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A regional bibliography is the systematic bibliographic recording of publications (primarily books and articles ) about a region .

State bibliographies

A common form in Germany are state bibliographies, which mostly refer to a German federal state , while regional bibliographies are created for parts of a federal state or even across borders (e.g. the Bodensee bibliography ). While the traditional regional bibliographies were very historically oriented, the aim today is to list the entire regional literature. In some federal states, newspaper articles are even recorded. The printed state bibliographies were usually divided into three parts: general literature, local literature and personal literature.

In Germany, the regional bibliography working group, in which all German state bibliographies are represented, met in 1983 as a separate group of specialists within the working group of regional libraries . This working group coordinates the work of the individual workplaces based at the regional libraries with the aim of greater bibliographical uniformity. Since summer 2001, it has offered an excellent comprehensive search option for dependent literature with a regional or local German reference with the Virtual German State Bibliography .


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