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A wreck (from Mitteliederdt .: wrack "floating object") is a vehicle that has become unusable due to deterioration or damage . Most commonly, the term is associated with lower ships after a shipwreck or, in naval warfare , sinking or scuttling used. The term ruin is used for buildings and technical systems . In the case of a larger number of wrecks, one speaks in a figurative sense of ship cemeteries , car cemeteries , aircraft cemeteries etc.


Shipwrecks that are partially submerged or just below the surface of the water or floating are considered to be a major threat to shipping lanes . For shipwrecks more than 100 years old, the Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage, adopted by the UNESCO General Conference in November 2001, applies . It came into force in 2009, but has not yet been ratified by Germany and Austria as of 2020.

A special kind of self-absorption make the block ships in naval warfare is. It's decommissioned ships were sunk from enemy port entrances, to block them or in front of their plants to protect them.

Individual shipwrecks and wreck finds (selection)

Wreck of the Titanic in the North Atlantic
Part of the wreckage of Air New Zealand's
DC-10 ( flight 901 ) that crashed on Mount Erebus in Antarctica in 1979
Car wreck : Discarded VW Beetle at a recycler
Destroyed T-55 on the Highway of Death between Kuwait and Basra


Middle Ages and early modern times

Roman times

Bronze and Iron Ages

Stone age

Old ship steel

Steel from shipwrecks, which was produced before 1945, is used as a particularly low- radiation low-background steel in physical devices for measuring small gamma radiation doses.

Wreck of a locomobile

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