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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the community of Schwabhausen
Schwabhausen (Thuringia)
Map of Germany, position of the municipality Schwabhausen highlighted

Coordinates: 50 ° 53 '  N , 10 ° 44'  E

Basic data
State : Thuringia
County : Gotha
Fulfilling municipality : Three of a kind
Height : 335 m above sea level NHN
Area : 9.36 km 2
Residents: 773 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 83 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 99869
Area code : 036256
License plate : GTH
Community key : 16 0 67 059
Address of the
municipal administration:
Schulstrasse 1
99869 Drei Gleichen, OT Wandersleben
Mayor : Olaf Jungklaus (UWG)
Location of the community Schwabhausen in the district of Gotha
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Schwabhausen is a municipality in the Gotha district in Thuringia . The fulfilling church is the church of three equals .


Schwabhausen is located south of the city of Gotha and the federal motorway 4 , which has the Gotha junction here. The federal road 247 leads through the village in the direction of Suhl . About 2 kilometers away is the Emleben train station on the Ohratalbahn (Gotha -  Gräfenroda ), which is currently closed to passenger traffic. The district lies on the southern edge of the Thuringian Basin with a transition to the foothills of the Thuringian Forest near Ohrdruf .


Evangelical-Lutheran village church of St. Trinitatis

At the beginning of the 9th century Schwabhausen was first mentioned in a list of the goods lent by Archbishop Lullus († 786) of Mainz to the monastery of Hersfeld von Free. In 860 the Franconian nobleman Erphold is named as the first count in Tonna . He is also considered the founder and namesake of Erfurt . King Ludwig the German had given him the town of Tonna. However, the sex with Erphold died out in the same year. Shortly before his death, he is said to have given his possessions in the grave field and in the upper Eichsfeld to the abbey of Fulda and the Würzburg monastery . Schwabhausen ( Suvabahusun ) is also mentioned in this document .

Schwabhausen belonged to the upper county of Gleichen in the duchy of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg until the middle of the 19th century and then to the district office of Ohrdruf in the duchy of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha .

Four steles near the village church commemorate: 13 dead and missing in World War I, 39 dead and missing in World War II, 12 German soldiers who fell near Schwabhausen in April 1945 (four of them unknown) and 9 “in the post-war period due to tyranny Fellow citizens who have died ”.

In May 1946 , 19 young people between the ages of 15 and 20 were arrested by the Soviet secret police in Schwabhausen, which was part of the Soviet Zone . In NKVD prisons in Gotha and Suhl , “confessions” were extracted under torture. Six boys (four of them 15-year-olds) were released. The others were taken to the Soviet special camp in Sachsenhausen . Six of them died there, another one has been missing since it was transported to the Soviet Union . A 17-year-old when he was arrested remained in a Siberian labor camp until 1954 .


The local elections on May 26, 2019 had the following result:

Party / list % Seats G / V
CDU 44.9 4th - 1
Independent voter community 43.2 3 + 1
Citizens' initiative - Solidargemeinschaft Schwabhausen 11.9 1 ± 0


The main attraction is the Church of St. Trinity. Construction began in 1701 on the remains of a dilapidated previous church. It was inaugurated on November 26, 1702. The tower of the church is much older than the nave and is essentially Gothic. Of the three bells, the small and medium ones fell victim to the First World War , and the third only rang until 2002. In April 2002 the Bachert bell foundry from Bad Friedrichshall cast two new bells. The belfry was renewed in spring 2002.

The church's three-wing carved altar dates from the pre-Reformation period (1490). The side wings depict scenes from the Christmas story, while in the middle you can see Mary with the child as a radiant Madonna. She is accompanied by Saints Catherine , Barbara , Stephanus and Laurentius . The font and pulpit are from the 17th century. The pulpit paintings depict the four evangelists. The stained glass window with the blessing Christ behind the pulpit altar is the work of a master from Strasbourg and was donated by the Count von Gleichen and Prince zu Hohenlohe . In 1986 the church was renovated. The west side of the tower was renewed in 2005 and provided with a new door and a cross-shaped canopy made of a steel and glass construction, the rest of the tower was renovated in 2007.

The church houses an organ from 1836 by the organ builder Johann Friedrich Heinrich Ratzmann from Ohrdruf . The organ has two manuals and a pedal with twenty registers. After restoration by an organ building company in Waltershausen , it was inaugurated in 2008.

The parish belongs to the parish Mühlberg , which also includes Wechmar and Röhrensee , and has around 275 parishioners ( as of 2008 ).

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Moated castle

A moated castle was built on the western outskirts - probably to protect the neighboring road across the Thuringian Forest . Around 1140 knights were mentioned in Schwabhausen as Ministeriale of the Counts of Kevernburg . The property later passed from the Lords of Schwabhausen to the Counts of Gleichen . The castle fell victim to destruction in the Saxon civil war . It was rebuilt in 1566. In 1631 the Counts of Hohenlohe-Langenburg became owners of the castle and estate. In 1642, during the Thirty Years' War, extensions and alterations were made to the castle after it was destroyed again. The later domain was also called "Old Castle". Today (2016) the moat in need of regeneration, which surrounds a restored manor house and the foundations of a fortification wall, is still preserved. Restoration work is being carried out on the ruinous, sometimes stately and architecturally appealing auxiliary and farm buildings.

Population development

Development of the population (as of December 31st) :

  • 1994: 688
  • 1995: 699
  • 1996: 715
  • 1997: 730
  • 1998: 737
  • 1999: 734
  • 2000: 732
  • 2001: 717
  • 2002: 711
  • 2003: 698
  • 2004: 715
  • 2005: 714
  • 2006: 712
  • 2007: 708
  • 2008: 711
  • 2009: 736
  • 2010: 721
  • 2011: 716
  • 2012: 730
  • 2013: 745
  • 2014: 762
  • 2015: 750
  • 2016: 769
  • 2017: 773
  • 2018: 782
  • 2019: 773
Data source: Thuringian State Office for Statistics

Household and household management

Schwabhausen is an independent municipality with a corresponding separate budget. This includes all calculations and information in the asset and administrative budget. The local kindergarten is owned by the municipality.

Olaf Jungklaus was elected honorary mayor in 1999 and was confirmed in office in 2004, 2010 and 2016. He is supported by an eight-person volunteer council. There are no committees. The administration of Schwabhausen is carried out by the fulfilling municipality Drei Gleichen . The costs for this are calculated in the form of an administration fee.

Economy and trade

Before German reunification , Schwabhausen was an agricultural village with a small number of craftsmen. Today, in addition to two large farms in a distinct industrial area, there is a large number of manufacturing and processing trades, retail trade, crafts and services.

After 1990 , a new legal form was found for the nationally owned estate , which had previously operated a 2000 dairy cattle facility and a poultry farm in the community , according to which three private individuals operate the dairy cattle facility privately. The former LPG plant production was converted into a registered cooperative (eG) and operates under the name Agrarprodukte Schwabhausen eG. Both farms work cooperatively.

With the turnaround, trade in Schwabhausen in particular, but also road construction and civil engineering, experienced an enormous upswing. This is how Bickardt Bau Thüringen GmbH, with 160 employees, settled in the neighboring Hesse . Furthermore, the Mitteldeutsche Kieswerke (MKW), based in Naumburg, built a gravel works for the extraction of gravel and sand. Ultimately, with the settlement of MAIT ( Mitteldeutsche Asphalt Industrie Thüringen GmbH ), a manufacturer of bitumen for road construction, a group of companies was created that bundled everything from raw material extraction to further processing and refinement to construction.

In the area of ​​the manufacturing industry, the company ROGA should also be mentioned, which produces plastic parts for the vehicle industry, as well as the company Dyckerhoff Transportbeton , which produces concrete and mortar that is used in large areas for motorway construction as well as in civil engineering.

Measured by the number of inhabitants, there are an above-average number of trade establishments in the town. The largest companies are a DIY store with 30 employees and a Mercedes-Benz contract partner with 40 employees. The craft is represented locally by electrical companies, heating and sanitary installation companies, tile laying companies, stone masons and car workshops.


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