August 27th

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The August 27 is the 239th day of the Gregorian calendar (240th in leap years ), thus remain 126 days by year end.

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Politics and world events

479 BC BC: Battle of Platää
1105: The third battle of Ramla
1728: Diomedes Islands
1832: Chief Black Hawk
1896: Destroyed building after the British-Zanzibarian War
  • 1896: In the British-Zanzibar War , which is considered to be the shortest war in world history, the British secure their rule over Zanzibar .
1910: Clara Zetkin (left) with Rosa Luxemburg


1924: LZ 126 landing

science and technology

1783: Destruction of
the balloon near Gonesse
1930: Diablo Dam
  • 1930: In the US state of Washington , the Diablo Dam, the world's highest dam wall at that time, is inaugurated.
1939: The Heinkel He 178



1824: Woyzeck's execution on the market square in Leipzig


  • 1883: The Krakatau volcano in Indonesia emits the most powerful of several eruptions since the previous day. At least 36,000 people died as a result of the eruption, tidal waves ( tsunamis ) and pyroclastic currents .
  • 1955: All of Central Europe is hit by severe storms . In Germany, at least 12 people are killed in very intense thunderstorms. In northern Germany 40 farms are destroyed by lightning, and many other buildings are badly damaged. In Schleswig-Holstein alone, more than 100 head of cattle are killed by lightning in the pastures. The fire damage in northern Germany is over five million DM.
  • 1993: When the Gouhou Dam broke in Gonghe County in the Chinese province of Qinghai , the tidal wave kills at least 240 people and makes around 3,000 Chinese homeless.
2005: Hurricane Katrina
  • 2005: Due to the approaching Hurricane Katrina , a state of emergency is declared in the US states of Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Minor accidents are listed in the sub-articles of Disaster .


1820: The Zugspitze

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