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Bogislaw Bodo Reichsgraf von Flemming (born April 24, 1671 in Stargard in Pomerania , † October 14, 1732 in Schwirsen ) was a Brandenburg lieutenant general .


He was the son of the Brandenburg Privy Council and President of the Court of Justice of the Pomerania region, Georg Caspar von Flemming, and the nephew of Field Marshal Heino Heinrich Graf von Flemming . The Electoral Saxon military leader and statesman Jacob Heinrich von Flemming and the Electoral Saxon Chamberlain and Governor of Leipzig Joachim Friedrich von Flemming were his brothers. Together with his brothers, from 1695 he also held the court office of hereditary land marshal from Western Pomerania, which had been given to the Flemming family in the 14th century.

Flemming began studying at the University of Frankfurt am Main in 1690 , but left it a year later, since he was more attached to the soldier's position, and joined a guard regiment in Berlin as an ensign . He later continued his studies.

In Brabant he joined the army. Because of his bravery and other good leadership qualities, he is said to have been very popular with his officers and soldiers. The Elector of Brandenburg appointed him Adjutant General of the Army with the rank of First Lieutenant. He took his leave as major general.

Flemming withdrew to his Schwirsen estate in Western Pomerania, which had been a Flemming fief since the beginning of the 14th century . In 1716 he united the three parts that had previously belonged to different lines in his hand. Between 1718 and 1730 he had the Schwirsen manor built by Johann Andreas Hase from Stargard , a half-timbered building with a two-story dance hall, the walls and ceilings of which are painted from wooden panels, including a painted gallery with musicians and an audience in contemporary clothes, which looks to the dance company looks down.

Flemming died there on October 14, 1732. The manor village came to the Counts of Wartensleben in 1734 through his daughter Agnes .


On March 11, 1703 he married Maria Louise von Wreech (* June 6, 1685, † November 2, 1720). She was the daughter of General Joachim Friedrich von Wreech . This marriage had eight children - three sons who died very young and five daughters, two of whom died at a young age. The surviving sisters married as follows:

  • Dorothea Luise Charlotte (* August 18, 1706; † 1794) ⚭ January 24, 1724 Friedrich Caspar von Gersdorff (* July 28, 1699; † July 15, 1751)
  • Jacobine Henriette (* January 21, 1709; † June 11, 1784) ⚭ May 12, 1724 Georg von Werthern (* June 8, 1700; † December 16, 1768)
  • Agnes Augusta (February 20, 1716 - March 13, 1780) ⚭ Friedrich Ludwig von Wartensleben (February 12, 1707 - January 5, 1782) Chief Chamberlain of Queen Elisabeth Christine

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