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Joachim Friedrich Reichsgraf von Flemming (born August 27, 1665 in Hoff , † October 12, 1740 in Leipzig ) was Electoral Saxon Chamberlain , General of the Cavalry and Governor of Leipzig.


Joachim Friedrich von Flemming came from the noble family Flemming and was the son of the Brandenburg Privy Council and President of the Court of Justice Georg Caspar von Flemming, as well as the nephew of Field Marshal Heino Heinrich Graf von Flemming . The Saxon military leader and statesman Jakob Heinrich von Flemming and the Brandenburg Lieutenant General Bogislaw Bodo von Flemming were his brothers. Thanks to his family, he also had the privilege of being a hereditary marshal of Western Pomerania (since 1695).

Flemming studied for three years in Frankfurt an der Oder and then made a long journey through Germany, Switzerland and Turin. Altogether he was trained there in knightly arts for a year and a half. Then he roamed all of Italy, Switzerland and France. In Frankfurt am Main he joined the electoral army and went on a campaign under his uncle Heino Heinrich . In the end he joined the Brandenburg Guard with the best possible testimony and went against the Turks in Hungary with 6,000 men.

In 1696 he married Charlotte Cristiane von Watzdorff , widowed von Vitzthum . She asked him to quit the war and soldier status until he finally withdrew into private life. With the approval of the King of Prussia, his sovereign, he was appointed Chamberlain of Saxony.

At a later date he was again commander of a regiment with the rank of major general . In 1714 he was the general of the cavalry and in 1724 governor of Leipzig.

In 1731 Johann Sebastian Bach wrote the birthday cantata So kämpfet nur, her lively tones (BWV Anh. 10) in honor of Flemming and in 1739 the homage cantata O pleasant melody (BWV 210a).

In 1738 his wife died in Dresden, who was later buried in Hartha . Flemming died in 1740 and was buried in the Paulinerkirche in Leipzig .


In 1696 he married Charlotte Cristiane von Watzdorff († 1738), widowed von Vitzthum . The couple had a son and three daughters:

  • Georg Friedrich (born November 12, 1697; † Jung)
  • Christiane Friederike Henriette (* September 25, 1709; † March 24, 1730) ⚭ 1735 Moritz Karl zu Lynar (* February 14, 1702; † April 24, 1768)
  • Eva Charlotte Friederike (* March 25, 1704 † November 21, 1758) ⚭ Count Johann George von Einsiedel (* May 24, 1692; † January 17, 1760), electoral court marshal


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