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Jörg Mantzsch with coat of arms (2008)

Jörg Mantzsch (born July 20, 1953 in Raguhn ) is a German heraldist and journalist . He lives in Magdeburg .


Jörg Mantzsch is best known as a local heraldist. At first he worked as a journalist in the field of culture, was a correspondent, editor and press officer. In addition, Mantzsch was literarily ambitious and published prose in magazines and anthologies . He took part in literary competitions and the workers' festival in the GDR , where he received awards. He also led a group of young authors and a reading stage in Magdeburg. In addition, Mantzsch was a reviewer of fiction works for daily newspapers, reviewed leading writers from the GDR, such as Erwin Strittmatter , Hermann Kant , Christa Wolf , and debutants .

In 1991 the municipal heraldry, which had been operated on the side, moved into his professional focus. After the fall of 1989/90, the cities and municipalities in the new federal states redefined themselves . Mantzsch was involved in the development of the first legal basis for municipal emblems in Saxony-Anhalt and the creation of coats of arms and flags for regional authorities (municipalities, administrative communities, districts) in several new federal states. With his expertise he accompanied the coat of arms commissions of these institutions in finding the coat of arms. In his current job he designs municipal coats of arms and leads them into the approval process. In addition, there are redesigns of coats of arms in common law. Mantzsch only corrects them to the extent that they comply with the rules and customs of heraldry and heraldic art and can therefore be approved. Mantzsch works closely with state and state archives across Germany .

Jörg Mantzsch is also the managing editor of two newspapers and has been a lecturer in history at an educational academy since 2020. Every year he publishes several books and brochures on regional historical topics, trains journalists in preparation for and accompanying their studies, carries out internships in digital image processing and print media design and runs a writing workshop as a working group at a high school in Magdeburg.

Jörg Mantzsch is a member of the HEROLD , Association for Heraldry, Genealogy and Related Sciences in Berlin, and initiator of the German coat of arms .

Work as a heraldist and receptionist

By 2018 Mantzsch had created more than 600 municipal coats of arms and flags across Germany, including for nine districts and the Berlin district of Pankow . He also gives lectures at universities and colleges in Germany and Austria, in front of clubs, associations and other institutions. He writes specialist publications in newspapers and magazines. Mantzsch appears throughout Germany as an expert before district assemblies as well as before committees or council meetings. The press agency dpa described him in February 2009 as follows: "Jörg Mantzsch is a little bit of everything: scientist, historian, artist, journalist, publicist, author and lecturer.", While the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung summarized his reputation with the words: "Der Scientist is probably the leading heraldist in East Germany ”.


“Coats of arms of municipal and regional authorities are not colorful pictures, but national emblems whose content and design are subject to the rules and customs of heraldry as a historical auxiliary science. At the same time, however, coats of arms also create identity in that they convey a historical, traditional, cultural, ethnic, social and / or political reference. In this sense, municipal coats of arms are considered a symbol of solidarity with the homeland for the population. Especially in times of social upheaval and change, this is a high social value! "

- Jörg Mantzsch : before the district council of Anhalt-Bitterfeld (July 12, 2007)


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