Road system in the Netherlands

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The road system in the Netherlands is basically divided according to different criteria .




Autosnelweg or snelweg for short is the name of a motorway in the Netherlands . These are labeled with an A, but they can be rijkswegen or provinciale Wegen . The maximum speed is officially 130 km / h. The maximum speed is currently limited to 100 km / h between 6 am and 7 pm and to 120 km / h between 7 and 6 hours. The use of the motorway is only permitted for vehicles that can and are allowed to drive at least 60 km / h .

Car route

Car route

A autoweg is a car road . It can also be a rijksweg or provinciale weg and is labeled with an N. The maximum speed allowed is 100 km / h, unless otherwise stated. Use is only permitted for vehicles that can and may drive at least 50 km / h .

Out of town

The speed limit out of town is 80 km / h. In many rural areas with built-up areas there is a speed limit of 60 km / h, this is indicated by zone 60 km / h signs.

In town

The speed limit in urban areas is 50 km / h. In many residential areas, as in Germany, a speed limit of 30 km / h applies.

City route

Stadsroutes are currently only available in the large municipalities of Amsterdam , Rotterdam , The Hague , Almere , Nijmegen and Zaanstad . These are mainly feeder roads that bundle traffic and direct it to the inner city and residential areas. There is also one inner city ring in Amsterdam and one in Rotterdam, and two in The Hague.

The signs that refer to or identify the Stadsroutes have the small letter s and a three-digit number from 101 onwards. The ring roads in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague have three-digit hundreds behind the s : in Amsterdam and Rotterdam each s 100 ( centrumring) , in The Hague s 100 (centrumring) and s 200 (ring Den Haag) .



Rijkswegen are roads laid out and maintained by the Ministry of Transport. These roads can be motorways ( autosnelwege ), autowegen or normal roads. Almost all one- or two-digit (and some three-digit) numbered motorways and autowegen are rijkswegen .

Provinciale way

Provincial routes are the equivalent of the rijkswege managed by the Dutch provinces . Also provincial routes can be motorways (A numbers), autowegen (N numbers) or normal roads. Most of the motorways and autowegen with three digits are provincial , but some are two-digit as well.

Gemeentelijke away

The Dutch municipalities operate all the roads in their municipality, unless another authority is responsible.


The Dutch waterschappen (self-governing bodies for water management) operate their own roads for the maintenance of dykes and other hydraulic structures. These roads are often inaccessible to normal traffic.