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The list of cultural monuments in Schwabhausen is as of August 28, 2016 and, in accordance with the law on the maintenance and protection of cultural monuments in the state of Thuringia (ThüDSchG) in the current version of February 24, 2016 or the first law amending the ThüDSchG of November 23, 2005 the cultural monuments of the community Schwabhausen (for the three equals is the fulfilling community ), in the Thuringian district of Gotha .

Note: The list may be subject to changes that do not appear here. In individual cases, the current list can be viewed at the lower monument protection authority of the district office or at the building authority of the fulfilling municipality.


The protection of immovable cultural monuments already arises from the existence of the legal requirements of § 2 of the Thuringian Monument Protection Act and does not depend on the entry in the list of monuments of the state or the municipalities. This means that objects that are not included in a list of monuments can definitely be monuments.

Cultural monuments

According to § 2 of the Thuringian Monument Protection Act, cultural monuments are all things, aggregates or parts of things that are of public interest for historical, artistic, technical, scientific, folklore or urban planning reasons as well as for reasons of historical village image maintenance. Monument ensembles and ground monuments are also counted among the cultural monuments.

Monument ensemble

A monument ensemble can be:

  • Overall structural systems: Overall structural systems are, in particular, groups of buildings, uniformly designed quarters and settlements and historical town centers including the plants, open spaces and water areas associated with them.
  • Characteristic street, square or townscape: A characteristic street, square or townscape is given in particular if the appearance of the facility is indicative of a specific era or development or of a characteristic construction method with different styles.
  • Characteristic local floor plans: A characteristic local floor plan is given if the appearance of the facility is characteristic of a certain epoch or development, in particular with regard to local and settlement forms, street layouts, plot structures and fortifications.
  • Historic parks and gardens: Historic parks and gardens are works of horticultural art, the location of which, as well as the architectural and plant design, bear witness to the function of the complex as a living space and self-portrayal of earlier forms of society and the culture it supported. This also includes animal and botanical gardens, provided they have their own overall historical and architectural design.
  • historical production sites and plants.

Not all parts of a monument ensemble have to be cultural monuments in order to be considered cultural monuments.

Ground monument

Movable or immovable objects that were or are hidden in the ground or under water and that provide information about animal or plant life (paleontological monuments) or that represent evidence, remains or traces of human culture (archaeological monuments) are soil monuments.


The list of monuments of the municipality of Schwabhausen does not make the distinctions described consistently.

Historical background

Schwabhausen is an independent municipality with a corresponding separate budget. This includes all calculations and information in the asset and administrative budget. The local kindergarten is owned by the municipality. The office of mayor is paid on an honorary basis by Mr. Olaf Jungklaus. He is supported by an eight-person volunteer council. There are no committees. The administration of Schwabhausen, including the cultural monuments there, is carried out by the fulfilling municipality of Drei Gleichen. The costs for this are calculated in the form of an administration fee.

Individual features § 2 Paragraph (1) No. ThürDSchG

Sacred buildings

image address Monument designation comment Corridor / parcel
location coord.
Web link
Thuringia-Schwabhausen-Church-3.JPG Schwabhausen, Kirchbergstrasse 22 St. Trinity Church Construction began in 1701 on the remains of a dilapidated previous church. Inaugurated in 1702. The tower of the church is much older than the nave and its core is Gothic. Of the three bells, the small and medium ones fell victim to the First World War, and the third only rang until 2002. In April 2002 the Bachert bell foundry from Bad Friedrichshall cast two new bells. The belfry was renewed in spring 2002. 2-79
Location The church at Wikipedia

Secular buildings

image address Monument designation comment Corridor / parcel
web link
Archaeological monument: Gothaer Straße 30 Remains of a moated castle 1-32
Location History of the moated castle at Wikipedia

Literature and Sources

  • Community of Three Equals, as a fulfilling community for Schwabhausen

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