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17-05-23 photo flight Barnim-a RR70416.jpg
The campsites “Sweet Angle” (in front) and “Spring”, in the middle the shoal perch mountain
Geographical location Barnim district , Brandenburg, Germany
Tributaries New ditch from the Grimnitzsee
Drain Werbellinkanal
Places on the shore Altenhof
Location close to the shore Joachimsthal and the community of Schorfheide
Coordinates 52 ° 56 '0 "  N , 13 ° 43' 0"  E Coordinates: 52 ° 56 '0 "  N , 13 ° 43' 0"  E
Werbellinsee (Brandenburg)
Altitude above sea level 43.2  m
surface 7.65 km²
Maximum depth 55 m


former pioneering republic of Wilhelm Pieck on the south bank east of Altenhof

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East bank between Altenhof and Joachimsthal
Werbellinsee in winter
Werbellinsee, view of the campsite and the "Am Spring" beach
Werbellinsee, flat entry at the bathing beach "Am Spring"
the promenade in Altenhof (Schorfheide)

The Werbellinsee is located in the north of Brandenburg Barnim , in Schorfheide-Chorin . Together with the Werbellink Canal it forms the federal waterway Werbelliner Gewässer (WbG). It counts up to the Oder-Havel Canal to the waterways of class  I and belongs to the competence of the fairway and Shipping Authority Eberswalde .


The Werbellinsee was created in the last Ice Age ( Vistula Ice Age ) as a typical channel lake . The meltwater flowing under the ice eroded heavily into the subsoil, creating the hollow shape. Dead ice was then pressed into the channel . The dead ice lying in the channel preserved the steep flanks of the channel. It also saved the channel from being buried when the meltwater flowed from the northern Pomeranian ice edge over the dead ice block to the Eberswalde glacial valley .

This created a lake that is now 9.52 kilometers long and up to one and a half kilometers wide during the Ice Age. The Werbellinsee has an area of ​​7.65 km² and is more than 55 meters deep. Its deepest point is 12 meters below sea level. It is the second deepest lake in Brandenburg after the Stechlinsee . The Ruppiner See near Neuruppin and the Üdersee south of the Werbellinsee also have a comparable history .


In addition to underground springs, the lake is fed by the Grimnitzsee . The Grimnitzsee was also created in the Ice Age. According to the history of its origins, it represents a Zungenbeckensee . The connection from the Grimnitzsee was artificially established in the 17th century.

Today the course of the lake, which was expanded into the Werbellink Canal in 1765, flows into the Oder-Havel Canal , which was built from 1906 to 1914 and is connected to the Havel by the Lehnitz lock , with the Oder by the Niederfinow ship lift .

The places Joachimsthal and the community Schorfheide with their districts Altenhof am See and Eichhorst am Kanal are close to the Werbellinsee .

Origin of name and history

There are several explanations for the origin of the name Werbellin . The origin of the name from the West Slavic languages is considered certain . Both a derivation from the West Slavic word stem for sparrow ( Sorbian wróbl ) and from the willow tree (Sorbian wjerba ) is possible.

To the Werbellinsee entwine several legends attached to the in the Baltic sunken Vineta remember. It tells of the downfall of the town of Werbellow . The legend may go back to earlier settlements in the lake. From prehistoric times there are boat wrecks on the lake floor as well as broken pieces and stakes on the lake, which suggest a pile dwelling settlement . A castle built on stilts was destroyed in a fire around 1350.

Southwest of the Werbellinsee, near Eichhorst , a jungle enclosure was built in 1934 under the direction of Hermann Göring . Animals such as bison , elk and wild horses lived here . In recognition of the breeding successes in the enclosure, Göring inaugurated the bison monument in Eichhorst in 1934 , where it has been standing again since the 1990s.

The pioneering republic of Wilhelm Pieck was opened on the eastern bank in 1952 , a leisure center for children and young people. After the fall of the Wall , this area was privatized and now forms the EJB Werbellinsee GmbH (European youth and recreational meeting place in Joachimsthal).

On December 11, 1981, Erich Honecker received Chancellor Helmut Schmidt on the occasion of his state visit to the GDR in the Hubertusstock hunting lodge on the Werbellinsee.

Tourism and water sports

There is a passenger shipping company on the Werbellinsee, which runs scheduled tours and charter trips. There is a navigable connection to the North and Baltic Seas through the Werbellink Canal with two locks and the Oder-Havel Canal . There are two campsites on the banks. There are numerous water sports clubs on the lake, including the SV Stahl Finow , with the sailing and canoeing departments, the sailing and water sports club Werbellinsee in Altenhof, the Schorfheide yacht club in Joachimsthal and a diving base on the grounds of the EJB (formerly the pioneering republic of Wilhelm Pieck) . The sailing department of the former company sports association (BSG) of VEB Walzwerk Finow ("Stahl Finow") established itself here early on due to the elongated shape of the lake and the wooded banks. The sailors of this BSG were very successful and also regularly sailed the Baltic Sea.

The clubs also hold a number of regattas . The most important event is the Werbellinseeregatta, which takes place annually in August and is organized by the sailing department of SV Stahl Finow. In 2018, 79 boats and 176 sailors from five federal states were registered. Races were held in the boat classes 20 dinghy cruiser , pirate , Ixylon and 420 . Another highlight of the year is the Askanier Cup in June. The children and youth regatta, which has been held since 2015, has more than 100 participants every year. There are races in the junior boat classes Laser and Optimist .

The solar boat regatta has been held annually in June on the Werbellinsee since 2011. The coffee boat e. V. is a non-profit association that deals with local history, especially underwater archeology. The name of the Kaffenkahn association directly relates to the main focus of their efforts.

Fishing industry

The lake is very rich in fish and therefore served early on as a livelihood for the inhabitants on its shore. Red deer , roe deer , wild boar and small game have been hunted in the wooded area for centuries . The district was particularly popular with the rulers. As written records and reports from divers prove, the Werbellinsee is the second largest ship cemetery in Europe after Lake Constance . The structural remains of Café Wildau were also sunk in the lake in the 20th century because the money for renovation was lacking and Helmut Schmidt's visit should not see this eyesore .


The best way to get to the Werbellinsee is with a regular bus from the Barnimer Busgesellschaft , which connects the villages on the eastern shore of the lake with Eberswalde . In summer there is also an excursion bus with a bicycle trailer around the Werbellinsee ( Werbellinseebus 917 ). It brings visitors from Eberswalde to all places and sights on the lake: Finowfurt with the nearby aviation museum, Eichhorst lock, Eichhorst , Wildau , Camping Spring, Hubertusstock, marina, Kaiserbahnhof Joachimsthal , Biorama-Projekt , Joachimsthal , Joachimsthal train station, Jägerhof, EJB Werbellinsee , Altenhof , Lichterfelde .
The vicinity of the lake can also be reached with a NEB rail link that connects Eberswalde with Joachimsthal (RB63). In addition, two state roads (L220, L238) run along both sides of its banks. In addition, the Berlin – Usedom long-distance cycle route runs along the western shore of the lake.

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