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Johann Caspar (Ferdinand) Fischer (baptized September 6, 1656 in Schönfeld bei Falkenau; † August 27, 1746 in Rastatt ) was a German composer and musician of the Baroque period .


JCF Fischer spent his youth in Schlackenwerth from 1666 and received the basics of his musical training as a student of the local Piarist College. It is speculated that Fischer could have studied with Jean-Baptiste Lully in Paris . This assumption is based only on his orchestral work, which is shaped by Lully's influence; there is no evidence of an actual stay in Paris. After all, Fischer brought many typically French elements into his music.

Fischer's first opus, Le journal du printemps , was published by Kroninger in Augsburg in 1695 . It is dedicated to Margrave Ludwig-Wilhelm von Baden , the composer's employer. The splendid orchestral work reflects the splendor of life at court. His most important compositions also include Ariadne Musica , a collection of preludes and fugues in 20 different keys for organ , which can be considered a forerunner of Johann Sebastian Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier . Bach's son Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach wrote to Johann Nicolaus Forkel in 1775 that his father, among many others, “loved and loved the works of (...) the Baden Capellmeister Fischer (...). studied ”.

In 1715, the musical activity and activity of a court conductor at the court of the margrave in Rastatt is documented for the first time . This conductor was a fisherman. As a result, Fischer was employed at the court for over 30 years until his death in 1746, experienced three regents and had a decisive influence on musical life there.

As a pioneer of the French style, JCF Fischer is one of the most influential German composers for keyboard instruments of the 17th and early 18th centuries, despite the sparse surviving biographical data.


Prelude and Chaconne

Editions of works: Complete works for piano and organ , ed. E. von Werra (Leipzig, 1901 / R) [W]

Instrumental music
  • Le journal du printemps , 8 suites for 5 str., 2 tr. ad lib., op. 1 (Augsburg 1695); ed. in: Monuments in German Tonkunst , Vol. X (1902).
  • Les pièces de clavessin , 8 suites for harpsichord, op. 2 (Schlackenwerth 1696/1698 as a musical flower tuft ).
  • Ariadne musica neo-organoedum , 20 preludes and fugues for organ, op.4 (Schlackenwerth 1702).
  • Praeludia et Fugae per 8 tonos ecclesiasticos for organ (Augsburg s. A .; reprint 1732 as Blumen Strauss ... divided into 8 tonos ecclesiaticos ).
  • Musical parnassus , 9 suites for harpsichord (Augsburg see a.).
Vocal music, spiritual
  • Vesperae, seu Psalmi vespertini , 4-st., 2 from left, bc, op. 3 (Augsburg 1701), ed. in: Heritage of German Music , Vol. XCV (Wiesbaden 1991).
  • Lytaniae Lauretanae , 4-st., 2 from left, 2 tp./hn. ad lib, bc, op. 5 (Augsburg 1711), ed. in Legacy of German Music , Vol. XCVI (Wiesbaden 1996)
  • 8 fairs, Prague, Kreuzherren Music Archive:
    • Missa Sanctae crucis (G minor), 8-st., Instr .;
    • Missa Sancti Dominici (D minor), SATB, Instr., Ed. by R. Walter (Neuhausen-Stuttgart 1987);
    • Missa magnae expectationis (C major), 4-st., Instr., Ed. R. Walter (Adliswil 1982);
    • Missa inventionis Sanctae Crucis (D minor), SATB, Instr., Ed. HP Eisenmann (Magdeburg 1996);
    • Missa Sancti Michaelis archangeli (C major), SSATB, Instr., Ed. HP Eisenmann (Magdeburg 1996);
    • Missa Sanctae Caeciliae (B flat major), SSATB, Instr .;
    • Missa Sancti Spiritus (C minor), 4-st., Instr., Ed. HP Eisenmann (Magdeburg 1995);
    • Missa in contrapuncto (D minor), 4-st., Org., Ed. in Das Chorwerk , Vol. CXXXIV (Wolfenbüttel 1983).
  • 3 Introitus, Prague, Kreuzherren-Musikarchiv:
    • Rorate coeli (D minor), SATB, 2 from left, 2 from left;
    • Rorate coeli (D minor), 4 st .;
    • Rorate coeli (D minor), SATB, Org, 1685.
  • 6 Offertories, Prague, Kreuzherren Music Archive:
    • O crux venerabilis (F), 5vv, 2vn, 3va, org;
    • Magnus Dominus et laudabilis (C major), SATB, Instr .;
    • Crux tua Domine magnificata est (F major), 4-st. (+ Soloists), 2 from left, 2 from above, from left, org .;
    • Coelum plaude dulce laude (G minor), SATB, 2 org., Theorbo;
    • In dedicatione templi (C major), SATB (+ soloists), Instr., Ed. HP Eisenmann (Magdeburg 1996);
    • Jubilate Deo (Concertus de Sancta Cruce) , SATB, Instr., Ed. HP Eisenmann (Magdeburg 1996).
  • O salutaris hostia (A minor), SSATB, Org., Prague, Kreuzherren-Musikarchiv; ed. R. Walter (Hilversum 1973);
  • O salutaris hostia , SATB, 2 from left, org.
  • Ave mundi spes, Maria , SS, 2 from left, bc, Prague, Kreuzherren-Musikarchiv; ed. R. Walter (Altötting, 1995).
Vocal music, secular (lost)
  • Abdarameno the martyred Pelagius , 1712
  • Singing and Tinkling Snow Opffer , 1717
  • Lust for arms, books and hunting , 1717
  • Tribute Festival of Time , 1718
  • Meleager's Vow-Moderate Honor-Fire-Opffer , 1718
  • Philenae discovered and repented indecision against her savior Soteriastes (school drama), Rastatt, 1719
  • Ancaeens to his marriage-betrothed Alcathose , 1721
  • Joyful Marriage Love in the Most Happy Return , 1721
  • The praising innocence, or the one about the Christian faith under the king ...


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  1. The third first name is disputed, see: Gabriele Wiechert,, p. 2
  2. Birth register: [1]

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