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Johann Christian Frischmuth (born November 25, 1741 in Schwabhausen (Thuringia) , † July 31, 1790 in Berlin ) was a German actor, composer and music director.


The son of the teacher and cantor Johann Elias Frischmuth (* around 1700) was from 1765 an actor and music director for traveling actors , and from 1774 on a permanent stage, probably at the Kommödienhaus in Münster , which opened in 1774 . From Münster he went to the court theater in Gotha in 1775 as a performer of comical and rumbling age in drama and singspiel . After its dissolution, he was put under contract by principal Konrad Ernst Ackermann . After a private stay in Ohrdruf and again in Gotha, Frischmuth got an engagement with Karl Theophil Döbbelin in 1782 . At the Döbbelin'schen Theater in Berlin he made his debut on March 2, 1783 as "Michel" in the Singspiel "Die Jagd" as an actor. In 1784 he took over the position of music director from Johann André , which he held until his death - from 1788 with Karl Bernhard Wessely .

Roles (selection)


  • Johann Christian Frischmuth, Musicus: Request for the “prenumeration” of his “6 Sonatas for the Clavier or Piano forts”, which will be available at Easter 1882; Price: 1 Rthlr., 8 Gr. Convention money. Gotha, January 1st 1882, in: Reports of the general bookstore of scholars from the year 1782. First piece. Bookstore of Scholars, Dessau and Leipzig (1782).

Works (selection)

Frischmuth composed chamber music for violin, piano and voices, among others, as well as some singing games, including

  • "VI. Sonates extraites de XII. Airs d'opera approprié pour deux violons “ouvr. V Amsterdam.
  • 12 Airs en Duos, op.5.
  • "Three motets and three arias for New Year's singing for four voices with and without the accompaniment of two horns, two clarinets and a bassoon". J (ohann) Suppus, Erfurt approx. 1770.
  • Six Sonatas for Clavier or Pianoforts, 1782.
  • 12 easy organ pieces, op. 2, Kühnel, Leipzig approx. 1813.
  • Attribution: 6 chorale preludes in C major, D major, A minor, G minor, G major, F major. With a dedication from Grand Duchess Maria Pawlowna, Weimar (1778 - 1859).
  • “The moon kingdom. Operetta from three acts ”(Singspiel in 3 Acts, 1769). “... the music is from Herr Frischmuth; the stage is initially an alley, then a room, and finally a garden ”.
  • “The sick woman. A singspiel in two acts from a comedy by Mr. Prof. Gellert, who bears the same name, taken by Mr. Thomas, Royal Swedish Secretair. The music is from Mr. Frischmuth. 1769. "(Première in 1 act: Berlin, May 26th 1775)
  • "Clarisse or The Unknown Maid" (Libretto: Johann Christoph Bock, based on "La bergère des Alpes" by Jean-Francois Marmontel), comic opera in 3 acts (première: May 26, 1775: Berlin, Koch's Theater in Behrensstrasse)
  • “Der Kobold”, Singspiel (no performance proven).


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