Values ​​of the German homeland

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Spines of different volumes in the book series in different layouts (light green, dark green)

Values ​​of the German Homeland (initially Values ​​of the German Homeland , between 1970 and 1990 Values ​​of our Homeland ) was a series of publications by the Academy of Sciences of the GDR , Institute for Geography and Geoecology , Local Research Working Group, published by Akademie-Verlag Berlin and more than 50 volumes included, of which more than half concerns Saxony . The preparations for this series, initiated by Hans Nadler , Richard Vogel and Karl-Ewald Frisch, began in 1950.

The aim of this series was the comprehensive local history inventory in the GDR . The series has been self-published by the Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography since 1992 under its original title Values ​​of the German Homeland . V. (IfL) and since 1993 taken over by the publishing house Böhlau Nachf. Weimar. In 1994 it got a new layout and since 2001 it has been continued as Landscapes in Germany - Values ​​of the German Homeland . Since volume 62, it has been published jointly by the IfL and the Saxon Academy of Sciences in Leipzig (SAW). It has been published by Böhlau Verlag since 2001 .


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