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Theodor Heinrich Gottfried Keil (born May 25, 1822 in Gressow near Wismar , † August 27, 1894 in Friedrichroda ) was a German classical philologist and teacher.

Heinrich Keil (from Alfred Gudeman : Imagines Philologorum , Leipzig 1911, p. 32)


Heinrich Keil was the youngest of three sons of pastor Johann Gottfried Heinrich Zacharias Keil (1785–1846). He came from Göttingen, was first assistant preacher in Diedrichshagen, then from 1817 to 1846 pastor in Gressow (Superintendentur Wismar); In 1817 he married the daughter Marie Albertine (1797–1848) of his predecessor Albert Kindler. The couple's two older sons also became pastors. He had six sons and 2 daughters. Another son was Friedrich Keil .

Heinrich Keil attended grammar school in Göttingen from 1837 and studied classical philology from 1839 - initially two semesters in Göttingen  - then in Bonn , where he a. a. was influenced by Friedrich Ritschl , who taught there . In Bonn he also took part in a fraternity . In 1843 he received his doctorate in Bonn with the text-critical work Observationes criticae in propertium on the Roman poet Properz and passed the teacher's examination. In the fall of 1843 he began his probationary year at the Royal Realschule in Berlin. He then toured various libraries in Italy from 1844 to 1846 to study manuscripts, which had made it possible for him to receive a grant from his sovereign, Grand Duke Friedrich Franz II . From 1847 he taught at Pädagogium the Francke Foundations in Halle (Saale) , parallel to this, wedge 1848 habilitation at the local university with a study of the writings of the elder Cato and Varro on Agriculture. In 1855 he went as a senior teacher at the Friedrichwerdersche Gymnasium in Berlin and taught as a private lecturer at the Berlin Friedrich Wilhelms University . In 1859 he took over the chair for classical philology in Erlangen as the successor to Karl Friedrich Nägelsbach , in 1869 he followed a call to Halle and succeeded Theodor Bergk . In 1877 he was elected a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Saint Petersburg . Since 1882 he was a corresponding member of the Berlin Academy of Sciences .

His estate, which includes his correspondence with Theodor Mommsen , was given to the University Archives in Halle in April 2007 by his great-grandson Martin Elze .


The focus of his academic activity was the research of the ancient Latin grammarians as well as the critical edition of the works of the older Cato, Varro and the younger Pliny .


He was married to Louise (1834-1914), daughter of the philologist Friedrich August Eckstein , since 1855 . The marriage resulted in two daughters and six sons.



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  • Observationum criticarum in Catonis et Varronis de re rustica libros caput secundum , Hab.-Schr. Hall 1848.
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  • Grammatici latini , 7 vols., Leipzig 1855-80 (ND Hildesheim 1961; 1981).
  • Quaestiones grammaticae , Halle 1860.
  • Plinii Secundi Epistolae , Leipzig 1870 (with an index by Theodor Mommsen ).
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Heinrich Keil was awarded the Crown Order 2nd Class and the Red Eagle Order 2nd Class . In 1894 he received an honorary doctorate from Moscow University .


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