e.g. Saarland University and State Library , Lower Saxony State and University Library Göttingen ).

Many regional libraries go back to royal or princely court libraries or administrative libraries .

The Berlin State Library and the Bavarian State Library in Munich have a special status insofar as they already performed supraregional tasks in the 19th century and are of national and international importance - in this respect they are no longer counted among the regional libraries.

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