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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the Westerwaldkreis Map of Germany, position of the Westerwaldkreis highlighted

Coordinates: 50 ° 33 '  N , 7 ° 52'  E

Basic data
State : Rhineland-Palatinate
Administrative headquarters : Montabaur
Area : 988.95 km 2
Residents: 201.904 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 204 inhabitants per km 2
License plate : WW
Circle key : 07 1 43
Circle structure: 192 parishes
Address of the
district administration:
Peter-Altmeier-Platz 1
56410 Montabaur
Website : www.westerwaldkreis.de
District Administrator : Achim Schwickert ( CDU )
Location of the Westerwaldkreis in Rhineland-Palatinate
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The Westerwaldkreis is a regional authority in northern Rhineland-Palatinate and lies between Cologne / Bonn and the Frankfurt / Rhine-Main metropolitan region . The town of Montabaur is the seat of the district administration and at the same time the most populous municipality . The district was created in 1974 as part of the Rhineland-Palatinate regional and administrative reform from the simultaneously dissolved districts of Unterwesterwaldkreis (based in Montabaur) and Oberwesterwaldkreis (based in Westerburg ).


The area of ​​the Westerwaldkreis was calculated in 2014 according to the district administration of the Westerwaldkreis as 988.97 and according to the State Statistical Office of Rhineland-Palatinate as 988.98 square kilometers. The north-south extension is 44 kilometers and the west-east extension 40 kilometers. The highest point is the Fuchskaute at 657  m above sea level. NN , the lowest point at 150  m is in the Gelbachtal below Dies , a district of Gackenbach .


The Westerwaldkreis is located in northern Rhineland-Palatinate, not far from the border triangle with Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia . The district extends over the Westerwald northeast of Koblenz . It is relatively sparsely populated. Larger rivers are the Nister , the Wied and the Sayn , which, however, leave the district area just a few kilometers after the source.


The Westerwald , despite its relatively low altitude for a typical low mountain bracing climate . The average annual temperature is between 6.5 and 8.5 degrees Celsius. The average annual rainfall is between 780 and 1300 millimeters. Around 40 percent of the district is forested.

Neighboring areas

The Westerwaldkreis borders in a clockwise direction in the northeast on the Siegen-Wittgenstein district (in North Rhine-Westphalia ), the Lahn-Dill district and the Limburg-Weilburg district (both in Hesse ) as well as the Rhein-Lahn district , to the Independent city of Koblenz and the districts of Mayen-Koblenz , Neuwied and Altenkirchen (Westerwald) (all in Rhineland-Palatinate).


Before 1800, today's district was divided into numerous rulers, of which the Electorate of Trier and the Principality of Nassau-Orange had the largest shares. After that, the area came to the Duchy of Nassau from 1806/1815 and in 1866 it was annexed by Prussia . Then the three districts of Unterwesterwaldkreis (seat in Montabaur), Oberwesterwaldkreis (seat in Bad Marienberg ) and Westerburg were created . In 1932 the northern part of the Westerburg district with the city of Westerburg was incorporated into the Oberwesterwaldkreis, the district seat of which was moved from Bad Marienberg to Westerburg. The southern part of the Westerburg district came to the Unterwesterwaldkreis. The districts belonged to the Wiesbaden administrative district of the Hesse-Nassau province . On August 30, 1946, both districts came to Rhineland-Palatinate and initially belonged to the administrative district of Montabaur . After its dissolution in 1968, both districts were assigned to the Koblenz administrative district. In 1970 Marienhausen moved from the Unterwesterwaldkreis to the Neuwied district and Berod bei Hachenburg from the Oberwesterwaldkreis to the Altenkirchen district. As part of the district reform , both districts were merged on March 16, 1974 to form the Westerwald district, which was given its current name on August 1, 1974 (with the exception of Arzbach , which is now part of the Rhein-Lahn district , and Stromberg, today a district of Bendorf in the Mayen-Koblenz district ).


year Residents source
1975 165,800
1980 167,700
1990 178,100
2000 201,800
2010 198,580
2018 201,597

The residents are generally considered Westerwald called, the locals call themselves Wäller or basalt Koeppe , as they are considered stubborn and in a very basalt live rich region. As of December 31, 2019, the Westerwaldkreis had 201,904 inhabitants. The population density on the reference date was 204 inhabitants per square kilometer. At the end of 2013 there were more women (50.5 percent) than men (49.5 percent) in the district. At 32.5 percent, the old-age quotient slightly exceeds the youth quotient (32.1 percent).

The proportion of foreigners (registered residents without German citizenship ) was 6.2 percent on December 31, 2013 (12,263 people). The most strongly represented nationalities are primarily Turkish , Polish , Italian , Kosovar , Russian , Bulgarian , Bosnian and Herzegovinian , Romanian , Dutch and Croatian .

In March 2015, the district recorded an unemployment rate of 4.2 percent (4651 people).


Distribution of seats in the
district assembly of the Westerwaldkreis 2019
A total of 50 seats
The district building in Montabaur is the seat of the district administration

Politically, the Westerwaldkreis is conservative . This can also be seen in the dominant position of the CDU, which is by far the strongest force and continues to provide the district administrator after successful re-election in 2017. In the 2019 district election, however, like the SPD, it suffered significant losses. The winners of the election are the AfD, who appeared for the first time, as well as the Greens and FDP, which corresponds to the general state trend in the local elections in Rhineland-Palatinate.

District council

The district council of the Westerwaldkreis consists of 50 honorary district council members elected in a personalized proportional representation and the district administrator as chairman. After the last district election on May 26, 2019 , the following distribution of seats results:

year SPD CDU AfD FDP Green left FWG NPD total
2019 10 18th 4th 3 7th 2 6th - 50
2014 14th 22nd - 2 4th 2 6th - 50
2009 15th 21st - 4th 3 1 5 1 50
2004 14th 26th - 2 3 - 5 - 50
1999 18th 24 - 2 2 - 4th - 50
  • Free voter group Westerwald (FWG) e. V.

Due to the peculiarities of the Rhineland-Palatinate electoral system in local elections ( personalized proportional representation ), the percentage of votes shown in the graphic are shown as “weighted results” that can only represent the voting behavior arithmetically.

District Administrator

Achim Schwickert (CDU) has held the position of district administrator since October 11, 2009; in the district election on May 7, 2017, he was confirmed in office for a further eight years with 88.87% of the votes. The district administrator is also the head of the authority and the chairman of the district board, chairman of the district council and external representative of the district. Representatives of the district council include the members of the district executive, Kurt Schüler (first district member) as well as Ulrich Keßler and Thomas Roth (both district members).

Former district administrators

District administration

The district administration of the Westerwald district consists of three departments with and nine departments (one as a self-propelled ). Numerous sections and specialist areas are subordinate to the departments .

badges and flags

The Westerwaldkreis has a coat of arms as well as a hoist and banner flag .

Coat of arms of the Westerwaldkreis
Blazon : “In silver, a green sloping bar; Growing below seven silver-edged, hexagonal black basalt columns of different heights, above a cylindrical, old German blue jug with silver ribs and three oval silver medallions. "
Justification for the coat of arms: The seven basalt columns stand for the seven association communities in which basalt and quartz occur, while the jug with the three medallions symbolizes the three association communities of the so-called Kannenbäckerland , which is home to the pottery and the ceramic industry. The green sloping bar symbolizes the recreational value of the district with its forests and meadows.

The coat of arms was approved on February 2, 1976.


In terms of nominal gross domestic product, the Westerwaldkreis is one of the economically strongest districts in Rhineland-Palatinate. In 2010 the district generated a nominal 5.4 billion euros - this is the highest rate in all Rhineland-Palatinate districts. The city of Montabaur and the Wallmerod community each have the highest per capita purchasing power in the district and their values ​​are higher the national average.

In 2012 around 29,000 people commuted to work beyond the Westerwaldkreis, while around 17,000 people commuted to work in the district. The majority of those employees who left the district mainly went to Koblenz, the Hessian district of Limburg-Weilburg and the district of Altenkirchen (Westerwald) . The commuters come in particular from the districts of Altenkirchen, Neuwied and the Rhein-Lahn district .

In the Future Atlas 2016 , the Westerwaldkreis ranked 215th out of 402 rural districts, municipal associations and urban districts in Germany, making it one of the regions with a “balanced risk-opportunity mix” for the future. In the 2019 edition, it was ranked 217 out of 401.


Rail transport

An ICE 3 passes Montabaur station without stopping .

The traffic-remote area of ​​the Westerwald was only opened up at the end of the 19th century by railway lines that - with the exception of a small railway - were built by the Prussian State Railway . Since 2002, the Westerwald has been connected to the national and international long-distance transport network through the Montabaur train station on the high-speed route Cologne – Rhine / Main with a few stops. The ICE connects the Limburg Süd train station in the southeast , the Frankfurt airport long-distance train station and the Frankfurt main train station . In the opposite direction of the ICE connects the Siegburg / Bonn station , the Cologne Main Station and the Köln Messe / Deutz station and Brussels .

In 1884 the Unterwesterwaldbahn was opened from Limburg via Montabaur to Altenkirchen, from which a line branched off in Siershahn to Engers am Rhein, which in Grenzau received a branch to Höhr-Grenzhausen, which was only extended to Hillscheid in 1911. The second line from Limburg to Altenkirchen via Hadamar –Westerburg was put into operation only two years later - in 1886.

From 1906 a branch line ran from Herborn in the Lahn-Dill district to Rennerod and in 1907 it reached Westerburg. The Erbach – Fehl-Ritzhausen railway, which opened in 1911 and branched off from the Oberwesterwaldbahn Altenkirchen – Westerburg – Limburg, also ran into it.

The eastern north-south line was connected to the western parallel line in 1910 by the Westerburg – Montabaur railway line.

Another cross-connection had already been created in 1901 by the narrow-gauge line of the Kleinbahn-AG Selters-Hachenburg .

In 1907 the town of Höhr-Grenzhausen received - along with an extension in 1910 - an electric overland line to Vallendar on the Rhine from the Coblenz tram company ; this was replaced by a trolleybus in 1941 .

Of the railway network, which from 1911 - i.e. excluding the 25 km new line - comprised around 185 km, today only 66 km are used by passenger trains. This traffic was taken over by the Vectus Verkehrsgesellschaft at the end of 2004 . The transport contract with the former transport company Vectus ended with the timetable change in December 2014. From December 2014, the Hessische Landesbahn , Dreiländerbahn operating area , took over the transport services on the RB 29 (Unterwesterwaldbahn) and on the RB 90 (Westerwald-Sieg-Bahn), which were used for the timetable change 2015 was extended from Au (Sieg) über Wissen and Betzdorf to Siegen . The Au an der Sieg station is an important transfer station for travelers from the Oberwesterwald in the direction of Bonn, Cologne and Aachen, this is where the S12 line of the Cologne S-Bahn (Düren - Horrem - Cologne - Siegburg / Bonn - Herchen - Au) ends (Sieg)), the Rhein-Sieg-Express (RE 9) runs from Au (Sieg) to Siegen and in the opposite direction to Siegburg / Bonn train station , to Cologne, Düren and Aachen.

Since January 1, 2017, the Westerwaldkreis has been applying the tariff of the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Mosel (VRM) for bus and train tickets .

Passenger traffic settings:

  • 1950: Herschbach - Hachenburg 19 km (meter gauge)
  • 1959: Herborn - Rehe - Rennerod 6 km (Westerwaldquerbahn)
  • 1960: Selters - Herschbach 5 km (meter gauge)
  • 1971: Fehl-Ritzhausen - Bad Marienberg - Erbach 12 km
  • 1972: Grenzau - Höhr-Grenzhausen - Hillscheid 7 km
  • 1981: Rennerod - Fehl-Ritzhausen - Westerburg 17 km ( Westerwaldquerbahn )
  • 1981: Montabaur - Wallmerod - Westerburg 26 km (Westerwaldquerbahn)
  • 1984: Siershahn - Selters - Altenkirchen 40 km (of which 12 km in the Westerwaldkreis) ( Holzbachtalbahn )
  • 1989: Engers - Grenzau - Siershahn 28 km (15 km of which in the Westerwaldkreis) ( Brexbachtalbahn )

Trunk roads

The federal highways 3 ( Cologne - Frankfurt am Main ) and the 48 (Koblenz – Montabaur) run through the district . In addition, the district is accessed by several federal highways, including the B 8 , B 49 , B 54 , B 255 , B 413 and B 414 .

At the beginning of the 21st century, efforts were made to better connect the Westerwaldkreis to the motorway network. The route discussed under the name “Westerwaldautobahn” would have connected the A 48 near Dernbach with the A 45 near Freudenberg , thereby significantly improving the traffic situation in the Hachenburg community and the Altenkirchen district . Nevertheless, the Westerwald motorway was not realized due to considerable protests.

Administrative structure

The Westerwaldkreis comprises ten association communities with 192 local communities . The largest municipality is the city of Montabaur with 13,998 inhabitants, the smallest local municipality is Heuzert with 118 inhabitants.

Map: Municipalities of the Westerwaldkreis

Association municipalities

Association municipality Population
(December 31, 2019)
Bad Marienberg (Westerwald) 19,358
Hachenburg 24,285
Höhr-Grenzhausen 13,433
Montabaur 40,130
Ransbach-Baumbach 15,024
Rennerod 16,745
Selters (Westerwald) 16,150
Wallmerod 14,587
Westerburg 22,670
Wirges 19,522

Local parishes

The administrative offices of the municipalities are marked with an asterisk (*).

Local parish Population
(December 31, 2019)
Association municipality
Bad Marienberg (Westerwald) , city * 6,098 Bad Marienberg (Westerwald)
Boelsberg 217 Bad Marienberg (Westerwald)
Dreisbach 570 Bad Marienberg (Westerwald)
Fehl-Ritzhausen 766 Bad Marienberg (Westerwald)
Large soaps 634 Bad Marienberg (Westerwald)
Hahn near Marienberg 477 Bad Marienberg (Westerwald)
Hardt 456 Bad Marienberg (Westerwald)
court 1,196 Bad Marienberg (Westerwald)
Kirburg 580 Bad Marienberg (Westerwald)
Langenbach near Kirburg 1,080 Bad Marienberg (Westerwald)
Lautzenbrücken 432 Bad Marienberg (Westerwald)
Mörlen 527 Bad Marienberg (Westerwald)
Neunkhausen 1,021 Bad Marienberg (Westerwald)
Nisterau 821 Bad Marienberg (Westerwald)
Nesting valley 1,192 Bad Marienberg (Westerwald)
Norken 946 Bad Marienberg (Westerwald)
Stockhausen-Illfurth 444 Bad Marienberg (Westerwald)
Imprecise 1,901 Bad Marienberg (Westerwald)
Alpenrod 1,579 Hachenburg
Aster 224 Hachenburg
Atzel poison 607 Hachenburg
Borod 506 Hachenburg
Dreifelden 250 Hachenburg
Gehlert 614 Hachenburg
Giesenhausen 322 Hachenburg
Hachenburg , city * 6.122 Hachenburg
Hatters 1,748 Hachenburg
Heimborn 259 Hachenburg
Hay concert 118 Hachenburg
Höchstenbach 697 Hachenburg
Kroppach 689 Hachenburg
Kundert 253 Hachenburg
Limbach 416 Hachenburg
Linden trees 143 Hachenburg
Lochum 321 Hachenburg
Luckenbach 656 Hachenburg
Marzhausen 254 Hachenburg
Merkelbach 419 Hachenburg
Mörsbach 434 Hachenburg
Mudenbach 713 Hachenburg
Mündersbach 770 Hachenburg
Müschenbach 990 Hachenburg
Nest 1,050 Hachenburg
Rossbach 826 Hachenburg
Steinebach on the Wied 836 Hachenburg
Stein-Wingert 238 Hachenburg
Arguing houses 501 Hachenburg
Voting rod 867 Hachenburg
Welkenbach 142 Hachenburg
Wied 486 Hachenburg
Winkelbach 235 Hachenburg
Hilgert 1,507 Höhr-Grenzhausen
Hillscheid 2,426 Höhr-Grenzhausen
Höhr-Grenzhausen , City * 9,261 Höhr-Grenzhausen
Kammerforst 239 Höhr-Grenzhausen
ground 584 Montabaur
Daubach 462 Montabaur
Eitelborn 2,440 Montabaur
Gackenbach 534 Montabaur
Girod 1,173 Montabaur
Goergeshausen 873 Montabaur
Großholbach 965 Montabaur
Heilberscheid 655 Montabaur
Heiligenroth 1,390 Montabaur
Holler 1.006 Montabaur
Horbach 658 Montabaur
Huebingen 530 Montabaur
Kadenbach 1,327 Montabaur
Montabaur , city * 13,998 Montabaur
Nentershausen 1.997 Montabaur
Neuhäusel 2,034 Montabaur
Niederelbert 1,700 Montabaur
Niedererbach 1,023 Montabaur
Nomborn 719 Montabaur
Oberelbert 1,164 Montabaur
Ruppach-Goldhausen 1,257 Montabaur
Simmer 1,474 Montabaur
Stahlhofen 732 Montabaur
Untershausen 487 Montabaur
Welschneudorf 948 Montabaur
Alsbach 636 Ransbach-Baumbach
Breitenau 704 Ransbach-Baumbach
Caan 705 Ransbach-Baumbach
Deesen 668 Ransbach-Baumbach
Hundsdorf 435 Ransbach-Baumbach
Nauort 2,209 Ransbach-Baumbach
Oberhaid 389 Ransbach-Baumbach
Ransbach-Baumbach , City * 7,783 Ransbach-Baumbach
Sessenbach 503 Ransbach-Baumbach
Wirscheid 329 Ransbach-Baumbach
Wittgert 663 Ransbach-Baumbach
Board houses 200 Rennerod
Elsoff (Westerwald) 910 Rennerod
Hellenhahn-Schellenberg 1,217 Rennerod
Homberg (Westerwald) 176 Rennerod
Hüblingen 295 Rennerod
Irmtraut 767 Rennerod
Love divorce 834 Rennerod
Neunkirchen (Westerwald) 544 Rennerod
Neustadt / Westerwald 577 Rennerod
Niederroßbach 686 Rennerod
Nister-Möhrendorf 298 Rennerod
Oberrod 651 Rennerod
Oberroßbach 351 Rennerod
deer 964 Rennerod
Rennerod , city * 4,398 Rennerod
Salzburg 221 Rennerod
Seck 1,150 Rennerod
Stein-Neukirch 408 Rennerod
Waigandshain 198 Rennerod
Forest mills 336 Rennerod
Western ear 909 Rennerod
Willingen (Westerwald) 271 Rennerod
Zehnhausen near Rennerod 384 Rennerod
Ellenhausen 285 Selters (Westerwald)
Ewighausen 233 Selters (Westerwald)
Freilingen 669 Selters (Westerwald)
Freirachdorf 626 Selters (Westerwald)
Goddert 452 Selters (Westerwald)
Hartenfels 774 Selters (Westerwald)
Herschbach 2,800 Selters (Westerwald)
Crumbs 319 Selters (Westerwald)
Marienrachdorf 984 Selters (Westerwald)
Maroth 255 Selters (Westerwald)
Maxsain 1,060 Selters (Westerwald)
Nordhofen 532 Selters (Westerwald)
Quirnbach 484 Selters (Westerwald)
Rückeroth 487 Selters (Westerwald)
Schenkelberg 642 Selters (Westerwald)
Selters (Westerwald) , city * 2,814 Selters (Westerwald)
Sessenhausen 893 Selters (Westerwald)
Stones 241 Selters (Westerwald)
Vielbach 541 Selters (Westerwald)
Willow cock 571 Selters (Westerwald)
Wolferlingen 488 Selters (Westerwald)
Arnshöfen 147 Wallmerod
Berod near Wallmerod 542 Wallmerod
Bilkheim 482 Wallmerod
Three churches 1.014 Wallmerod
Elbingen 324 Wallmerod
Ettinghausen 327 Wallmerod
Hahn am See 393 Wallmerod
Herschbach (Oberwesterwald) 893 Wallmerod
Dog chants 2,056 Wallmerod
Cow farms 165 Wallmerod
Moravia 206 Wallmerod
Meudt 1,895 Wallmerod
Molsberg 460 Wallmerod
Niederahr 817 Wallmerod
Oberahr 537 Wallmerod
Obererbach 489 Wallmerod
salt 835 Wallmerod
Stone frenzy 796 Wallmerod
Wallmerod * 1,438 Wallmerod
Weroth 586 Wallmerod
Zehnhausen near Wallmerod 185 Wallmerod
Ailertchen 594 Westerburg
Bellingen 600 Westerburg
Berzhahn 494 Westerburg
Brandscheid 476 Westerburg
Enspel 267 Westerburg
Gemünden 984 Westerburg
Girkenroth 600 Westerburg
Peep home 939 Westerburg
Half 355 Westerburg
Härtlingen 375 Westerburg
Hergenroth 421 Westerburg
Heck 3,018 Westerburg
Kaden 581 Westerburg
Koelbingen 1.009 Westerburg
Langenhahn 1,394 Westerburg
Pottum 1,056 Westerburg
Rotenhain 519 Westerburg
Rothenbach 907 Westerburg
Stahlhofen am Wiesensee 334 Westerburg
Stockum puffs 639 Westerburg
Weltersburg 310 Westerburg
Westerburg , City * 5,657 Westerburg
Willmenrod 656 Westerburg
Win 485 Westerburg
Bannberscheid 656 Wirges
Dernbach (Westerwald) 2,473 Wirges
Boar cock 1,252 Wirges
Helferskirchen 1,208 Wirges
Leuterod 838 Wirges
Mogendorf 1,286 Wirges
Moschheim 718 Wirges
Niedersayn 161 Wirges
Ötzingen 1,381 Wirges
Siershahn 2,887 Wirges
Staudt 1,242 Wirges
Wirges , city * 5,420 Wirges

For lists on the term "area changes" see area reforms in Rhineland-Palatinate .

License Plate

On August 1, 1974, the district was assigned the distinctive sign MT , which had been valid since July 1, 1956 for the Unterwesterwaldkreis . It was derived from the district town of Montabaur. In 1976, today's distinguishing mark WW was introduced, which is still the only mark issued to this day.

The district administration of the Westerwaldkreis vehemently rejects the reintroduction of the old license plates MT (Montabaur or Unterwesterwaldkreis) and WEB (Westerburg or Oberwesterwaldkreis), because the district administrator sees "the WW license plate as a strong sign of identification with the entire region". A reintroduction would, according to District Administrator Schwickert, "open up the old rifts between the former Oberwesterwaldkreis (WEB) and the former Unterwesterwaldkreis (MT)".

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