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The municipality of Chorin does not have a coat of arms
Map of Germany, position of the municipality of Chorin highlighted

Coordinates: 52 ° 54 '  N , 13 ° 52'  E

Basic data
State : Brandenburg
County : Barnim
Office : Britz-Chorin-Oderberg
Height : 55 m above sea level NHN
Area : 122.05 km 2
Residents: 2332 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 19 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 16230
Area code : 033366
License plate : BAR, BER, EW
Community key : 12 0 60 045
Community structure: 7 districts
Office administration address: Eisenwerkstrasse 11
16230 Britz
Mayor : Martin Horst ( CDU )
Location of the municipality of Chorin in the district of Barnim
Ahrensfelde Althüttendorf Bernau bei Berlin Biesenthal Breydin Britz (bei Eberswalde) Chorin Eberswalde Friedrichswalde Hohenfinow Joachimsthal Liepe Lunow-Stolzenhagen Marienwerder Melchow Niederfinow Oderberg Panketal Parsteinsee Rüdnitz Schorfheide Sydower Fließ Wandlitz Werneuchen Ziethen Brandenburgmap
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Aerial photograph Brodowin 2017

Chorin (until March 26, 1934 Chorinchen ) is a municipality belonging to the Britz-Chorin-Oderberg district in the Brandenburg district of Barnim in Germany . It is located in the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve and is known nationwide for the Cistercian monastery Chorin .



The municipality of Chorin is located in the northeast of the Barnim district, north and northeast of the district town of Eberswalde and north of the Oder-Havel Canal. It is located on the high plateau of the terminal moraine of the Eberswalder glacial valley .

Expansion of the municipal area

Chorin extends from Britz in the west to the south bank of the Parsteinsee in the east and from the Oder-Havel Canal in the south to Serwest in the north. The (large) community of Chorin was created in 1998 through the merger of the previously independent communities of Chorin, Golzow, Neuehütte, Sandkrug and Senftenhütte. 2001 Brodowin and Serwest were incorporated into Chorin.

Neighboring cities and towns

Nearby cities include Eberswalde in the south, Joachimsthal in the west and Angermünde in the north. There are no other large towns near Chorin, when the monastery was founded the Cistercian monks made sure to be as far away as possible from the nearest towns.

Community structure

The municipality of Chorin consists of the seven districts Brodowin, Chorin, Golzow, Neuehütte , Sandkrug , Senftenhütte and Serwest.

There are also the living spaces Amt Chorin, Buchholz, Kloster Chorin, Mönchsbrück, Parsteinwerder, Pehlitz, Polenzwerder, Ragöser Mühle, Schönhof, Senftenthal, Theerofen, Weißensee and Zaun.


The current districts of the municipality belonged to the Oberbarnim district in the province of Brandenburg since 1817 and to the Angermünde district in the GDR district of Frankfurt (Oder) from 1952 . The villages have been in the Brandenburg district of Barnim since 1993.

Today's municipality of Chorin was created on September 27, 1998 from the merger of the former municipality of Chorin with the municipalities of Golzow , Neuehütte , Sandkrug and Senftenhütte . The communities Brodowin and Serwest were incorporated on December 31, 2001.


Protestant village church Brodowin

About 400 people live in Brodowin; contrary to the trend, the place has grown by around ten percent since the fall of the Wall in 1990. The district of the village borders on the west bank of the Parsteiner See , on which most of the operating areas are located. The most important vantage point in the Brodowin landscape is the Kleine Rummelsberg , which is under nature protection with its rare dry grassland . In the village of Brodowin is the Demeter company, Ökodorf Brodowin, founded by Werner Upmeier , with over 1,200 hectares of agricultural land.


Chorin is on Landesstraße 200 between Eberswalde and Angermünde. While the Chorin Monastery named after the place is located directly on the state road, the village of Chorin is grouped further west on the Berlin-Stettin railway line. The old Chorin train station was opened in 1856 and is located well north of the village. No passenger trains have stopped there since 1995. The Chorin stop (formerly Chorin monastery), which was opened in 1902, is still used for passenger traffic.


Golzow village church
Golzow village church, interior

The Ragöse (also Ragöser Fließ ) rises in the village of Golzow, flows through the districts of Sandkrug (Ragöser Mühle) and Neuehütte and flows into the Finow Canal in the Eberswalde urban area after a distance of around ten kilometers . Golzow was first mentioned in a document in 1258. The listed church in the town center was built in the 13th century , almost completely destroyed during the Thirty Years War and rebuilt in 1671. The 50 meter high tower was built in 1897 during a church renovation. Inside the church is richly decorated and ornately painted.


Sand jar

The street village is located on the old trade and military route from Berlin to Stettin. It was built in 1754 as the “Neuer Amtskrug” by bailiff Georg Ludwig Gans (1736–1763). In 1775 and 1777, under bailiff Philipp Heinrich Karbe (1772–1799), ten Büdner families, each with an acre of field, were assigned . From 1860 the place is called the colony of the monastery. From 1919 to 1998 Sandkrug was an independent municipality. The much older district of Ragöser Mühle was incorporated in 1928. A mill belonging to Alexander in Ragösen (molendinum Rogosene quod fuit Alexandri) appears as a margravial property in the deed of foundation of the Mariensee Monastery. It is not known whether this mill was topographically and content-wise identical to the Ragöser mill. In 1996 the municipality received a coat of arms and a flag. The “speaking coat of arms” shows a jug and a mill wheel in the colors black and gold in a shield that is divided lengthways. Today Sandkrug has about 350 inhabitants.


Senftenhütte village church
Serwest village church
Old road between Senftenhütte and Chorin

The first written mention of the place comes from 1784. However, the date of foundation is January 1, 1706, when the first lease agreement for the area was concluded. The name of the place is derived from Johann Georg Senf . In 1718 he took over a glassworks on the property, which was built in 1705 by the Berlin businessman Christian Puhlmann. The place has a church in which there is a baptismal font of the blacksmith Karl Kirchner .


Serwest is a village on Landesstraße 200 between Chorin and Angermünde. It was first mentioned in 1258 as Seruetiz as a village in the border area of ​​the Mariensee (Chorin) monastery. In Serwest, VEB Elektro-Apparate-Werke Berlin-Treptow "Friedrich Ebert" built and operated a company holiday camp for the children of its employees.

  • Buchholz is a residential area of ​​Serwest, which was mentioned for the first time in 1258 as an independent place Buccolt in the deed of foundation of the monastery Chorin. The name comes from Middle Low German and means settlement on the beech forest . At the beginning of the Thirty Years War there was a sheep farm with 1,200 animals in the village . After the end of the war, the place was deserted for a long time. In 1860 the operation of a potato distillery began which was operated with a steam engine . It was incorporated into Serwest in 1929.

Population development

year Residents
1875 724
1890 716
1910 716
1925 716
1933 706
1939 748
1946 964
1950 937
year Residents
1964 771
1971 730
1981 601
1985 549
1989 531
1990 508
1991 504
1992 515
1993 513
1994 520
year Residents
1995 539
1996 551
1997 545
1998 1866
1999 1871
2000 1861
2001 2598
2002 2582
2003 2596
2004 2605
year Residents
2005 2569
2006 2530
2007 2510
2008 2508
2009 2430
2010 2381
2011 2326
2012 2290
2013 2275
2014 2281
year Residents
2015 2265
2016 2290
2017 2318
2018 2339
2019 2332

Territory of the respective year, number of inhabitants: as of December 31 (from 1991), from 2011 based on the 2011 census


Community representation

The Chorin community council consists of twelve community representatives and the honorary mayor with the following distribution of seats:

Party / group of voters Seats
CDU 4th
Independent voter community Brodowin 2
List for constructive local politics 1
Serwest voter group 1
Individual applicant Jan Engel 1

(As of: local election on May 26, 2019 )


  • since 1998: Martin Horst (CDU)

On May 26, 2019, Horst was elected for a further five-year term of office with 78.2 percent of the valid votes.

Chorin Monastery , well-preserved medieval Cistercian monastery in the
brick Gothic style

Sights and culture

In the list of architectural monuments in Chorin and in the list of ground monuments in Chorin are the cultural monuments entered in the list of monuments of the state of Brandenburg.

Of particular interest in the immediate vicinity is the ruins of the former Cistercian - Chorin Monastery with the tombs of Brandenburg Margrave . Hugo Kaun wrote a set of suites for the evening mood - Chorin Monastery .

The Cultural and Educational Association Old School Senft hut with a small cinema as part of the mobile cinemas of the film club Güstrow pillar of community life and regional representation of the umbrella organization of cultural cinemas and film clubs, film communication Mecklenburg-Vorpommern . The film series DORF MACHT KINO is organized in various working groups. The facility has existed since 2015. Events for children, art and literature, expert lectures and excursions are also offered. The focus of the activities is the sustainable safeguarding and development of an active and cross-generational village community.

Chorin station building


Chorin is on Landesstraße 200 (until 2003 Bundesstraße 2 ) between Angermünde and Eberswalde.

In 1857 Chorin got a train station on the Berlin – Stettin railway line . This station has only been used for operational purposes since 1995. In 1902 the nearer station Chorinchen, later Chorin monastery, was opened. Today it is in operation under the name Chorin and is served by the regional express line RE 3 Stralsund / Schwedt (Oder) - Berlin - Falkenberg (Elster) / Lutherstadt Wittenberg . The district of Golzow also has a stop on the Britz – Templin railway line ( regional train line RB 63 Eberswalde - Templin Stadt).


  • Karl Blum (1878–1945), politician (SPD), born in Pehlitz
  • Max Taut (1884–1967), architect, lived in Chorin, buried in the Chorin monastery cemetery
  • Georg Neumann (1898–1976), entrepreneur and developer of electroacoustic devices, born in Chorin
  • Wilhelm von Salisch (1913–1945), Colonel of the Wehrmacht, bearer of the oak leaves for the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross


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