Staffelstein district

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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the district of Staffelstein
Staffelstein district
Map of Germany, position of the Staffelstein district highlighted

Coordinates: 50 ° 6 ′  N , 11 ° 0 ′  E

Basic data (as of 1972)
State : Bavaria
Administrative region : Upper Franconia
Administrative headquarters : Relay stone
Area : 311.98 km 2
Residents: 26,423 (May 27, 1970)
Population density : 85 inhabitants per km 2
License plate : STE
Circle key : 09 4 46
Circle structure: 58 municipalities
Location of the district of Staffelstein in Bavaria
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The district of Staffelstein belonged to the Bavarian administrative district of Upper Franconia . Before the beginning of the Bavarian regional reform in the early 1970s, the district comprised 58 communities.


Important places

The communities with the largest population were Staffelstein , Ebensfeld , Rattelsdorf and Seßlach .

Neighboring areas

In 1972 the district bordered clockwise in the north, beginning with the Hildburghausen district in the Suhl district of the German Democratic Republic and with the Coburg , Lichtenfels , Bamberg and Ebern districts .


District Office

The District Office Staffelstein was formed in 1862 through the merger of the regional courts of the older order of Seßlach and Staffelstein .

On April 1, 1931, the communities Altenhof with the hamlet of Hergramsdorf and the church village of Tambach and Schorkendorf with the village of Eicha , the Einöd Krebsmühle and the hamlet of Ziegelhütte were incorporated into the Coburg District Office .


On January 1, 1939, the uniform imperial designation Landkreis was introduced. This is how the Staffelstein district office became the Staffelstein district.

On July 1, 1972, the Staffelstein district was dissolved during the regional reform in Bavaria :

Population development

year Residents source
1864 19,148
1885 19,105
1900 17,329
1910 16,896
1925 16,756
1939 16,234
1950 22,767
1960 20,400
1971 20,200


The municipalities of the Staffelstein district before the municipal reform.

former parish today's parish today's district
Altenbanz Bad Staffelstein Lichtenfels district
Autenhausen Sesslach District of Coburg
Birkach Ebensfeld Lichtenfels district
Busendorf Rattelsdorf Bamberg district
Dietersdorf Sesslach District of Coburg
Dittersbrunn Ebensfeld Lichtenfels district
Döringstadt Ebensfeld Lichtenfels district
Draisdorf Ebensfeld Lichtenfels district
Ebensfeld (market) Ebensfeld Lichtenfels district
Ebing (market) Rattelsdorf Bamberg district
Eggenbach Ebensfeld Lichtenfels district
Frauendorf Bad Staffelstein Lichtenfels district
Freiberg Ebensfeld Lichtenfels district
Gemünda Sesslach District of Coburg
Gleismuthhausen Sesslach District of Coburg
Gleußen Itzgrund District of Coburg
Basic field Bad Staffelstein Lichtenfels district
Hattersdorf Sesslach District of Coburg
Herreth Itzgrund District of Coburg
Horsdorf Bad Staffelstein Lichtenfels district
Kaltenbrunn Itzgrund District of Coburg
Kleukheim Ebensfeld Lichtenfels district
Caraway seed Ebensfeld Lichtenfels district
Lame Itzgrund District of Coburg
Lechenroth Sesslach District of Coburg
Medlitz Rattelsdorf Bamberg district
Merlach Sesslach District of Coburg
Messfeld Ebensfeld Lichtenfels district
Nedensdorf Bad Staffelstein Lichtenfels district
Neundorf Weitramsdorf District of Coburg
Oberbrunn Ebensfeld Lichtenfels district
Oberelldorf Sesslach District of Coburg
Oberküps Ebensfeld Lichtenfels district
Oberleiterbach Zapfendorf Bamberg district
Splendid Ebensfeld Lichtenfels district
Rattelsdorf (market) Rattelsdorf Bamberg district
Rothenberg Sesslach District of Coburg
Schönbrunn Bad Staffelstein Lichtenfels district
Schottenstein Itzgrund District of Coburg
Schwabthal Bad Staffelstein Lichtenfels district
Serkendorf Bad Staffelstein Lichtenfels district
Seßlach (city) Sesslach District of Coburg
Barn Bad Staffelstein Lichtenfels district
Staffelstein (city) Bad Staffelstein Lichtenfels district
Stublong Bad Staffelstein Lichtenfels district
Uetzing Bad Staffelstein Lichtenfels district
Unnersdorf Bad Staffelstein Lichtenfels district
Unterbrunn Ebensfeld Lichtenfels district
Unterelldorf Sesslach District of Coburg
Unterleiterbach Zapfendorf Bamberg district
Corporate Ebensfeld Lichtenfels district
Unterzettlitz Bad Staffelstein Lichtenfels district
Vineyard Lichtenfels Lichtenfels district
Monguelfo Itzgrund District of Coburg
grasslands Bad Staffelstein Lichtenfels district
Witzmannsberg maple District of Coburg
Wolfsdorf Bad Staffelstein Lichtenfels district
Zapfendorf (market since 1955) Zapfendorf Bamberg district

License Plate

On July 1, 1956, the district was assigned the distinguishing sign STE when the vehicle registration number that is still valid today was introduced . It was issued until April 30, 1973. Since July 16, 2013, it has been available again in the Lichtenfels district due to the license plate liberalization .


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