Upper Austrian Provincial Archives

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Upper Austrian Provincial Archives

The main building of the State Archives in Linz
The main building of the State Archives in Linz
Archive type State Archives
Coordinates 48 ° 17 '34 "  N , 14 ° 17' 53.8"  E Coordinates: 48 ° 17 '34 "  N , 14 ° 17' 53.8"  E
place Linz
Visitor address Anzengruberstrasse 19
founding 1896
carrier Province of Upper Austria
Organizational form Office
Website landesarchiv-ooe.at

The Upper Austrian Provincial Archives , OÖLA for short , in Linz has been the central archive of the Upper Austrian provincial and district authorities since 1896 . It supports research in the areas of national, local, house and family history.


The term “Landesarchiv” was used sporadically as early as the 17th century, when the estates above and below the Enns spoke in a joint complaint in 1619 of “vnnsern Lanndt-Archivis”. In the 19th century, the judge and member of the state parliament, Julius Strnadt, and Ferdinand Krackowizer, who was appointed “state archivist and registrar” in 1875, tried to create a central local archive. The memorandum “Das Steiermärkisches Landesarchiv zu Graz. For the 25th year of its existence “was the reason to create a central archive based on the model of Styria in Upper Austria.

On January 10, 1896 , the Upper Austrian state parliament decided to “reorganize the landscape archive and transform it into an Upper Austrian state archive”. The basis of the new state office to be created was to be the traditional holdings of the old archive of the four estates ob der Enns (prelate, lordship and knighthood as well as representatives of the seven princely cities) or the oldest state authorities.

The state archive was housed in the former riding stables behind the redoubt halls. This "old museum building" (today Promenade 33) was vacated after the Upper Austrian Museum Association moved to the newly built Museum Francisco-Carolinum (today Upper Austria State Museum) . In 1927, with the support of the Allgemeine Sparkasse, the premises of the former pawn shop on the promenade could also be occupied.

During the Second World War , on May 19, 1941, the State Archives were entrusted with the technical supervision of the Schwarzenberg Central Archives in Krummau , the affiliated archives in Wittingau (Třeboň) and Winterberg (Vimperk) . On October 31, 1941, the provisional administrators of the monasteries and monasteries of St Florian , Wilhering , Kremsmünster , Hohenfurth , Schlägl and Lambach were informed that “the protection of the monastery archives had been entrusted to the director of the state archive in Linz”. A decree by the Reich Minister of the Interior of July 23, 1942, in order to protect and secure the state archive, decreed to “pull apart the more valuable holdings and keep them from total loss by moving them to alternative locations”. From September 1942, "the documents and documents more important for the history of the country" were relocated to the Augustinian Canons' Monastery of St. Florian, which was confiscated by the Nazi regime in 1941, and the Franziszeische Cadastre was moved to Weinberg Castle in Mühlviertel . In 1944 several larger archive holdings were moved to the Benedictine monastery in Kremsmünster, which was also confiscated. A total of 17,000 documents, 21,000 manuscripts, 17,000 maps and plans and 8,000 file fascicles were relocated under difficult conditions, around 70% of the total inventory. After the war, the relocated holdings from St. Florian, Kremsmünster and from the Russian occupation zone were returned to the two Linz archive depots (parent company and savings bank building).

In 1950 the first volume of the journal “Mitteilungen des Oberösterreichisches Landesarchivs” (MOOELA) appeared, and in 1952 the first volume in the book series “Research on the History of Upper Austria”. This gave the library the opportunity to exchange publications with other institutions to acquire valuable periodicals without burdening its book budget. This was followed by further series such as “Contributions to the contemporary history of Upper Austria” and “Sources on the history of Upper Austria”, which were no longer continued due to digital search options and were included in the uniform series “Messages from the Upper Austrian Provincial Archives”.


The main building of the State Archives, built in 1971, is located at Anzengruberstrasse 19 in Linz.

The Ampflwang mining archive is located in Ampflwang in the Hausruckwald as a branch of Upper Austria. State Archives.


A historical specialist library with around 90,000 volumes is available in the Linz State Archives for research purposes. Originally intended as a reference library for the archivists' scientific work, it was later made accessible to the public. The library is purely a reference library, the library storage itself is not freely accessible, so the books can only be used in the reading room.

The focus of the library holdings is on the history of Austria and archival science.


Well-known employees of the State Archives

  • Georg Grüll , 1946–1965 at Upper Austria. State Archives
  • Otto Wutzel , 1947–1949 librarian at Upper Austria. State Archives
  • Othmar Hageneder , from 1953 at Upper Austria. State Archives, 1967 Chief Archives Council
  • Norbert Grabherr , from 1967 at Upper Austria. State Archives
  • Georg Heilingsetzer , from 1971 at Upper Austria. Landesarchiv, 1982 senior archivist, from 1989 deputy director

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