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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the city of Montabaur
Map of Germany, position of the city of Montabaur highlighted

Coordinates: 50 ° 26 '  N , 7 ° 50'  E

Basic data
State : Rhineland-Palatinate
County : Westerwaldkreis
Association municipality : Montabaur
Height : 230 m above sea level NHN
Area : 33.76 km 2
Residents: 13,998 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 415 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 56410
Area code : 02602
License plate : WW
Community key : 07 1 43 048
City structure: 7 districts
Association administration address: Konrad-Adenauer-Platz 8
56410 Montabaur
Website :
City Mayor : Gabriele Wieland ( CDU )
Location of the city of Montabaur in the Westerwaldkreis
Aerial photograph of Montabaur (2016)

Montabaur [ ˈmɔntaˌbaʊ̯ɐ ] is the district town of the Westerwaldkreis in Rhineland-Palatinate . It is also the administrative seat of the Montabaur Association , to which a further 24 local communities belong. According to state planning , Montabaur is designated as a medium-sized center. The Montabaur Castle , the Fashion Outlet Center and the Montabaur train station with ICE connection on the high-speed route Cologne – Rhine / Main are known nationwide .


Montabaur is located in the southern Westerwald .


In addition to the old and inner city, the city has seven districts, which are also local districts.

District associated living spaces Residents Area in ha
Bladernheim 151 102.23
Elgendorf 1,271 259.92
Eschelbach Bahlsmühle, Hillhof, Hüttenmühle 627 300.28
Ettersdorf Hedge mill 186 109.95
Horresses Pit field 1,759 282.18
Reckenthal Kurhotel Waldesruhe 114 151.34
Wirzenborn Pit house, Wirzenborn mill 62 142.87

Residents with main residence as of August 1, 2018

Neighboring communities

Clockwise, starting from the north: Dernbach , Staudt , Heiligenroth , Großholbach , Girod , Steinefrenz , Heilberscheid , Nomborn , Daubach , Stahlhofen , Untershausen , Holler , Niederelbert , Arzbach , Kadenbach , Neuhäusel and Hillscheid


The annual average temperature is 9.1 ° C. The warmest month is July with a temperature of 17.5 ° C, the coldest is January with 0.4 ° C. The annual precipitation is 703 mm. The driest month is April, with most rainfall in June and July. In June and July there is 1.5 times more rainfall than in April.

Climate diagram
J F. M. A. M. J J A. S. O N D.
Temperature in ° Cprecipitation in mm
Source: [1]
Average monthly temperatures and rainfall for Montabaur
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max. Temperature ( ° C ) 2.8 4.4 8.5 13.4 17.8 21.1 22.1 21.7 19.1 13.4 7.3 4.1 O 13
Min. Temperature (° C) −2 −1.5 0.6 3.9 7.5 10.9 12.4 12.2 9.6 5.8 2.1 −0.5 O 5.1
Temperature (° C) 0.4 1.4 4.5 8.6 12.7 16 17.5 16.9 14.3 9.6 4.7 1.8 O 9.1
Precipitation ( mm ) 58 46 52 45 61 69 69 67 57 54 59 66 Σ 703
Hours of sunshine ( h / d ) 1.3 2.3 3.4 4.8 6.0 6.0 6.4 5.9 4.6 3.3 1.6 1.2 O 3.9
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Source: [2]


Montabaur's old town is characterized by the neo-Gothic Red Lion Town Hall , numerous half-timbered houses from the 16th and 17th centuries and the large late Gothic Catholic parish church . The medieval city wall has been preserved in remains, including the so-called Wolfsturm .

Montabaur Castle, aerial view (2016)
Montabaur Castle
Cityscape: the Schlossberg with the castle complex (photo 2011)
Montabaur Castle with the old city wall and Sauertalstrasse

The Montabaur town hall is suitable for various events such as meetings, conferences, concerts, theater and events. The historic Wolfsturm is available to the residents of the city of Montabaur and can be rented for their own use.


Montabaur Castle, until 1945 the seat of the district office of the Unterwesterwaldkreis , then the seat of the Montabaur district government , is now owned by the Academy of German Cooperatives , which has expanded it as a conference hotel and training center for the Raiffeisen and Volksbanks . It is clearly visible in the middle of the city on the Schlossberg ( 321  m above sea level ).

Mons Tabor with a baroque castle. Landmark and namesake of the city of Montabaur.


Montabaur has a history that can be traced back to 959 , when the Humbach Castle , castellum Humbacense , today's castle , was first mentioned in a document. The Archbishop of Trier , Dietrich von Wied , had returned from a crusade from the Holy Land around 1217 and had the destroyed castle humbacense rebuilt. He called them because of the similarity of Humbacher hill with the Mount Tabor in today's Israel , which as a place of Transfiguration applies Mons Tabor . This became Montabaur. In 1291 King Rudolf von Habsburg (1218 to 1291) granted Montabaur city ​​rights together with Welschbillig , Mayen , Bernkastel and Saarburg .

Until 1968, Montabaur was the administrative seat of one of the five administrative districts into which the newly formed state of Rhineland-Palatinate was divided in 1946. Through the incorporation of seven surrounding communities (Bladernheim, Elgendorf, Eschelbach, Ettersdorf, Horressen, Reckenthal and Wirzenborn), Montabaur essentially reached its present size on April 22, 1972.

RakArtBtl 350

From the mid-1960s to the beginning of 2004, Montabaur and the Westerwald barracks were a Bundeswehr location , where the 350 rocket artillery battalion and later repair units were stationed from 1966 to 1993 . The RakArtBtl 350 was the rocket artillery battalion of the III. (GE) Corps and equipped with the Sergeant short-range ballistic missile or, from the mid-1970s, the Lance short-range missile .
The nuclear special ammunition was stored in the special ammunition depot Horressen and near Bellersdorf, it was under the 83rd US Army Missile Detachment.


City council

The city ​​council in Montabaur consists of 28 council members, who were elected in a personalized proportional representation in the local elections in 2019 , and the honorary city ​​mayor as chairman.

Distribution of seats:

choice SPD CDU Green FDP FWG BfM Flat share total
2019 4th 11 2 2 8th - 1 28 seats
2014 6th 14th 2 - 4th 2 - 28 seats
2009 6th 13 2 2 3 2 - 28 seats
2004 5 15th - - 8th - - 28 seats
  • FWG = Free Voting Group Montabaur e. V.
  • BfM = Citizens for Montabaur e. V.
  • WG = WG Stendebach


Gabriele Wieland (CDU) became mayor of Montabaur on July 2, 2014. In the direct election on May 26, 2019, she was confirmed in her office with a vote of 73.42%.

badges and flags

The city has the so-called Petrus coat of arms as its coat of arms. The city's flag bears the colors blue, red and white in vertical stripes, in that order.

Montabaur coat of arms
Blazon : “In blue behind a silver tinned city ​​wallgrowing out of the lower edge of the shieldin one of two red-roofed and gold-knobbed five-story black-windowed and black-portaled silver towers, each accompanied by a silver shield, inside a red cross, flanked andcrownedby a silver eyelash portal , surmounted by a growing, tinned, red-roofed and gold-kneaded central tower with a central, golden, six-pointed star, a seated golden nimbly saint in a red robe and goldenundergarmentwith a golden key with an inside-turned beard in the right hand and a golden cross-staff in the left, on both flank towers each a flat wall arch attached to the outside, each with four battlements and a red-roofed, silver building to the edge of the shield. "
Justification of the coat of arms: towers and walls represent the medieval city fortifications and the defensive strength of Montabaur, the saint represents Simon Petrus , and the coats of arms symbolize the city's earlier affiliation to Kurtrier until 1803. The coat of arms was approved in 1906 and goes back to a city ​​seal from 1300 .

Town twinning

Montabaur maintains partnerships with the French city of Tonnerre , the British city of Brackley and the Saxon city of Sebnitz . In addition, the Texan city of Fredericksburg is the twin town of the Montabaur community.

Economy and Infrastructure


Aerial view of the former Westerwald barracks, which is to become a commercial area
Fashion outlet center in Montabaur


Culture and sights

The town hall in the neo-Gothic style
Chancel of the catholic church Saint Peter in chains
Former watch tower of Montabaur

Museums and cultural centers

  • The "b-05 Art and Culture Center" is located in a forest near Montabaur in a former NATO weapons warehouse that has been converted into a museum. The small bunkers are used for video installations , the large ones as picture galleries. The focus of the museum is contemporary art .

Cultural institutions

  • Amateur theater "The Oasis"
  • House of Youth
  • library
  • Catholic public library
  • "Capitol" cinema
  • City Archives
  • City Hall House Mons-Tabor
  • Kulturwerkraum

Historic Buildings

Secular buildings

  • historical advertising house
  • Neo-Gothic town hall (built 1866 to 1868)
  • Montabaur Castle
  • Parts of the city wall
  • Wolfsturm (→ city wall)
  • numerous, well-preserved historic half-timbered houses, including a house belonging to Freiherr vom Stein

Sacred buildings

  • St. Peter in chains
  • Brothers Church (Catholic), church of the order of the "Brothers of Mercy Montabaur"
  • Pauluskirche (Protestant)
  • Luther Church (Protestant)
  • Anna or carter chapel
  • Marien pilgrimage church in the Wirzenborn district in the Gelbachtal valley


  • Glider airfield of the Luftsportclub Westerwald e. V.
  • Mons Tabor Bath
  • Fitness path
  • Nordic walking park
  • Bicycle paths from Montabaur through the romantic Gelbachtal to the Lahn valley
  • Schützenhaus of the Montabaur shooting club
  • Model flying club Montabaur-Heiligenroth e. V.
  • BCM Box Club Montabaur e. V.



  • Cobbler market
  • Jazz weekend in Montabaur
  • Verbandsgemeinde cup shooting
  • Pub festival
  • MonsTaRock
  • Mair1 Festival



  • Joseph Kehrein School
Large urban elementary school of Montabaur (in 2006 370 pupils, 16 classes) with the pre-school class school kindergarten, voluntary all-day school Monday to Thursday until 4 p.m. including lunch, homework supervision, supervised leisure time and numerous additional educational offers. Integrated foreign language work in English and French. Partner school École Louis Pasteur in Tonnerre , Burgundy.
The Peter Altmaier Gymnasium Montabaur was until 1999 Aufbaugymnasium . In 1991 the first music students started their fifth grade, this first year of music students graduated from high school in 2000.

Adult education

  • Grone training centers NRW-Rheinland gGmbH
  • Vocational training center (bfw)
  • Bildungswerk Sport - Westerwald branch
  • Information point for further training
  • Catholic adult education, the Westerwald - Rhein - Lahn educational institute is one of nine district educational institutes of the Limburg diocesan educational institute based in the Haus am Dom in Frankfurt.
  • District Adult Education Center (KVHS)
  • State teaching and research institute
  • Adult Education Center of the Verbandsgemeinde Montabaur (VHS)
  • Institute for Training and Work (ISB)
  • Bildungswerk der Hessen Wirtschaft (BWHW)

Aid organizations

The Montabaur Integrated Control Center has been based in Montabaur since 2008 . The control center is operated by the DRK Rescue Service Rhein-Lahn Westerwald gGmbH, which is also located there, and looks after the districts of Altenkirchen, Neuwied, Rhein-Lahn and Westerwald.

Fire fighting train Montabaur
Fire fighting group Horressen
Elgendorf fire fighting group


Born in Montabaur

  • Peter Josef Weber (1750–1821), Catholic clergyman, moral theologian and cathedral chapter
  • Georg Pingler (1815–1892), medical advisor, founder of the spa system in Königstein im Taunus
  • Heinrich Cramer (1831-1893), psychiatrist
  • Joseph Christian Leyendecker (1874–1951), draftsman and illustrator
  • Wilhelm Neuss (1880–1965), Catholic priest, church historian and art historian
  • Maximilian Sauerborn (1889–1963), lawyer, administrative officer and politician
  • Anton Diel (1898–1959), politician (SPD), 1949–1959 member of the Bundestag
  • August Kunst (1898–1980), politician (CDU), 1957–1961 member of the Bundestag
  • Hans Becker (1905–1980), Roman Catholic priest, church historian and local researcher
  • Julius Decker (1926–2013), politician, Member of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate
  • Heinz König (1927–2002), economist, rector of the University of Mannheim, founding father of the Center for European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim
  • Hermann Josef Roth (* 1938), Cistercian father, environmental activist, author of numerous books, lives in Bonn-Bad Godesberg
  • Hermann Ament (* 1936), historian, professor of prehistory and early history
  • Ernst-Ewald Roth (* 1953), politician (SPD) and theologian, from 2008 to 2019 member of the Hessian state parliament in Wiesbaden
  • Frank Decker (* 1964), political scientist, professor of political science at the University of Bonn

Associated with Montabaur

Cobbler boy
  • Johann V. von Isenburg (1507–1556), Archbishop and Elector of Trier, last lived in Montabaur Castle and died there
  • Matthias Langer (1765–1833), writer and manufacturer
  • Joseph Kehrein (1808–1876), honorary citizen of Montabaur, teacher, philologist, historian and director of the Montabaur teachers' college
  • Georg Hilpisch (1846–1928), theologian and church historian, spent his youth here and went to the Progymnasium
  • Karl Walter (1862–1929), organist, pedagogue, scientist and organ and bell expert, died in Montabaur and is buried here
  • Heinrich Roth (1889–1955), Mayor of Montabaur, District Administrator of the Unterwesterwaldkreis, member of the Reichstag
  • Klaus-Heinrich Standke (* 1935) became the first German director at the United Nations, New York, and spent his school days in Montabaur
  • Ralph Dommermuth (* 1963), founder of United Internet and Internet entrepreneur with administrative headquarters in Montabaur at the ICE train station
  • Andreas Nick (* 1967), politician (CDU), member of the German Bundestag since 2013
  • Andreas Lubitz (1987–2015), co-pilot on Germanwings flight 9525 , went to school in Montabaur


In the 18th and 19th centuries, Montabaur was known for its shoemaking, which is why the citizens are sometimes jokingly called "shoemakers" many decades later. Between 1864 and 1866, 66 shoemakers were active in Montabaur who sold their shoes and boots in the area as far as the Westerwald. After that, the number fell, to only nine in 1898. Since June 1985 the sculpture of the shoemaker's boy by Ernemann Sander on the corner of a house on Konrad-Adenauer-Platz, which “shows the bird” every quarter of an hour towards the town hall opposite , has been a reminder of the great times of the shoemaking trade in Montabaur .


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