Ländchen Glien

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The natural spatial position of the Glien

The Ländchen Glien (partly also " Glin ") is an approximately circular plate with an extension of 12 to 15 kilometers northwest of Berlin . The Ländchen Glien is surrounded by the Berlin Urstromtal with the Havelländischen Luch in the south and the Eberswalder Urstromtal with the lowlands of the Rhinluches and the Muhre in the north. The Nauener Platte lies south of the Havelländischer Luch . To the east, separated by the wide Zehdenick-Spandau Havel lowlands, lies the Barnim plateau . The Granseer Platte and Ruppiner Platte follow north of the Rhinluches . In the west, the Glien merges into the elongated little country Bellin .

The country consists for the most part of flat, undulating ground moraine surfaces that were formed around 20,000 years ago in the most recent, the Vistula Ice Age. There is mostly clay or clay on the surface of the earth. These areas, especially the wide strip of settlement in the northeast, are used for agriculture. The southwest is covered by the forest area Krämer . There are extensive dune areas that were blown from the glacial valleys onto the plateau in the ending cold period. At Velten there are also deposits of ice reservoirs from the Saale Ice Age close to the surface, which were mined there in several pits. The town of Kremmen is on the northern edge and the furnace town of Velten in the east .

Landscape in the central part of the small country Glien
Ländchen Glien with heights and the surrounding area

The Glien (Slavic "clay"), as the plateau is also called, was only sparsely populated until the German state development in the 13th century. Only the Luch crossings at Fehrbellin and Kremmen ( Kremmer Damm ) made a larger development possible. The Alte Hamburger Poststrasse, which crossed the Krämer, with its Ziegenkrug stop, was significant. The southern edge of Glien is now part of the Havelland district , while the larger northern part belongs to the Oberhavel district.

Coordinates: 52 ° 43 ′ 0 ″  N , 13 ° 2 ′ 0 ″  E