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Local districts are political subdivisions of municipalities in Hesse (§§ 81, 82 HGO ) and Rhineland-Palatinate ( §§ 74–77 GemO ). The main statute regulates whether local districts are formed and how they are delimited . The municipalities can divide their entire area into local districts or only set up local districts in parts of their area.

The organs of a local district are the local council and the local councilor . The number of members of the local advisory council is determined in the main statute.

In Hesse the local advisory board has 3 to 9 members, in local districts with more than 8,000 inhabitants up to 19 members. They are elected at the same time as the municipal council. The local council elects the mayor from among its members.

In Rhineland-Palatinate, the local council has 3 to 15 members, regardless of the number of inhabitants, who are elected at the same time as the local council by the citizens of the local district in a personalized proportional representation , in exceptional cases in a majority vote. The mayor is elected directly , in exceptional cases (if there are no valid applications or if there is only one application, the applicant is not elected in the direct election) by the local advisory board in public.

In 1981, 315 of the 426 Hessian municipalities took advantage of the opportunity to form local districts. There are 26 districts in the state capital Wiesbaden . The city center is divided into six local districts; the 20 districts incorporated from 1926 each correspond to a local district. There are 16 local districts in Frankfurt am Main , with only the five districts that were incorporated in the 1970s form separate local districts. The remaining 11 districts each comprise several districts.

In Rhineland-Palatinate, the state capital Mainz has 15 districts and the second largest city Ludwigshafen has 10 districts. The city of Trier and the community-free municipality of Morbach each have 19 districts.

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