Leonberg (Upper Palatinate)

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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the community of Leonberg
Leonberg (Upper Palatinate)
Map of Germany, position of the municipality of Leonberg highlighted

Coordinates: 49 ° 57 '  N , 12 ° 17'  E

Basic data
State : Bavaria
Administrative region : Upper Palatinate
County : Tirschenreuth
Management Community : Mitterteich
Height : 548 m above sea level NHN
Area : 51.33 km 2
Residents: 1022 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 20 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 95666
Area code : 09633
License plate : TIR, KEM
Community key : 09 3 77 137
Community structure: 20 districts
Association administration address: Kirchplatz 12
95666 Mitterteich
Website : www.gemeinde-leonberg.de
Mayor : Johann Burger
Location of the community of Leonberg in the Tirschenreuth district
Landkreis Wunsiedel im Fichtelgebirge Landkreis Bayreuth Landkreis Neustadt an der Waldnaab Erbendorf Pullenreuth Kastl (bei Kemnath) Waldershof Kemnath Wiesau Waldsassen Tirschenreuth Reuth bei Erbendorf Plößberg Pechbrunn Neusorg Neualbenreuth Mitterteich Mähring Leonberg (Oberpfalz) Kulmain Krummennaab Konnersreuth Fuchsmühl Friedenfels Falkenberg (Oberpfalz) Ebnath Brand (Oberpfalz) Bärnau Immenreuth Tschechienmap
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Leonberg is a municipality in the Upper Palatinate district of Tirschenreuth and has been a member of the Mitterteich administrative community since 1974 .


The community is located between the towns of Mitterteich , Waldsassen and Tirschenreuth . From the village, which is situated on a slope, there is a broad view over the Wondrebsenke .


Community structure

Leonberg has 20 districts:


Leonberg in its current form was created on April 1st, 1971 through the voluntary amalgamation of the previously independent communities of Leonberg, Großensees and Pfaffenreuth. Leonberg and Großensees were traditionally characterized by agriculture, while the economic focus in Pfaffenreuth was the Bayerland mine . Pebbles were extracted there until the early 1970s .

Population development

Between 1988 and 2018, the population fell from 1,047 to 1,019 by 28 or 2.7%.

coat of arms

The municipality of Leonberg has had its own coat of arms since 1980.

Official, heraldic description of the coat of arms

"In silver a growing red dragon with a black hammer in its claws, covered with a lowered blue wavy bar."

Meaning of the coat of arms

The red dragon is the heraldic animal of the Waldsassen monastery . It indicates the relationship between the community and the monastery, which dates back to 1243. The hammer symbolizes mining, mainly operated in Pfaffenreuth, and the blue bar for the river Wondreb , which flows through the municipality.

All Saints Church

Culture and sights


The baroque parish church of St. Leonhard is worth seeing in the village , as is the All Saints Church in the parish of Wernersreuth .

Protected areas

The nature reserve Wondrebaue southeast of Leonberg. The iron hat natural monument is a reminder of the mining industry in Pfaffenreuth. It is near the disused colliery.


The community of Leonberg can be reached via the federal roads 15 and 299 , as well as the A 93 (Mitterteich-Nord and -Süd exits).

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