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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the community of Weischlitz
Map of Germany, position of the municipality Weischlitz highlighted

Coordinates: 50 ° 27 '  N , 12 ° 4'  E

Basic data
State : Saxony
County : Vogtland district
Height : 400 m above sea level NHN
Area : 121.63 km 2
Residents: 5806 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 48 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 08538
Primaries : 037436, 037433, 037435, 0341
License plate : V, AE, OVL, PL, RC
Community key : 14 5 23 450
Address of the
municipal administration:
Am Alten Gut 3
08538 Weischlitz
Website : www.weischlitz.de
Mayor : Steffen Raab (FWW)
Location of the community Weischlitz in the Vogtland district
Tschechien Bayern Thüringen Erzgebirgskreis Landkreis Zwickau Adorf/Vogtl. Auerbach/Vogtl. Bad Brambach Bad Elster Bergen (Vogtland) Bösenbrunn Eichigt Ellefeld Elsterberg Falkenstein/Vogtl. Grünbach (Sachsen) Heinsdorfergrund Klingenthal Lengenfeld (Vogtland) Limbach (Vogtland) Markneukirchen Mühlental Muldenhammer Netzschkau Neuensalz Neumark (Vogtland) Neustadt/Vogtl. Oelsnitz/Vogtl. Pausa-Mühltroff Plauen Pöhl Reichenbach im Vogtland Weischlitz Rodewisch Rosenbach/Vogtl. Schöneck/Vogtl. Steinberg (Vogtland) Triebel/Vogtl. Theuma Tirpersdorf Treuen Werdamap
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Weischlitz is a municipality in the Vogtlandkreis in Saxony .


The area of ​​the municipality Weischlitz is located in the Vogtland , in a wooded hilltop landscape with fields and meadows, in the outer southwest of the Free State of Saxony , bordering Bavaria and Thuringia . After leaving the Pirk dam , the White Elster flows through the districts of Kürbitz and Weischlitz .

Community structure

The districts of Weischlitz belong to:

As a result of the GDR border security, the following places were destroyed: Markusgrün , Schwarzenreuth and Stöckigt . Ramoldsreuth was destroyed in the course of the construction of the Dröda dam (1964–1971).

Neighboring communities

The neighboring communities are Rosenbach / Vogtl. , Plauen , Oelsnitz / Vogtl. , Bösenbrunn and Triebel / Vogtl. (all Vogtlandkreis ), Feilitzsch and Trogen in the Bavarian district of Hof as well as Gefell and Tanna in the Thuringian Saale-Orla district .


Weischlitz was first mentioned in a document in 1274 . The places Ober- and Unterweischlitz belonged to the Plauen office until the 19th century . The establishment of Rodersdorf, first mentioned in 1266, probably goes back to the time when the Vogtland was settled by the Slavs and Sorbs in the 7th and 8th centuries. The village of Kürbitz , first mentioned in a document in 1225, also gives evidence of Slavic settlement - "-itz" is a place name ending of Slavic origin. In earlier times, the Heinersgrün district was owned by the von Feilitzsch noble families from Upper Franconia and Vogtland . In 1812 Napoleon's troops also reached the town of Dröda and caused great damage to the population there with arson and looting.

Population development

Development of the population (December 31):

year 1998 2000 2002 2004 2007 2008 2012 2013
Residents 3,477 3,613 3,583 3,592 3,511 3,467 5,147 5,061


Former parish date annotation
Berglas 04/01/1939 Incorporation to Großzöbern
Burgstein 01/01/2011
Dehles 01/01/1994 Incorporation to Reuth
Dröda 01/01/1999 Incorporation to Burgstein
Geilsdorf 01/01/1994 Merger with six other communities to form Burgstein
Grossbau 07/04/1963 Incorporation to Kemnitz
Großzöbern 01/01/1994 Merger with six other communities to form Burgstein
Good lord 01/01/1994 Merger with six other communities to form Burgstein
Heinersgrün (with Markusgrün) 01/01/1994 Merger with six other communities to form Burgstein
Kemnitz 01/01/1994 Merger with six other communities to form Burgstein
Kleinzöbern 04/01/1939 Incorporation to Großzöbern
Krebes (with Schwarzenreuth) 01/01/1994 Merger with six other communities to form Burgstein
Toilet sweat 01/01/1999
Kobitzschwalde 01.01.1994
Incorporation to Neundorf ,
reclassification to Weischlitz
Kröstau 01/01/1974
Pumpkin 01/01/1999
Misslareuth 03/01/1994 Incorporation to Reuth
Oberweischlitz 07/01/1950
Pirk (with door) 01/01/1957 Incorporation to Großzöbern
Ramoldsreuth 09/01/1968
Incorporation to Großzöbern,
at the same time demolition of the village by building the Feilebach dam
Reinhardtswalde 01/01/1957 Incorporation after Dehles
Reuth 01/01/2017
Rodersdorf 01/01/1994
Rosenberg before 1880 Incorporation to Oberweischlitz
Ruderitz May 16, 1968 Incorporation after Krebes
Schönlind 01/01/1972 Incorporation to Reuth
Disappearance 01/01/1994 Merger with six other communities to form Burgstein
Spielmes (*) 04/01/1928 Partial integration to Reinhardtswalde
Steins 07/01/1950 Incorporation according to Schwand
Thossen 01/01/1974 Incorporation to Reuth
Tobertitz 01/01/1974 Incorporation to Reuth


Allocation of seats in 2014 in the Weischlitz municipal council
A total of 18 seats
  • FWW : 15
  • KW : 2
  • Wv RL : 1

Municipal council

Since the municipal council election on May 26, 2019 , the 18 seats of the municipal council have been distributed among the individual groups as follows:

  • Free voters Weischlitz (FWW): 15 seats (- 1), 77.9% of the votes
  • Kürbitzer voters (KW): 2 seats (± 0), share of votes 9.8%
  • Wv RL: 1 seat (+ 1), share of votes 8.3%

Left (2.9%) and SPD (1.1%) could not win a seat. The turnout was 71.6%.


Mayor of Weischlitz is Steffen Raab (Free Voters). On January 31, 2016, he was the only candidate to be confirmed in office with 98.0% of the valid votes. The turnout was 43.7%.



General education schools

There is a primary school and a high school in Weischlitz . Another primary school is located in the Krebes district.

Childcare facilities

There are kindergartens in Weischlitz and in the districts of Kürbitz and Rodersdorf, and in the district of Großzöbern there is a day-care center .


The Weischlitz station, opened in 1874, is located on the Plauen – Cheb line , and the line from Gera Süd (also known as the Elstertalbahn ) ends here . In Gutenfürst there is the train station , which was important as a border station on the Leipzig – Hof line . In the southeast, Weischlitz has a direct connection to the federal motorway 72 . The districts are networked with local public transport buses .

Worth seeing

The old manor of Weischlitz, which is under monument protection , is a unique ensemble of manor house and two half-timbered barns in Vogtland. The building complex was reconstructed between 1995 and 1997. The municipal administration has its seat in the former manor house. One barn is used by the municipality as a community center and another by a financial institution, the Sparkasse Vogtland.

The tourist-certified district of Kürbitz is perceived nationwide through its sights and cultural events.

The Clara spring, consecrated on September 26, 1928, on the slope of the White Elster , is one of the excursion destinations. There is also the Neumühle thermal spring below the Geilsdorf district .

The pilgrimage chapel Santa Clara in Heinersgrün is 540 meters high. Its establishment goes back to Clarissen from Hof .

The castle Türbel served as fortification for the protection of important historic trade route section between Plauen and yard.


  • Emil Kreller (1811–1882), manor owner in Unterweischlitz and politician, MdL (Kingdom of Saxony)
  • Heinrich Theodor Koch (1822–1898), member of the Reichstag and Landtag, born in Kürbitz
  • Hermann Vogel (1854–1921), painter, lived and died in Krebes
  • Paul Hartwig (1915–2014), naval officer, most recently Vice Admiral of the Federal Navy and Commander of the Fleet , was born on September 14, 1915 in Steins, now part of Weischlitz
  • Rudolf Schubert (* 1927) in the Kobitzschwalde district, botanist and university professor
  • Günter Werner (1931–1998), military doctor
  • Siegfried Rudert (1932–1980), mechanical engineer and professor for automation technology in Magdeburg, born in Großzöbern
  • Michael Ketting (* 1950), engineer and professor at the Ruhr University Bochum; In Weischlitz from 2000 to 2012 general representative and from 2012 to 2015 managing director of IAMT - Ingenieurgesellschaft für Allgemeine Maschinentechnik mbH (holding company)


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