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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the city of Wallenfels
Map of Germany, position of the city of Wallenfels highlighted

Coordinates: 50 ° 16 '  N , 11 ° 28'  E

Basic data
State : Bavaria
Administrative region : Upper Franconia
County : Kronach
Height : 382 m above sea level NHN
Area : 45.66 km 2
Residents: 2627 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 58 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 96346
Primaries : 09262, 09289
License plate : KC, SAN
Community key : 09 4 76 184
City structure: 5 districts

City administration address :
Rathausgasse 1
96346 Wallenfels
Website : www.wallenfels.de
Mayor : Jens Korn ( CSU )
Location of the city of Wallenfels in the district of Kronach
Langenbacher Forst Birnbaum (gemeindefreies Gebiet) Landkreis Coburg Landkreis Hof Landkreis Kulmbach Landkreis Lichtenfels Thüringen Ludwigsstadt Weißenbrunn Marktrodach Tettau (Oberfranken) Schneckenlohe Mitwitz Küps Nordhalben Wilhelmsthal Tschirn Teuschnitz Steinbach am Wald Reichenbach (Landkreis Kronach) Wallenfels Stockheim (Oberfranken) Steinwiesen Pressig Kronachmap
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Catholic Church of St. Thomas

Wallenfels is a town in the east of the Upper Franconian district of Kronach in Bavaria . It is part of the Upper Rodachtal region , a state-approved resort, and is best known for rafting .


Geographical location

Wallenfels is part of the Upper Franconia-West planning region and is located in the Franconian Forest Nature Park in the Wild Rodach Valley, about 13 kilometers east of the district town of Kronach. The highest point is the Geuserberg at 708 m.

Community structure

Wallenfels has 23 officially named municipal parts.

  • the hamlet of Berghaus ( )
  • the hamlet Dörnach ( )
  • the wasteland Forstloh ( )
  • the hamlet of Geuser ( )
  • the wasteland hammer ( )
  • the hamlet of Kleinthiemitz ( )
  • the church village Neuengrün ( )
  • the wasteland Neumühle ( )
  • the wasteland Oberwellesmühle ( )
  • the hamlet of Schindelthal ( )
  • the wasteland of Schmölz ( )
  • the village of Schnaid (rear) ( )
  • the church village Schnaid (middle) ( )
  • the village of Schnaid (front) ( )
  • the village of Schnappenhammer ( )
  • the wasteland stump grinder ( )
  • the desert of Thiemitz ( )
  • the hamlet of Unterwellesmühle ( )
  • the wasteland fowling ( )
  • the main town Wallenfels
  • the Wellesbach settlement ( )
  • the hamlet of Wellesberg ( )
  • the church village Wolfersgrün ( )

Another place in the municipality is Lorchenmühle. ( )


The municipality of Wallenfels is climatically in the transition area between the low mountain range and the continental climate. The temperature differences are dampened by the high proportion of forest (over 80%).


In 1126 Wallenfels was first mentioned as "Ilowa". The name "Waldenfels" was first used in a document from Count Palatine Otto I in 1248 (see also the noble family Waldenfels ). Wallenfels in today's administrative district of Upper Franconia belonged to the Bamberg monastery from 1195 . From 1300 Waldenfels, which had market and brewing rights, became an independent episcopal office, around the same time the rafting business on the Wilder Rodach , which is still operated today, was first mentioned. In 1507 the place lost its independence and was subordinate to Kronach , in 1527 the castle Wallenfels was completely destroyed in peasant revolts. In 1541, the Waldenfels market was given its own coat of arms by Charles V. During the Second Margrave War , the church and the market were destroyed by arson. On February 4, 1588 Waldenfels was granted city rights for the first time as a result of the renewal of the market rights .

In the Thirty Years War the Swedes attacked Waldenfels in 1634 and burned it down, at the same time the name was changed to Wallenfels. With the Reichsdeputationshauptschluss of 1803, the place came to Bavaria and was assigned to the district court of Kronach . In 1900 Wallenfels got a railway connection with the Rodachtalbahn , in 1976 the line was closed.

1954 Wallenfels was again given city rights.

On November 12, 2015, Wallenfels gained notoriety in the international media after the discovery of eight baby bodies in a property in the city center. The place was besieged by international media representatives for days.


The inhabitants of Wallenfels are predominantly Catholic . There are four catholic houses of worship in the city. The Protestant parish Unterrodach-Wallenfels maintains a prayer room for Protestant Christians in Wallenfels.


The following table lists the formerly independent municipalities with the date of incorporation into the city of Wallenfels:

Date of incorporation annotation
Wallenfels 2159 2864
Geuser 38 64 07/01/1972 without the place Haid, who after Reichenbach came
Neuengrün 137 180 07/01/1971 Wellesberg with Ober- and Unterwellesmühle incorporated on April 1, 1951
Wolfersgrün 215 286 07/01/1972 Wellesberg with Oberwellesmühle and Unterwellesmühle on March 31, 1951
Schnaid 312 519 01/01/1972

Population development

As of December 31, 2014, Wallenfels had 2,786 inhabitants. In the 1970s the peak of over 4,000 inhabitants was reached. Since then, due to demographic change and emigration, the number of inhabitants has declined sharply, and has decreased by 35% since the 1970s. In recent years, the decline has been slowed down by various measures. In the medium term, it is assumed that there will be 2500 inhabitants.

In the period from 1988 to 2018, the population fell from 3,410 to 2,657 by 753 or 22.1%.


City council

The city council has 15 members including the full-time Mayor. The seats are distributed as follows:

town hall
Party / list Seats 2002 Seats 2008 1 Seats 2014 2 Seats 2020 3
CSU 5 7th 10 8 *
SPD 4th 3 3 3
FW 8 * 7 * 4th 4th
total 17th 17th 17th 15th

1 Status: Local election on March 2, 2008
2 Status: Local election on March 16, 2014
3 Status: Local election on March 15, 2020
* including the First Mayor

As of 2020, the city council will only have 14 members plus the first mayor due to the decline in population.


  • 1984–1996: Manfred Nürnberger (CSU)
  • 1996–2014: Peter Hänel (Free Voters)
  • since 2014: Jens Korn (CSU)

coat of arms

The description of the coat of arms reads: “Split by gold and silver; in front a red armored black lion covered with a silver sloping bar; in the back on a three-part silver rock mountain three green deciduous trees side by side. "

Town twinning

  • EnglandEngland England : The English city of Bingham near Nottingham has been twin town of Wallenfels since 1984 . To promote the twinning of the club Förderkreis Bingham Wallenfels e was the 1985th V. founded; mutual visits take place regularly.

Music clubs

  • Musikverein Wallenfels e. V.
  • Wallenfelser Blasmusik e. V.
  • Wind music Neuengrün / Schlegelshaid e. V.


Every year from May to September there are raft trips on the Wilder Rodach, to which between 500 and 1000 guests come on the weekends. At the Wallenfels parish fair at the end of July, the night torch raft ride in Rodach is held in flames with thousands of visitors. To secure this tourist attraction permanently, a larger reservoir is planned in the area of ​​the Schnappenhammer district.

The signposted network of hiking trails at the Wallenfels hiking center is suitable for tours of various levels of difficulty. There are the nature trails Geopfad on Silberberg and Lamitzpfad at Schnappenhammer. Wallenfels is part of the Upper Rodachtal Nordic Walking Center.


  • Hammer grinder on the Wild Rodach; Completely overhauled in 1997, since then it has been in operation again as a sawmill
  • Schloßberg chapel on the Schloßberg with a cloister
  • City parish church of St. Thomas
  • Historic lock structures on the Wilder Rodach from the time of rafting (upper and lower lock in Wallenfels)

Architectural monuments


Sports and leisure facilities include tennis and soccer fields, a skate facility, a heated outdoor pool with a beach volleyball field, a camping and tent site, a football field, signposted mountain bike and Nordic walking trails and an extensive one for cyclists and inline skaters Cycle path network.

sports clubs
  • FC Wallenfels
  • SV Wolfersgrün / Neuengrün
  • Wallenfels tennis club
  • TTC Wallenfels
  • Wallenfels shooting club

Regular events

  • The Wallenfels carnival parade takes place every year on Shrove Tuesday.
  • Bütten evenings in the carnival season
  • Easter market
  • Corpus Christi procession with the Swedish flag and the soldiers' procession as well as the corridor procession
  • Shooting and folk festival in June
  • Wallenfelser Kirchweih with Rodach in flames on the last weekend of July
  • Christmas market on the first weekend of Advent

Economy and Infrastructure


The economy is shaped by the wood industry. In Wallenfels there are four larger sawmills and, in addition to some medium-sized industrial companies, mainly small and medium-sized craft and service companies. All local amenities including discount stores and petrol stations are available. The largest employer with around 120 employees in various institutions is Caritas.


Wallenfels is opened to traffic in an east-west direction by the heavily used and nationally important B 173 . While the federal road ran through the city center for decades and heavy goods traffic in particular developed into a massive burden on the population in the narrow valley floor in the course of German reunification , a bypass was built between 2001 and 2004 at great technical expense . The district road KC 31 leads from the B 173 (Wallenfels-Ost) to Geuser. The next junction to the Federal Motorway 9 is about 20 kilometers away.

The connection to the Rodachtalbahn via the Wallenfels station in the Erlabrück district no longer exists for passenger traffic since May 30, 1976. Freight traffic on this route was stopped in 1989. In this area, the tracks were dismantled in 2005 and the route to Steinwiesen expanded as a cycle path . The following section to Nordhalben is used as a route for the museum railway of the Eisenbahnfreunde Rodachtalbahn.

There are regular local bus connections to Kronach and Bad Steben ( DB-Frankenbus and RegioBus Kronach).

The Franconian Marienweg runs through Wallenfels .


  • Education center Wallenfels (municipal primary school, Catholic kindergarten, Catholic crèche, Caritas day care center, city music school, city library, sports hall, athletics and multi-purpose outdoor sports facilities with floodlights, traffic education area, Caritas advanced training center)
  • Branch of the Volkshochschule Kreis Kronach
  • Ecological outstation of the University of Bayreuth

In the medium term, Wallenfels is also set to become a university location within the framework of the "University Region District Kronach" project. Courses in medicine / ehealth and forest are possible.

sons and daughters of the town


In May 1962, the city of Wallenfels took over the sponsorship of the general and heavy cargo ship Wallenfels of the Hansa line in Bremen .


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