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Karel Ptáčník (born August 27, 1921 in Lundenburg , † May 1, 2002 in Prague ) was a Czech writer .


After graduating from high school in 1940, he took the position of an employee. From 1945 he worked for the local national committee, in 1956 he took over the function of secretary of the writers' association Svaz spisovatelů and edited the magazine Květen ( Mai ). In 1968 he got involved in the Prague Spring . His works were then banned and he had to take a job with an insurance company. Only in 1984 was he allowed to return to literary work.


His books portray the post-war period, mostly with a political background. In his trilogy from Bruntál (Trilogy z Bruntálska) he describes the post-war years, Stalinism and the Hungarian uprising .

German language works:

  • Year 21 (Ročník 21), (1954), a novel that describes the fate and life of Czech people who were used as forced laborers in Germany during the Second World War .

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